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They Might Be Giants Put It To The Test Comments
  1. mobius

    I just... really like the johns in this art style...

  2. Wiggle Worm

    When are we getting a TMBG here comes social studies album/DVD already?

  3. Wiggle Worm

    6 years later they needed a thinking machine

  4. Ryder Rogan

    Did he say *DAB?*

  5. Ivy121


  6. Catalina Gearbox

    I never knew theses guys were so cool

  7. Leqz

    my childhood

  8. synthi

    My childhood right here everyone

  9. Ryder Rogan

    0:36 dis he just say leave up for dab?

    mintaka mothkind

    "If somebody says they've figured it out
    And they're _leaving any room for doubt_
    Come up with a test"

  10. Tiana

    Someone needs to make a game out of this!!

  11. Pixel Penguin Dude

    After 3 years of not watching this, I never realized how dark it is.

    Colby Markham

    how is it dark

  12. Cookie Lover

    i am using this song for my schools Expo.

  13. memetologist

    I just got the Little Shops of Horror reference.


    memetologist Feed me Seymour. Feed me!

  14. Mollie Overington

    this is the best :)

  15. KingJason576

    i shit my self

  16. Stardustyy

    But what if someone says their name is something, how do you test that?? :D


    You can test it by observing how others address this person. Do they address the person by this name, or a different name? You can ask this person to show you some official identification to see if the name they gave you matches the name on the identification. You can call out their name and see if they turn their head to you. Granted, these methods will not allow you to confirm with 100% absolute certainty what the person's real name might be, but the more ways that you can try to verify it, then the more certain you can be about whether or not the person's name is whatever they told you it was.


    O.o thanks x3

  17. TheThreeCraftateers -

    First like!

  18. Mario baena tobaruela

    **** (Andrea)es una guarrilla

  19. Mario baena tobaruela

    **** (Andrea)es una guarrilla

  20. Weston Sharpensteen

    They needed a Thinking Machine more than a test.

  21. mintaka mothkind

    The ultimate song against religious logic

    mintaka mothkind

    @drabarski I said absolutely nothing about religious people.
    I think you read way too much into my original comment. I'm not sure how you thought "the logic of religion as set of ideologies is unscientific" equated with "all religious people are morons"; because I know for a fact that's not true (seeing as I have a religious friend who is quite intelligent) and making such a claim would also be making general assumptions, which is intrinsically unscientific in itself.
    I think maybe it _was_ the fact that I criticized religion at all.


    No, several of my friends are critical of religion and that does not bother me at all. What you said was easy to misinterpret and, in my opinion, poorly worded.

    mintaka mothkind

    @drabarski Well, it was also posted almost two years ago. A person can become much wiser in that time. Or a lot more moronic, really. It can go either way.


    That's fine, I over reacted anyway, sorry.

    mintaka mothkind

    @drabarski I forgive ya. No harm done, m80.

  22. luigi-kun


    Erin Behnke

    XD Oh my god!!!

    Gonzaa Rmt

    @Pikatu and he even lost a life xD!!

  23. Katelyn Modica

    WTF 1 of those  scientists is 1000 pounds? He is heavy! 

    mintaka mothkind

    That's the fulcrum in action, mate.

  24. Will Nguyen

    A really helpful videos! Inspire!

  25. Felix Croc

    That is one heavy tennis ball.

    Colby Markham

    no it isnt. Mass and weight dont count when tings are dropping. Surface area and air resistance do though

    Jimmy Townsand

    Colby Markham (((((((what if its a joke))))))

    Bunny bug

    @Colby Markham Yea but it broke thru the floor

    Colby Markham

    @Jimmy Townsand ((((((((what if im a nerd?)))))))

  26. Mia MoeFoe

    Is my Science teacher trying to brainwash me with these really weird cartoons about hypothesis's? o.o

    mintaka mothkind

    actually, the plural of hypothesis is "hypotheses"

    Robert Luben

    +Mia MoeFoe Consider it an inoculation against being brainwashed by hysterical superstitious nit wits.

    mintaka mothkind

    @Robert Luben True. Science is the best remedy for nonsense.

  27. Letus the Dragon

    Hello and welcome to the Aperture Enrichment Center...

  28. stinky Squeak

    how does John manage to squint his glasses lenses?

    Bartolomé Terrizzano

    Hypotesis: Cartoon Physics!

  29. Pyagrl*16

    "'Fantasy'?? That's a rather harsh word..." -- astrophysicist

  30. Setadokalo

    I left my coins at home.

  31. SrMeechio

    Science to the rescue!

    Collision has just as much to do with speed and area as it does with weight - while the car is only forcing downwards with its own weight, spread across the floor under its large base, the bowling ball is is forcing downwards with both its own weight and the momentum gathered from falling, concentrated at the floor under its small bottom point. No idea what the floor is made of, mind.

  32. Kia Stevenson

    just don't use self-experimentation ;)

  33. Oar

    I was listening to this song and was thinking I can't believe how much I like a song about taking tests haha

  34. smdryad

    thats nice video but not too much

  35. thedogbird44

    "Poison kills you"
    "Ya right. I'm going to test that."

  36. Merrick Wildon

    This would be a AWESOME indie game.
    Or an expansion for MCpixel.

  37. GeoStreber


  38. Nicholas Thiem

    that would work, but who would play with that kind of ball? what if it hit someone?

  39. Garl Margs

    But I don't think that rhymes with anything.

  40. Cacambo43

    I *so* would love to see this video to an old-school 8-bit rendition! One of my favorite videos and songs. I love it the more I see and hear it!

  41. AdamWho

    It is a good first approximation to put something to the test. But this alone can lead to confirmation bias. The real issue is if it can be disproved (or falsified).

  42. rickfrothingham

    The part at 1:00 is bugging me... the tire would only roll uphill until the weight got near the bottom, then it would stop (it wouldn't keep rolling with the weight traveling around and around)

  43. Weston Sharpensteen


  44. schradeya

    YAY, that's awesome! My mom is a science teacher, and she plays They Might Be Giants to her students as well. Hooray for all the teachers who are introducing new generations to these awesome dudes. <3

  45. Koroistro

    That's the point , it's sarcasm.

    Anyway it got disproved so many times that we are sick of it :P

  46. Rachegotter

    To conclude it's idiotic, a scientist first puts it to the test. It's believers and obscurantists who believe ad hoc that certain things are true or false or idiotic. You're acting like one of them.

  47. Koroistro

    No tests needed to disprove that bunch of idiotic ideas , lol.

  48. WingofTech

    My science teacher Mrs.Greenstein showed us this in class! :D

  49. Hahn

    Why is that bad? isn't it better than homework?

  50. Rachegotter

    Let's put creationism to the test.

  51. misspartygirl2000

    LOL this is so weird

  52. Andrew S

    this video kinda creeps me out

  53. Kevin Luong


  54. veesmaster

    My science teacher used to show us these videos too.

  55. beautifulcreature314

    Watched it in biology today. Epic teacher Mr.Stevens

  56. Havazik

    Check out the song "Science is Real", you're on the right track...

  57. 31415equalspi

    Only if air resistance messes with the results.

  58. camazotzz

    they need to be in a vacum to fall at the same rate.

  59. Ryan Duffy

    awesome and catchy

  60. jonbryanta

    "If it's wrong you have a right to know." Unless the church has anyting to say about it amirite?

  61. snorgatch

    As to why people might be upset with you, I believe Bertrand Russell said it best: "Conventional people are roused to fury by any departure from convention, largely because they regard such departures as a criticism of themselves."

  62. snorgatch

    I think we're all aware that people think differently. But reality doesn't care what people think. It is what it is. Science is the best tool we have for understanding reality (it has given us, among other things, the computers and internet that make this discussion possible), and science deals in facts, not opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

  63. ToothpickMcBrainy

    Sorry, I meant to make it clear that only the first part of that applied to responding to you, the second wasn't at you, sorry to not be clear.

  64. snorgatch

    I'm not upset with you and I never called you anything.

  65. ToothpickMcBrainy

    As I previously said, they don't necessarily clash. Why are people upset with me? I've been called a twat for no reason and all I did was say that the evidence clearly points to evolution being accurate.

  66. snorgatch

    They don't clash at all unless one insists on a particular literal intepretation of Genesis. Many devoutly religious people accept evolution as a fact. Ken Miller of Brown University, perhaps America's premiere evolutionary biologist, is a devout Catholic. Clearly he doesn't see any conflict between his scientific beliefs and his religious beliefs. And he is hardly unique. According to a recent poll, some 40% of scientists believe in a god of some type.

  67. ToothpickMcBrainy

    I never said a thing about God. I was talking about evolution. They don't necessarily clash. I think that if you look back, you might see that I simply gave my point of view politely on the issue and made no reference to anyone's faith.

  68. xGhostBoyx

    its not about whether you can say something, its about saying the things that are not important, its about creating a war, when there could be piece. Also, what if i be leave in god... what does it matter to you, you don't know me, so why do you leave the comment (P.S. I DON'T be leave in god, its' just how i chose to word it)

  69. ToothpickMcBrainy

    People don't think differently in this case-this is a black and white issue of fact versus fantasy.

    This is a Youtube comment thread, I can say anything I like.

  70. xGhostBoyx

    because you are just continuing the fight by saying that, it could have ended there with "people think differently" but no, you fucked it all up

  71. ToothpickMcBrainy

    How was I being a twat? I think I had a very reasonable response.

  72. ToothpickMcBrainy

    No it isn't. It's a matter of looking at the evidence and seeing that it all support evolution being accurate.

  73. chemistrynumpty

    ....There is, however, plenty of evidence that strongly implies evolution is a real and occurring process. Consider, for example, the genetic code; Is it just per chance that we share an incredibly amount of genetic similarity with apes? Is it per chance that almost all mammals have a spinal cords, eyes, legs, digits, ears, a nose? They all just happened to be created with general themes and similarities that is also reflected in a slowly changing molecule that appears in every cell?

  74. UltrawomanLiz18

    So here's a cute, funny video about the Scientific Method and the classic test off the tower at Pisa and some fool Christer wants to pick a fight over Evolution? They do this on purpose fellow Science Grokkers, just to be mean or because they're unhappy people. Just ignore them, segregation academy uneducated tools of some freako ideology. I know it's fun to rattle the bars on their intellectual cages but then the thread clogs with sheer lunacy from these poor dupes and it's tedious stuff.

  75. Yarahaha

    Put it to a test!

  76. DracoFlacko

    how did the tennis ball break the platform...

  77. ValkyrieGirl72


  78. DracoFlacko

    look, while there is no true way to tell is evolution is true, some poeple beleive that it is true while others don't. Its really just a matter of opinion.

  79. L K

    The reason teachers in a high school are going to just tell you that it's true is because they understand enough to know it is, but haven't looked into the research. If you aren't willing to look at research (papers) yourself, then look at the practical applications that are possible based on evolution. One example is in the study of viruses.

  80. Sumkrazyguy55

    Well, if you doubt that its true, do your research on the facts on which the theory of evolution is based, then compile facts on your theory of diversity (There always were billions of species and always will be). After taking a clear, unbiased comparison you can decide what you can approximate what is closer to truth (correspondence with reality). You are an autonomous human being; to what degree is debatable. You can't rely on others for answers.

  81. Diana Estabrook

    Oh, I have. Look, I could spend hours arguing with you people or I could go about my life until it ends and then get everything I need and want like a happy Christian. Look, all I was saying is that in science class I can ask a question about these things and they just tell me it's true. I don't want to read a paper, I want to see some proof other than a program saying "this is just how it must have happened."

  82. Sumkrazyguy55

    I challenge you "Pokemon10210" (sigh) to spend a week testing your beliefs."Are you sure that thing is true? Or did someone just tell it to you? Come up with a test."

  83. quadeh

    You've never read a single scientific paper on evolution, have you?

  84. Diana Estabrook

    Wish they would follow this for evolution.

  85. Samuel Quinn Morris

    @PowerPointmaster9 what if the tennis ball was filled with Osmium, the densest material on Earth?

  86. Willette Laird

    I don't have any coins thank goodness TMBG had a few for all of us.... ok so that is 400,000 dollars right?

  87. Nicholas Thiem

    Last test is immpossible.
    A tennis ball cant break iron from 5 feet.

  88. Jack Rominger

    lol i love how they go back and change the hypothesis so it's right

  89. bondi surfer


  90. RedAria

    This is, by far, my favorite TMBG music video. Maybe my favorite overall.

  91. Jared Karcher

    Ratings disabled? Sounds like someone has a problem with the scientific method.

    I wonder who...

  92. Nathan Schneider


    they died!

  93. The_Dragonn_29

    @slimjimDoritos me XD

  94. Ag Reed

    Did anyone notice the life bars?

  95. Chase W

    my school showed me this......

  96. KurtG85

    If its not true you have a right to know. Airplanes and shriner hats. That is all.

  97. Ralokone

    0:50 . . . . what the helll

    wait . . slimy interaction beetween plant and human . . . results in human birthing plant