They Might Be Giants - Mr. Xcitement Lyrics

Cafe con pan, cafe con pan,

Rock on my hubba, the beat is blubba
Being stingy on the pike collect the one into the otha
Careen in tandem, the sea into the landem
The people in the pix they want to scarf and dig the clamdem

Awwwwwwwww yes! Mr. Excitement!

We nix the glaben, the knifey-knife is staben
Protrude into the hoobalicious scoff the extra aden
I write the mooky, my verse is extra spooky
Like Flansy in a soda can, it's trooky-trooky-trooky

Awwwwwwwww yes! Mr. Excitement!

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They Might Be Giants Mr. Xcitement Comments
  1. cyanmanta

    This track immediately follows Man It's So Loud in Here, another song where they went way out of their comfort zone and tried something new. One of these is an amazing song and one of my favorites in their discography, and the other... is Mr. Xcitement.

  2. That TF2 Guy

    Is it sad that I still like TMBG?


    Why would it be sad?

  3. Fine the Human

    My sister heard me listening to it and said my taste in music has really degraded. Oh well

  4. Jonas Butler

    Artist: They Might Be Giants
    Album: Mink Car
    Genre: ANYTHING

  5. beer skittlez

    @-> HeAaRT

  6. DLD493v2

    cafe con pan

  7. lav

    is this Death Grips

  8. Weston Sharpensteen

    "There are no bad TMBG songs"


    yes. you are absolutely right. this one is ESPECIALLY not bad.

  9. DustWarden

    Good to know I was right about the first line, at least.

  10. memetologist

    they might be rappers?

  11. Jayson Litton

    This from the best album since Flood. Xciting!

  12. Punchy Knuckles

    i skated in a contest to this one. i did not win or even place but i dont blame the johns and co. i did rock out (maybe thats why i lost, cuz i was too into mr. excitement.)

  13. jamzftwneverdies

    Oh I see. Yeah, I didn't think that people would get confused. I normally put in a bit of the lyrics in the description, if you've seen my other TMBG videos I do the same in those as well.

  14. tygre

    It sounded like you were going to get the rest of the lyrics on, not the rest of the album.

  15. jamzftwneverdies

    Yes, I uploaded the rest of the album on December 15.

  16. tygre

    "I'll get the rest on tomorrow." -Dec 14, 2011

  17. TheWalkingSpace

    This band is my childhood.

  18. darkencatalystxbla

    i havent heard this song in years love it

  19. OverseerThe