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They Might Be Giants Flo Wheeler Comments
  1. TheFurriestOne

    Flo and Dunkin should paint the town red together!

  2. Headless Gorilla

    My life goal is to get a tattoo with a tattoo with a tattoo with a tattoo with a tattoo.

  3. Jared Nolastname


  4. MacStar Laitselec TMB-P

    I hope this means the sweet girl from Cyclops Rock can finally have a friend that isn't Chucky's arm.

  5. Aquarius Freewater

    The characters in this remind me of Beavis tripping on mushrooms.

    Greg Brookens

    They're both based on the art of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Check him out.

  6. brad wakey

    What are “orange barrels”?

    Molybdenum Rose

    I think they mean those big orange barrels they put to ward off parts of the road that are being worked on.

    brad wakey

    Cheers man. We don’t have them in the UK!

  7. Frank Riding

    I'm going to watch you live today, I'm so excited :D

  8. Sarah Twycross

    Flo's a lesbian prove me wrong

    MacStar Laitselec TMB-P

    Flo x Girl from Cyclops Rock

    Sarah Twycross


  9. brad wakey

    Best one this year!

  10. North OfTheStar

    More like cyclops rock amirite?

  11. Let It Be Known

    🎶 Now i know TMBG, next time won't you sing with me?🎶

  12. Pyre Dynasty

    This sounds almost like the google translate version of Low Rider.

  13. ivan terrible

    I too have a tattoo with a tattoo that also has a tattoo. But I am a very good driver.... Slow in the driveway.

  14. Nx Doyle

    1:36 President Obama in law enforcement.

  15. tmbgfan1

    why are all the songs with videos like this so good

    Mister Apple

    They're all from a project called The Escape Team, where the Johns wrote songs for all these wild characters thought up by David Cowles. I honestly think they just enjoyed doing it, and that shows up in the songs themselves.

  16. QualityApeMan

    The art in this video reminds me of some neon stickers I had when I was a kid. I forget what they were called though...

  17. Daniel Glus

    Lots of driving-related songs these days, must be the tour

  18. Matthew Osborn

    Love this!

  19. BojoPigeon

    Welcome back to the microtones.

  20. Pealz Heer

    Lucky Flo didn't get her face eaten by Chip.

  21. Corey Messick

    Just make sure Chip the C.H.I.P. don't give you and John Postal golden speeding tickets...

  22. Roy Jenkins

    So good

  23. mintaka mothkind

    Kickin' off the spook month with a Dial-a-song about a scofflaw cyclops lady. Hell yeh.

    Josiah Jones

    Pewds would love this song

  24. William Wakely

    Dang, this is good.

  25. CodeNameJaz

    I think Flo Wheeler would be a good driving instructor. Fight me.

    Isaiah Davis

    My dad knew a driving instructor named Recks Ezey. I don’t know how to spell it, though.

  26. proto fpv

    love you guys! come back to Maine any time.

    dave idmarx

    At the top of the charts, has crushed my evil heart.

  27. CodeNameJaz

    This has nothing to do with the video but I never got this question answered... Where do they make balloons?

    Let It Be Known

    At the balloon factory, silly!!!

    brad wakey

    On a child labour line in Bangladesh.

    Avery Trashmouth

    Balloons aren't actually created, they just exist and need to be extracted from the earth.

  28. William Wiltse

    I see...

  29. ffdd



    They are micro-tones but they aren't quarter-tones.

  30. Rowan

    How dare she insult chip the chip in such a way!

    mintaka mothkind

    Well, they're siblings after all.

    Zachary Juhn

    Aren’t they siblings or cousins?

    Cash C

    Their brother and sister


    Her face shall soon be eaten


    ACAB - All Chips Are Bastards