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They Might Be Giants The Edison Museum Comments
  1. Jared Allen Ramos

    sounds Like your a mean one mr grinch

  2. Jillian Mathews

    I remember my dad used to sing this to us in a creepy voice and I would go to bed fearing the voice of Thomas Alva. Why were my parents so weird?

  3. Elizabeth Spencer

    I low key blame my schizophrenia on shit like this.

  4. DonutUnderpants


  5. Sam Cavanagh

    lowkey fire

  6. zach way

    jesus such nostalgia.. what did my parents make me listen to

  7. Zoe Marquardt

    This song scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid.

    Anthony G Woo

    Zoe Marquardt same

    Kat Nordstrom

    My dad sings it because he knows It creeps me out. Also, Please don't use that kind of language.

    Eve Manning

    It scared me too😂

  8. Luis Angel

    Me and my friend sing this

  9. Olivia Haskell

    I was raised on tmbg and this song used to scare the crap out of me

    Luke Hennisch

    Olivia Haskell this song always scared me

    Arondon Gaming AUTTP

    why did ten Mississippi use to scare me

  10. rajo zakic

    Here's my comment.

    Daniel Cropp

    I am replying to your comment.

  11. AnimationTeam1

    We are They Might Be Giants Fans..... we come.. we listen.. we share.. we leave no trace lol    because we all know how awesome they are!

  12. Kevin Luc

    well now there's comments. and no dislikes

  13. Kenn Schubach

    Greatest band ever. No comments are good enough!

  14. 00101zero

    1569 Views and zero comments? Odd.

    Ryder Rogan

    15 *69*