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  1. I C H Ø

    omgggg im getting nostalgiaaaa

  2. PotaJoe

    *[Proceeds to dance out of control]*

  3. Interdisciplinary Humanities

    Ok. It has to be said.


    elly rene

    Interdisciplinary Humanities i miss my childhood

    There's Bones in the Chocolate!

    A little late, but yep.

  4. Aristica


  5. Hugo Dunsany

    I think I'm so-phisticated and I'm so civilized 'cause I'm a strict vegetarian...


    But the overpopulation and inflaction and starvation and the crazy politicians...


    I think you're so insecure in your own decisions of which industries to support and not support that you're projecting your self-doubt on everyone who makes a different decision as if THEY are the source of that uncomfortable feeling you have around the subject even when nobody said a damend thing, and randomly bringing the subject up when nobody else has at all. Even a line in a song that that doesn't reference vegetarianism but simply involves a person who eats cheese taking the time to thank the cow, lol, is somehow all it takes to make your mind jump to vegetarianism and merely thinking of vegetarianism makes you jump to thoughts of being judged by vegetarians, which affects your emotions enough that you actually write down the result of your off-topic word association chain for everyone else to see.

  6. Ben The Destroyer


  7. Amy Pyper

    CCC to the same and revert back (you can see the attached file is scanned image in PDF format PDF MMR vaccine and I will)😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🗺️🗺️🗺️🗺️🗺️🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒


    vaccinate your kids thanks

  8. Amy Pyper

    I am a graduate of course (the car is fine but is it possible to get the latest flash?) you can see the attached file

  9. Paul Hunnam

    why aint there no lyrics?!

  10. Beth Greenfield

    I hate this vid it stinks

    Bunny bug

    shut up

  11. Wiggle Worm

    How are these humans having zoo and farm animals like cows as family members? IN REAL LIFE THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!


    Hi, to answer your question all living species are related to each other the further back you go as we'd all have a singular common ancestor. If you were to then extend that concept from beyond DNA to the minerals we are composed of and where said minerals are from, we then become related to even more things like neighboring planets, etc.

    Micah Adams

    It's a music video

  12. alex carter

    My cousin - feh that's a *girl* shrimp!

  13. Keetz

    //disabled ratings


    Probably from triggered evangelicals.

  14. MrSpudinator

    dem wiggly thumbs

  15. TheHornet79

    I heard you guys on Radio Lab. Great stuff and I love how you guys conjecture each other for every song. Just to make it more scientifically accurate! Wish more of these principles were applied to other children affiliations to educate children. Great stuff guys!

  16. Reneevee133

    I am so totally going to buy this album for my nieces!

  17. CupcakeCutie

    wooooooooooh i love these songs!

  18. josh19dow88

    The first song that is titled "Science is Real!" thats where the debate is going on since they have the lyric that goes "Science is real, From evolution to the Milky Way, I like the stories, About angels, unicorns and elves, Now I like those stories, As much as anybody else, But when I'm seeking knowledge, Either simple or abstract, The facts are with science" that got a good deal of undies in a twist but when i hear my 4 year old sing it i know i won :)


    They've since disabled the comments on both Science is Real and Roy G. Biv. No idea how a song about the light color spectrum would be controversial but whatever.

    Erik Renteria Morales

    The evolution theory is false and completely flawed. It’s funny how you, a grown man use your 4 year old child to try and insult other peoples’ beliefs. Monkeys did not evolve into humans and we did not come from a big bang or a single cell organism that’s just ridiculous

  19. AkatsukiLoverX3

    Show this to one of my friends, He thinks animals and humans aren't related at all. He denies evolution and thinks animals dont have fealings. XD They CAN feal pain, So..DUH.

    Isaiah Munroe

    but they arent


    @Isaiah Munroe arent what

  20. spharktasm

    I seriously shed a tear with this, such a beautiful animation and song

  21. eclecticbibliophile

    Primates are our closest relatives, but we're related to all living things on Earth.
    You really must have failed high school biology.


    eclecticbibliophile Dude it's intended for kids. Just throwing out the basics. They even called other things relatives or cousins.


    Yeep. This comment screams “I like to correct people on unnecessary things to bait other toxic people into giving me pointless YouTube likes.”

  22. 2crazypirates

    Um, that's exactly what it is,

  23. HaustoriaPith

    1:32 That's definitely not moss...

  24. RhacoD

    I've got to learn that Aardvark Dance; I'd pull constantly.

  25. Ralokone

    @KristofskiKabuki look at it theologically even, god make such creatures to resemble us in so many ways . . . how can you deny them as relatives . . . even from a theological viewpoint

    religious people are silly :P

  26. Chris Hubley

    @Constance0Lirit And where do you think primates came from? All life evolved from the same single celled organisms, therefore all life is related to each other.

  27. Christopher Daniels

    @GodVlogger I wonder the same thing

  28. Ben Miles

    I have a sister that's a cow... :P

  29. hongolini

    I can't stop laughing when the woman starts dancing with that darn giraffe.

  30. Bub The Apeman

    @Constance0Lirit we both have common ancestors ... that makes humans and fish related.

  31. Christian Beasley

    And what are primates related to?
    As for your other post, LOL. That is most idiotic thing I have ever heard. We are related to fish.

  32. Christian Beasley

    Absolutely! Humans are related to every species! Given that life arose in one specific location on earth without the rise of new species independent of all others, of course.

  33. Komelsky

    Why comments disabled? So frustrating - desiring to press a green thumb up, and not being able to do so!..

  34. talflick

    I want to have a dance party with an anteater...

  35. Rhinogradentian

    @WeedyLiverMedia Jeeze, wow. You PETA animal rights guys find an excuse to object to EVERYTHING...I am an animal rights advocate, and all I say is, eat and drink organic.

  36. harehare

    very funny and educational

  37. Lizardizzle

    @SuperOxideDimutase Which is exactly why I love it. :P

  38. Habegger23

    lol, what a wonderful message 10/10 tmbg!

  39. wilsaljo

    @HNSMHMBMB lol

    That's kind of a technicality. Obviously if you say fish, most people will understand that you only mean the ones that never had ancestors that lived on land.

    So in answer to your question, the scientific consensus is that all modern life on Earth is related. So yes, humans are related to fish.

  40. wilsaljo

    @HNSMHMBMB Actually, humans are fish, as are all vertebrates (animals with backbones). A species never stops being what its ancestors were. Just like we are apes, monkeys, primates, mammals, etc. Also snakes and eels actually aren't very closely related at all. Eels are their own type of fish, but snakes are lizards, which are a type of reptile, which is a totally different type of fish. They have similar body shapes, but they actually form in very different ways, genetically.

  41. BilLee Miller


  42. Octospidr

    @WeedyLiverMedia They were making gorganzola long before that cycle began. relax.

  43. evandar0

    @rg0057 That's a good reason to go vegan rg. I'm not too worried about food supply where I live - meat is more likely to be local and therefore subject to strict regulation here- but if I lived elsewhere that might not be the case. Indeed, in some places, the US for example, it would definitely not be the case. Just remember - fruit and vegetables can be polluted with pollutants that don't bioaccumulate as well as those that do. Local is the way to go in my opinion. ;)

  44. rg0057

    @evandar0 the reason I am switching to vegan is because each time food is consumed, contaminants are concentrated. So I want to eat closer to the bottom of the food chain, because plants generally don't eat. Based on what I've seen, I believe we have effectively lost control over the food supply, and hence safety, particularly where animals are concerned.

  45. Rewind Fishwalk

    0:23 keep pressing

  46. evandar0

    @jamelie Bible? What the? What does what anyone do in the bible have to do with this? Some nutrients are better from meat, some from plant material. ;)

  47. jamelie norris

    @evandar0: I totally agree with you! People in the Bible occasionnaly eat meat (during festivities only) and for sure they do not inflict unnecessary pain to these animals. We need meat sometimes, but more fibers, minerals and vitamins from vegetables and fruits!

  48. evandar0

    @WeedyLiverMedia So what. I love hamburgers. Would you rather spent cows were wasted?

    I'm more inclined to a paleolithic diet than a vegan one. Guess what - I agree it is wrong to inflict unnecessary pain on animals - but killing an animal to eat it is fine with me - and if it provided milk beforehand even better. It is making better, more efficient use of the resource. I would be bothered with killing an endangerd species perhaps, but not cows, sheeps, horses, goats, etc etc.

  49. Octospidr

    TMBG doesn't say we evolved from apes; but, we're related to everything on the planet and apes are pretty a brother.

  50. RhacoD

    @WeedyLiverMedia If it produced tasty tasty cheese . . . yes!

  51. RhacoD

    @Finnishiam it's just you, this is about the science of evolution.

  52. TheBazillions

    Great song, great video!

  53. Finnishiam

    This song is a bit less "science science science" and more like just another song. Or is it just me?
    Love the little jig the ape bro does at 1:50, though. He's jammin', yo.

  54. Whitney Kraus Jones

    @OronisTheWanderer Not to mention that the study of DNA even backs up the theories of Evolution. There's an awesome NOVA episode about Intelligent Design vs. Evolution and the Court Rulings on it when a school in PA tried to make Intelligent Design part of the biology curriculum. It's available through Netflix. I highly recommend it.

  55. Whitney Kraus Jones


    If she were a cow. And moo'd. P.s. Dairy cows don't become a burger. Male cows do. Yum. I fail to see how raising lifestock is "Rape/Theft/Murder." Guess what. Animals eat animals. When we enter another animal's ecosystem (bears, Mountain Lions, Crocodiles, Sharks) we get eaten too. Circle of life. I'm an Omnivore and more than happy to be so.

  56. FunAssassin

    @WeedyLiverMedia Well... not MY sister. Maybe yours if you got one.

  57. bigglewings

    They really like that stylophone.. same one they used in the mesopotamians.

  58. bigglewings

    If she tasted as good as a cheeseburger...

  59. Jason Steel

    We share a common ancestor, and from that common ancestor chimps and ourselves evolved parallel to one another, adapting to different environments.

    That this stuff is controversial saddens me greatly. Evolution based on nested hierarchies of common descent through random mutation (with respect to fitness) is one of the most well-supported theories in all of science. If it extraordinarily easy to falsify the theory of evolution, yet not a single fossil has done so.

    Here comes science!

  60. glitchvid

    Tru - dat.

  61. NvPGulstab

    This video reminds me, I have some weed to smoke...

  62. mutant museum

    Families are based on shared ancestry, and we share ancestry (albeit millions or even billions of years ago) with every life form on Earth. It's called Here Comes Science, remember.

  63. mutant museum

    Something tells me this song is going to be really controversial.