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They Might Be Giants Solid Liquid Gas Comments
  1. Ruby G

    This was 2000’s kids asmr

  2. koozboy




  3. Nolan Gergen

    I'm mentally disturbed on how and why he would drink the milk right from the cow.

  4. ThatInternetShipper YouKnow

    Steam in a colloid

  5. TribalBananaa

    Air is aCTuaLly A MIXtuRe of gases

  6. 0tterpops

    This makes me physically nauseous

  7. Flisxsers Alec

    Solid liquid... GASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thomas Zipsie

    My science teacher plays this everyday in class for hours.😂

  9. Diegoyt2177


  10. adriee vlogs

    My science teacher showed us this

  11. Alex Touzet

    listened to this song all the time in elementary school, it's still a bop tbh

  12. Yogibear


  13. Alan Malcheski

    air is a combination of gasses. Unsubbed

  14. Radish Soup

    This made me crack up in class XD

  15. Diego Buhay

    The speed changes as each state is introduced. Solid has a slow tempo, as it’s energy levels are so compact to where they barely move. Liquid is in the equilibrium, where the the energy levels start to spread and move faster. Gas is the fastest cause..well, you should already know by now.

    Kudos, TMBG.

  16. *JanayaDrawz *

    yo when i was younger i had an app that played this song once and i could never find it. its been at least 5-6 years now since i heard it,i'm glad i found it cause this was my jam!

  17. Kimberly Gómez

    that makes me rember from my reacher. .

  18. DemSpicyMemes BOIIIS

    My dad showed this to me

    I was paralized for a few days

  19. Brooke Soxman

    wish there was CC to share with my classroom (school for Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

  20. Jason Chen

    HaHa, I watched this in English class when I was in 4th grade.

  21. Lurantise

    the best part of science is this song

  22. Gogeto

    Who else watched this in science class

    Elsi Mendez


  23. Craig Fitzsimmons

    what a great song!
    My class LOVES this!!!

    Mr. Waffle 164

    Wow a teacher

  24. Sketchy Ambrose

    hahhaha i remember this in class

  25. Tevel Adomako

    me tevel did my it for my assembly item 5 hours ago

  26. Tevel Adomako

    me tevel did my it for my assembly item 5 hours ago

  27. NintendoNatalie

    Teacher showed me this in Science! 😂

    l v l _ 4 2

    NintendoNatalie same here


    NintendoNatalie same

    Minecraft Steve

    NintendoNatalie I have a stem a subject wich is science and my teacher showed me this. All my friends laugh 😂😂😂😂😂👍

  28. Ryan Argueta

    I watched this in class....

    Zombie 360

    SAME IN 4 grade




    My puppy will take over the world 2

    Same in middle school

    Elsi Mendez

    Carlos flores

  29. Nikita Ramera

    My science teacher showed this to our class in 7th grade

  30. Jon

    The three stages of Taco Bell

    faith miller

    LOL 2019

    Jakey Bear

    I'm gonna go to Taco Bell & orded some Solid Liquid gas

  31. Sean Pennington

    I watch this at school wow he has it

    Alex Touzet

    he sure does!

    Elsi Mendez

    Carlos flores

  32. ABitOfTheUniverse

    Plasmas and Bose-Einstein Condensates get no love?

  33. Iston

    My science teacher loves third song

  34. Adamschildren

    :) I like it

  35. arrie

    Yes this helped me in science

    Kimberly Gómez

    ya your right

  36. Anon archist

    Bose–Einstein condensate, Neutron-degenerate matter, Quark-gluon plasma!

  37. mario gutierrez

    solid is poop liquid is pee and steam is fart


    but then sometimes you get diarrhea

  38. pendulousphallus

    And plasma!!

  39. toonyiesttoons

    @Adamwicz it is possible but it will die long before is becomes a gas

  40. Whitney Kraus Jones

    @Adamwicz Sure! Why not? You'd vaporize, too, at a high enough temperature. Just like we could freeze.

  41. Atikah Azira

    i like it ! it would be perfect if i put this video in my presentation. thanks a lot :D

  42. ThorGoLucky

    Cute. :)