They Might Be Giants - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) Lyrics

The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) No Lyrics. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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They Might Be Giants The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) Comments
  1. markdpane

    Davy Crockett? More like Davy Rocket!!

  2. Anonymous Mothman

    This has to be one of the best songs ever XD

  3. PotaJoe

    Oh look dance time.

  4. FontMan17

    The final song of kids albums by They Might be Giants just before it came to a close....

  5. Pablo M. G-M

    I've never understood why this was in the album. The other stuff teaches some aspect of science, but this is just a song about Davy Crockett in space.

    C. Albus


  6. turquoiseandroid

    I remember my sister showing this to me many years ago and now the nostalgia is hitting me like a truck

  7. mintaka mothkind

    It's funny how when Linnell and Flansburgh harmonize their voices just perfectly they sound like an entirely different person.

  8. Nikki

    Someone​ please tell me why they didn't name him Davy Rocket?!?!?

    Interdisciplinary Humanities

    Because that's not his real name. P.S. Don't whoosh me I know it was a joke.

  9. MrPizzaNinja

    Its funny how the bear is has a Russian flag

  10. pytko3

    I would totally watch a t.v. series based on this.

  11. Logan Simmering

    Really ought to be "Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Final Frontier"

    mintaka mothkind

    +Logan Simmering
    "frontier" doesn't rhyme with "outer space."

    Rob Mckennie

    They didn't need a rhyme for frontier in the original either

  12. Andrew Bosch

    Look for finger puppet versions of John F. Kennedy and some Tang in this video.

  13. MineWarCrafter

    My teacher plays this when someone is out of dresscode in my class...

    andrew moonbeam

    +MineWarCrafter That's cool.

    Arondon Gaming AUTTP

    MineWarCrafter why tho

  14. Green Is Not A Creative Colour

    Er... This is basically the plot of Interstellar! Apart from the evil drone. 

  15. Jake Foulkrod

    I can't help but point out the Race to the Moon, or whatever it's called, reference!

    Interdisciplinary Humanities

    Space Race. Close, though.

  16. Ether Bot

    We're gettin' into some real *eduflucational* stuffs

  17. Lucy

    This is song basically sums up Doctor Who.


    It really does


    Plot twist: Davy Crockett was The Doctor...

  18. I Can Live Forever

    Behold man's greatest accomplishment.

  19. Tussii341

    Here I go replying to a 2 year old comment.
    It says "firing off his gun WITHOUT making a sound"

  20. Rojas-messilia

    ima tell mama copernicus whachou said

  21. Rojas-messilia

    Davy, Davy Crockett, travellin thru outer space!
    Davy, Davy Crockett, had a dick on the back of his haid!
    sorry. That's honestly what I heard.

  22. Herbert West

    But his gun didn't make a sound.


    they said it didnt make a sound

  24. Icekiller1080

    Wait wait wait... so he died in the alamo and got reborn in outspace near saturn...... seems legit

  25. Loki Balls

    @Vadergeek exactly what I was thinking. WTF

  26. The Cat Never Left

    I love how the USSR is represented as a bear.

  27. Habegger23

    lawl the dogbot

  28. Usman Mian

    The Bonus Track, I thought, was 16 seconds.  OMG Constructive Criticism

  29. crazy_effn_fangirl

    I really wanna see a Doctor Who video (for the Doctor) to this.....

  30. VirtualVikki

    I love the way he was constantly drinking Tang the entire time!

  31. lamnaa

    They said "without making a sound*

  32. Ricky Jaeger

    Yeah, Davy Crockett! Beat the Moon Commie Bears!

    I'd watch a show like that.

  33. tredlow

    Yeah, it looks like it. It's got erase marks.

  34. Frank Ch. Eigler

    @Vadergeek he "fired his gun without making a sound"

  35. Frank Ch. Eigler

    Brilliant animation.

  36. Darkwater-Smidge

    @Vadergeek if you listen they say "without makin' a sound"

  37. Vadergeek

    ...What in the nine hells? I mean, it's excellent, but... what? By the way, if it's an album about science, why do they say that his gun made a loud noise?


    For the same reason that there are songs they made for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Higgleytown Heroes at the end of 123s and ABCs. It's just a bonus track for fun, calm down.

  38. Spaceguy5

    Lol! I love the space race reference. Silly commies

  39. gothdeer

    I mean, I tend to think a lot of what TMBG do is original- I mean I didn't know the song "Why does the Sun Shine" was a cover. I just don't get out, I su'pose

  40. grenworthshero

    How does no one know that this was already a song before TMBG?

  41. Kael Hyun

    Corse he would be pissed last thing he saw was the battle of the Alamo...

  42. HaShomeret

    aardvarkd is spelled with two a's in the front, thats why its the first word in the dictionary.

  43. HaShomeret


  44. Rhylias

    I know that this is a late response but the tune is one that is usually associated with Davy Crockett and was used by Disney for the TV miniseries about him.

  45. Trance

    This tune is actually The Ballad of Davy Crockett, used in a Disney television miniseries in the 50s.

  46. HackPirate

    Oh. My. God.
    I love these guys even more.

  47. archbaker

    The tune, or a very similar one, is also the tune of a song called "Davy Crockett" with the lyrics "Davy, Davy Crockett, king of the wild prairie".

    The song has been translated a lot and there are probably also other songs to the same tune.

  48. JDL2150

    hahaha davey crocket (the yankee) fighting the Bear hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

  49. j2n

    Man, I love that Kennedy, and the bear.

  50. Trance


  51. Amanda Skidmore

    Like my little sis says it should be Davy

  52. RoboMaster1

    That was awesome video and snazzy song. :D


  53. Shuda7

    are they ever going to perform in Canada?

  54. Alex McConnell

    I know it's a kids song, but this is AWESOME.

  55. Shuda7

    are they gonna make a new album not for kids?

  56. Karin Maaka

    lol I think I saw you draw a picture of that (or something of a similar concept).

  57. Evie Hiles

    I didn't think that was very funny. I bet if Linnell was a rapist someone would make a joke about that (I would :D)

  58. Andrew Deaver

    Neat animation... awesome song too, of course.

  59. LimeLight

    No him and the bear became friends and had Tang together

  60. LimeLight

    but how could he be "messin around with the fabric of time" if he's not going at the speed of light?

  61. Xyzzyka

    Well, he's Davy Crockett, the Chuck Norris of days yore...

  62. Nathan West

    But it also says that he was "messing around with the fabric of time" which is easier to do while traveling at the speed of light.

  63. Rufus Saltus

    "king of this brand new place"
    how could they have not used such a great opportunity for the star trek "final frontier" line? oh well still awesome.

  64. Snootwaller

    Usually TMBG places scientific and historical facts, among other obscure references, into their songs with surprising accuracy. But in this one they say "traveling at the speed of light" which is physically impossible, as I'm sure they are aware. I think they should have said "approaching the speed of light", or something like that, to retain their scientific integrity. OK, I'm a nerd, I admit it.

    jamie wesson

    one day it may be possible to travel at the speed of light

  65. Shanye

    This video is the best forever.

  66. ShoePie Films

    Love the song and animation, awesome.

  67. ifAthenB

    im pretty sure they must have meant something when they gave the bear a russian flag lol

  68. Dean Schaeffer

    very nice!

  69. lopp3

    yeah the bear has a Soviet flag

  70. TheGirlYouDoNotKnow

    its so true

  71. Mick-Man

    i love TMBG

  72. Ted Tedd

    This is space.

  73. lopp3