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They Might Be Giants I Can Add Comments
  1. Bernie Sanders ass bitch

    *I don't even know Spanish*

  2. KawaiilieGaming

    I heard this song years ago and I’m 12 now. I still use this song to figure out 8+8

  3. mobius

    cool that they teach the first few numbers of the Fibonacci sequence too

  4. Cardboard Cape

    I hate Muslims

  5. Caleb Smith

    I can add

  6. Rylan Mahone

    I heard this song once in the car on the way from gymnastics 6 years ago and I have never forgotten it

  7. Malcolm Moore

    I am an elementary music school teacher. We learn (and LOVE) 5 songs by TMBG every year: I Can Add, Nonagon, Roy G Biv, Put It To The Test, and What Is A Shooting Star? Next up: THE BLOOD MOBILE!

  8. light blue pancake

    I don't even know Igbo but I'm gonna sing it in Igbo anyway!

    1 gbakwunyere 1 bụ 2
    2 gbakwunyere 2 bụ 4
    4 gbakwunyere 4 bụ 8
    Na 8 gbakwunyere 8 bụ 16

  9. Ryleigh Richards

    Literally heard this song once when I was 4 and have never forgot it

  10. Howard Philips Lovecraft

    I can add... pulverized meth to this cocaine ^^

  11. Leeloo Wheeler

    my braincells in math class

  12. Shdox

    I haven't listened to this song in years. Glad I found it again

  13. Josiah Urbano

    I don't know much Tagalog, so why not Tagalog?

    isa plus isa ay dalawa
    dalawa plus dalawa ay apat
    apat na plus apat ay walong
    walong plus eight ay labing-anim!

  14. Jade Shirley

    I would like to execute a vice-principal's input: We need to flip the script on the teacher/professor student/ listener construct. The teacher should be like a stand-up comedian in that if the audience voices distaste enough they not have to be stuck with a shit-teacher and be allowed to have due process to vote out the bully-tormentor who wear's a teacher's placard. Children seriously see school as HELL because of blotted-ego sycophant trainers. The moments of brevity from that Hell is a Good teacher who hears the voice of the student. If the student says "We learned that already" Don't grind boring reviews and wasting time that feels like you are stuck in line at the DMV on a busy day. If the students complain you did this already and you don't have that day's curriculum alternative to go to so they feel like school is a adventure and not a prison, then bust out youtube pull something educational and let them watch a documentary. A great teacher knows when they are beat and just need to let someone else handle things. Use the documentary time for a bath-room/smoke-break. If a student leaves assume they went to the bathroom and will be back, also NEVER NEVER NEVER refuse the first request a student makes to leave to use the bath room, and if the toilet is busy and they have to wait, tell them they can pee outside, the bladder damage and nightmare-fuel humiliating act of peeing your pants because you couldn't hold it is reason to feel under attack. It is the right of the student-group to unify. If a teacher is being a control-freak the students have right to use text-books like clubs. Seriously if a teacher thinks taht podum is her height over her tots bash her down to size. Bullies and cowards always run from the pain, Hero and the damned with hope never run from it. I would indefinably assert I didn't fail the school-system. The school system fail ME. I walked way from the self-center university that has the gall to hoard books and rape people with greed-money to get the power good-souls share. It is creepy as fuck but I go in a class room in observation I do it with the nature of a capybara that can dream it is a tiger that made it knowing the capybara's curse. 3 times sweetly with questions confused voice and polite answers before the other side showing their bully's rights gets the 1 horn that is option to go back on the foolishness. If they do center in defiance or right in abuse you are free to lean as hard on your right-rage till they show at least 1 apology and a willingness to take the student's stance of listening and asking questions to show equality. If a teacher doesn't respect the students the students don't do a peaceful walkout. The class-room being abused can violently with books and pens run mob-rule. If they will not leave keep attacking till they beg for the pain to stop. They are free to leave if they can but are fired if they do. If they refuse to leave, the POS student typically the popular-class clown or most liked student is allowed to sit his knee on the teacher's neck and break it with knee-cap. Do not go in front of a live-audience if you do not want them to bomb you boos then take the stage and rip you off. Seriously how many bad comics would go on stage at teh Midnight at the Apollo and go on if they knew being pulled off by the entertainer's crook meant they risked having the Sandman kill them for the nasty shitty jokes (God I am still sorry I am all the worst ideas Sir Master.)

    Jade Shirley

    Also it is the right of the teacher in awareness to see the turning of the tides when the students make geasture. It starts with one student feeling it is enough, any one student can do but it must be after the processions of 3 requests from the student for the teacher to be fair. Then 1 warning. Then a kind request they leave the ignoring the request gives the one student or all/any the right to hold their books or laptops/phone at the top of their heads like the are asking a question but the item in palm give last warning. The refusal to see the motion or ignoring the gestures wll lead to the students flooding the problem out like an Ocean.

    Jade Shirley

    You don't have to lock them out, it is an old-time waste prank as is rebelling the system by leaving it when a true rebel is a force of change in what is wrong. No student or teacher may lock the door to seal people in or out but the pleasure of children & students of all ages is to know if you run them out with violence the fear will keep them out better than tumblers.

  15. Fredrich Stories

    I love math's, that's great

  16. spicy

    • doesnt know spanish
    • *sings in spanish fluently*

  17. MTR Hay Hay

    3+1 is 4
    4+1 is 5
    I think I’m very good at this!
    Teacher gives you a worksheet



  18. Amy Dove

    Uhhhh My Little Sis Thinks This is Reaally Werid no Offence

    Jade Shirley

    You're little sister has smaller ears of appreciation It is her right to complain but awesome older-siblings should look at the big-picture. Don't insult her for thinking eww~ when that is 3 chances to show her why you think it is great. If she refuses to stop being a brat just tell her she will maybe like it when she is older.

  19. Arondon Gaming AUTTP

    2048-The Song.

  20. i dunno but yay

    I don't know much French, let's sing it in French anyway!
    Un plus un et deux
    Deux plus deux et quatre
    Quatre plus quatre et huit
    Huit plus huit et seize

  21. Ulziibaatar Ulziikhutag


  22. Ulziibaatar Ulziikhutag


  23. Shoshana

    this song is beautifully crafted and thought out and if you don't know this song, the door is right over there.. and you could step through it and get out

  24. Wiggle Worm

    0:39 I don’t even know Spanish but I;M GOING TO SING THE FIRST VERSE IN SPANISH NOW!
    Uno mas uno es dos
    Dos ams dos es cuatro
    Quattro mas Quattro ocho
    ovOcho mas Ocho es diezices

  25. Wiggle Worm

    How come the Friday night podcast omits te opening part when they pan down on the song’s title card?

  26. Yoshi Fan

    I just wanna sing this in front of my class boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Jade Shirley

    Feel free to use music in learning it really is like audio-candy to a good student. The students who love you will never forget you if you make their education, like them, special.

  27. Garridy Hamilton

    Jesus loves you more than you know!

  28. Sophie Hanssel

    This was WAY before The Bazillions did something like that in 2 of their videos

  29. Baldthony Headtano

    I wrote the lyrics to this song when I was asked how I remember basic addition
    I was 6
    I'm not ashamed

  30. Yoshi Fan

    This song is actually stuck in my head forever!!(I don't even know Spanish,but I'm gonna sing it in Spanish now! LOL!!

  31. harmoniabalanza

    I ave to admit, it takes a certain kind of talent to be able to perform this sort of stuff sincerely. I used to do children's theater
    and I went into a different zone. Took off my grownup hat.

  32. Vine Of The Dead

    How can he sing it in spanish if he doesn't know spanish? lol

    María José Asís

    He does pretty good!

  33. Lps Honeycomb

    I don't even know japanese but I'm gonna sing it in japanese!

  34. aidan Stenson

    At least these kids won't have a birdhouse in their soul

  35. Diana Webb

    2048: The Song

    Haters Say It's Fake

    1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048

  36. Γιάννης Οικονόμου

    I don't know much Italian, why not sing it in Italian though?

    Uno più uno fa due
    Due più due fa quattro
    Quattro più quattro fa otto
    E otto più otto fa sedici

  37. Γιάννης Οικονόμου

    I know enough German, so why not sing it in German now?

    Eins plus eins ist zwei
    Zwei plus zwei ist vier
    Vier plus vier ist acht
    Un acht plus acht ist sechszehn

  38. Eileen Chiasson

    I remember singing this in 1st grade. OMG!

  39. Michael Hermann

    If I can say I was taught anything in High School, I can at least say I Can Add.

  40. 3dsuniverse

    As a child, I continued this pattern


    Random Mapper/Scratcher/Robloxian

    @Nate Miller VGCP :D  ( I searched up "65536 x 2" than "131072 x 2" and so on...


    3dsuniverse same



  41. Dreamconfedi

    I wonder why you can't rate comments?

  42. fobandfriends

    The end lolll Tuba plus Tuba equals Fourba!

  43. bossycarl

    Twoba plus twoba is fourba

  44. Michael Stoker

    c xxxzxx

  45. Samuel Quinn Morris

    I just started the video... two seconds in, I'm like "HE'S A SQUIRREL."

  46. Summer Thompson

    i LUV they might be giants!! i download all of their "friday night podcasts" they use puppets if you havent seen them... adorable!! :D

  47. Portia Melino

    I CAN ADD!

  48. mouse264

    Lol, the Spanish was all correct. XD

  49. Dead Bart

    this is great!

    i remember this song! xDDDD

  50. Cathy Blake

    I don't even know spanish but I'm gonna sing it in spanish!

  51. crazy4checkers

    i learned thid song in 5th grade!!

  52. beatlesgirl95

    haha this is how i found out tht TMBG was doing children's music becuz i was on the computer listening to i think maybe BHIYS and this song came on and it said TMBG and i totally freaked out! awesome!

  53. aaaaaaaa

    I've recently fallen madly in love with TMBG. I'd only heard the Istanbul song before, when I was younger. This is so much fun.

  54. ian connell

    this video rocks almost as much as the song!