They Might Be Giants - Cyclops Rock Lyrics

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They Might Be Giants Cyclops Rock Comments
  1. Red Rabbit

    Seems to be the most polarizing song of theirs.

  2. La Zona Cero

    Pixies were an inspiration to this?

  3. Chris Shelton

    Yeah, this song is awesome.

  4. KingufTheJungle

    This song sucks

    Weston Sharpensteen

    I dont agree

    Weston Sharpensteen

    Screw you, dis song is perfect to dance to!


    You've wasted my cyclops time, KingufTheJungle

    John Brown

    Y'know something? YOU suck.


    @Sviolinist Dude clearly wasn't here to socialize.

  5. OLD CHANNEL Adam Roman

    This is my favorite song from Mink Car!

  6. Dkbug