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They Might Be Giants Re-Pete Offender Comments
  1. Ditter Is Coming

    Tooru, The Yasuho Ex Boyfriend


    I wasn't expecting a Jojo reference to be the first comment XD

  2. Headless Gorilla

    I was today years old when I listened to a They Might Be Giants song.

    Theo M-Z

    Headless Gorilla Which other songs have you heard yet? Birdhouse in your soul? Ana ng? Don’t let’s start? Or my other favorites: Twisting? When will you die?

    Let It Be Known

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Headless Gorilla

    @Let It Be Known Thanks.

    Let It Be Known

    @Headless Gorilla 👍

    James Reed

    You are older than you have ever been and now you're even older.

  3. ParticleMen

    Justice for Hair Ned!

    allie shouts


    I’m making a gallery of recreations of all the Escape Team characters. Who is this song representing?

  4. Todd C

    Justice for Hair Ned

  5. hey look! a youtube channel

    repete offender

    im putting this here so it shows up when i google it without the hyphen

  6. The gaurdian child

    OMG! "the Lazy eye"! I GET THE REFERENCE!!!


    How now?

  7. Ben Aaron

    So fun.

  8. Keith Weaver

    Definitely no echo. Echo. Love this, love TMBG.

  9. Nutmegg

    Just realized, the video starts the same way it ends! Great song and video, as always :)

  10. Luke Hennisch

    I love this song so much! That part, “recall the duplicates...recall...”! I just can’t stop listening to it.

  11. tubeboob

    Released 18 hours ago, 2169 hits and 32 comments?!?!?! Strange to be part of such a small community for TMBG! Ariana Grande gets thousands of views per minute and her "music" is made by mere machines.


    I agree

    The Dude

    You're so right


    There's nothing wrong with computer music, even this song has at least one synth in it.

  12. Let It Be Known

    🎶Meet John and John, New York's famous singers, dig their music, shake their hand, appreciate the band!🎶

  13. ToastLogic Jr.

    Homeboy Pete just wanted some spare coochie from Burnince, rip Pete 😔

  14. The J-Walker

    Pete and Re-Pete were in a boat. Pete jumped out, so who was left?

    Team Cyborg


    The J-Walker

    Team Cyborg
    Pete and Re-Pete were in a boat. Pete jumped out, so who was left?

    Team Cyborg

    @The J-Walker repete

  15. Hunter Young

    Pete, peat, and re-Pete are on a fence. Pete dies, and peat falls off. Who is left?

    Hunter Young

    @Team Cyborg Pete, peat, and re-Pete are on a fence. Pete dies, and peat falls off. Who is left?

    Team Cyborg

    @Hunter Young repeat

    Hunter Young

    Team Cyborg Pete, peat, and re-Pete are on a fence. Pete dies, and peat falls off. Who is left?

  16. ChumpTown

    Just finished my exams for the year and get to come home to this reward, thank Christ for TMBG

  17. command

    new song to add to my playlist

  18. MrGanjie

    Hey there Bernice

  19. Sofia DeMotte

    Hey it’s Bernice

  20. DoitForTheLolz1

    The verses give me a bit of a Gary Wilson vibe. Cool stuff.

  21. Rusty Ralston

    Only two left. :(

  22. Jackson Fell

    this is really good but the vocals are mixed too loud!!

  23. Mister Apple

    That line about the echo is brilliant. Also, nice job on the low C's, Flans.

  24. Robert Szasz

    Aww, with the animal headed character I had hoped you would go for a bad re-peta-fenda gag.

    But since they are litigious and humorless it might not be good to poke at them.

  25. E Gillis

    So, Pete hurts everyone-- using them, then taking their money, their love, their friendship for granted. In the end, he's only hurting himself. Good moral lesson for jerks everywhere.

  26. Kevin Calaway

    Is it "name tags of synonyms" or "name tags of pseudonyms?"

    Ezekiel Brockmann

    Name tags of pseudonyms.

    There is no echo here at all.

  27. Jamiemaybe

    Oh this one's a bop

  28. fskfhg

    I don't get the sword thing.

    Fellow Music Liker


  29. Gilgamesh

    Gives me Spine vibes for some reason. Good shit.

  30. mads

    these character songs have been the highlights of this dial-a-song, so happy to have kept up with it this year!! love it and can't wait to buy the album - TMBG FOREVER!!!


    This, Chip the CHiP and Flo Wheeler have been favorites of mine from dial-a-song

  31. William Harker

    God Damn Catchy.

  32. Terry Beardmore

    Why does Re-Pete in this video look like Morrissey :(

    I'm loving these escape team songs.

  33. Rowan KillJoy

    ❤ you guys. 🤘

  34. Zachary Juhn

    This escape team?

  35. Harley Rowan

    Lets listen this this again!

  36. William Harker

    82 min and zero comments...

    Raven Lindblom

    Wrong... Look above you. :P I commented 3 hours before you.

  37. Raven Lindblom

    This is my favourite song off of They Might Be Giants new album, The Escape Team!!! So good I can't stop repeating it!!!

    Terry Beardmore

    I don't get my hands on escape team til 28th December (my birthday, so even longer than Christmas) but I've absolutely loved these Escape Team songs.

    Raven Lindblom

    @Hexspin Indeed. :)

  38. Cam Good