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They Might Be Giants John Postal Comments
  1. Kris Neufeld

    This can't be good for me but i feel great

  2. Jason Roggasch

    DUEL Good flick.

  3. MagicTurtle643

    Did anyone else notice that if you watch the video attentively the whole time, then navigate away, it looks like the webpage is scrolling to the right lol. I guess it probably doesn't work as well on mobile.

  4. Nx Doyle

    At first I thought the vehicle at 1:27 was a gigantic milk carton.

  5. Nutmegg

    Okay but whats that clicking sound at the beginning

    Team Cyborg

    It might be a Geiger counter, based on what I know about the escape team

    Corey Messick

    Nutmegg Another hard to determine instrument

  6. e p

    I was surprised to learn there really are Yelp reviews of Riker's Island. One reviewer recommends saying you are Jewish, because your food is marginally better, and you get grape juice.

  7. North OfTheStar

    Do you read comments?

    Corey Messick

    North OfTheStar IF I HAD ONE

  8. Briny Pompano

    This song sounds a lot better here on YouTube than when I listen to it on a cheap headset at work while pretending to call customers & vendors

  9. Deborah Bryant

    Bouncy, creepy/funny & silly. I love it!

  10. gormie

    is this on spotify?

    I don't Want To

    idk but you can dial it!


    No, The Escape Team is not available on streaming services

  11. TVUPirateBM


  12. That mask you wanted but the game crashed

    For those that aren't aware, the panning comic is supposed to be a parody of the movie Duel, with the man in the car being the main character of the film. The truck and its antagonist driver (that is never shown during the film) are replaced with a postal service vehicle.

    Chris C.

    A memory just resurfaced from my childhood. I remember an episode of the Angry Beavers on Nickelodeon also referencing Duel with a killer truck and driver.

  13. Ben Aaron

    Wow, this one is really cool. Yeah, TMBG!

  14. ToastLogic Jr.

    I thought his name was Huan Postal....

    John Southwick

    Can I read the comic book?

    Corey Messick

    ToastLogic Jr. You were thinking of an Unrelated Thing...

    Chuckie B

    His name isn't Jon Postel, the father of the Internet?

    Lethean Mist

    @ParticleMen I wonder why that might be.


    It was Juan

  15. CheesecakeLasagna

    I like the endless horizontal panelling.

  16. Shane Smith

    I hate it when the entire postal service is gangstalking me, finally someone is bringing attention to this terror

    Corey Messick

    Shane Smith It's either them or the trucks taking revenge!

  17. Vilhelmas

    I'm absolutely loving all these Escape Team tracks. In terms of recent output from you guys, they are a definite highlight.

  18. Mister Apple

    Not another John!

    Corey Messick

    Mister Apple John Lee Supertaster, John Henry, there are never enough!

  19. lovchunks

    wooo!!!! fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more tmbg (toes might be gay)

    Corey Messick

    thrssii F bombs are no substitute for wit, and you should know that, Garfield...

    Adrian Arce

    I thought the t was for traps.

    Team Cyborg

    Tarantulas May Bight Gucci

  20. Chesterson Jack

    I love the 70’s style of that guy’s outfit

  21. Pyre Dynasty

    John Postal wears all the jeans.

  22. Corey Messick

    The man Newman wishes he was! 😂

  23. HaplessNerd

    sounds like johnny's feeling a bit down

    Team Cyborg

    Luckily, they can't keep him like that.

    Jerry Bee

    HaplessNerd But you can’t keep Johnny down.

  24. Gilgamesh

    We clearly need a John Postal comic.

    Mister Apple

    Escape Team by David Cowles is a comic that has him, and other characters from Dial-A-Song 2018, in it.

  25. Cory Calhoun

    That was a lovely homage to the Steven Spielberg film Duel, with Dennis Weaver. :-)

  26. Loofigan

    Oh, good shit


    Another Escape team track?? It's awesome

  28. dave idmarx

    Hey! I live within 10 minutes walking distance of RIkers! Yay!

  29. InsideTheBoxStudios

    You cant steal it now particle man

  30. BadHorse413

    Oh god I can't wait for Escape Team. SO hyped.

  31. CapnBooker

    Love this video. It's definitely a Duel reference, right?

    Matt C Curtis

    gotta be

  32. Goldyray Yeazle

    Yay! In spite of all that's been going on, I've been feeling lucky to be welcomed with a new song from these guys randomly like I do. And you too, hopefully. Whoever you are. Oh, and they will be playing in the state next to me! I'll get to see a concert someday. Not right now though. If I could afford that I'd be paying rent! :D

  33. Braden Lucas

    Good stuff

    Knight Of Tech

    Braden Lucas is it though? Have you herd their old stuff? The magical science songs they used to do?


    that's some good shit man


    Knight Of Tech yes, it is good. all of it is

  34. allasaurous

    🤔 its good

  35. CodeNameJaz

    New law in place: All USPS workers must sing this song when on the job.

    Team Cyborg

    We gotta start a petition.

  36. Big Chunk

    Now this is what I'm talking about. Nice!

  37. Matt Ghostie

    I am READY

  38. ThisIs ReadyMade

    Love it!