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They Might Be Giants Cloisonne Comments
  1. Lynsey Plays

    Please please play this in Boston, I will cry

  2. Teagan AnimalPlanet

    I put the lyrics to this and google translated them a million times so here ya go
    One two two

    Think about your business.
    Think about your business.
    Guard eats chiama Quonset that was never closed

    My craft is exploding
    Ecco il'o tuo doing cloisonné
    Choking my dust
    With my three blind cats

    Do you have a friend in team practice
    Don't call law enforcement
    Think about your business.

    I was very busy explaining
    Now it's raining with pain
    Pain in the form of a drop of water
    Yes, a drop of water caused by pain

    Tell the story, the water falls
    "I don't want to tell them, sir!"
    Tell the story, the water falls
    "I don't want to tell them!"

    Keep your voice down
    Keep your voice down
    Keep your voice trembling and forgiving God

    I'm tired of this beeswax
    I'm tired of the other floors of Sleestaks
    Breathe in my data
    To give me back the frets

    When I know in difficoltà
    You get to recepd all conversations

    What is Sleestak?
    It's your heart attack
    Rocket Towel
    I back off

    You have no doctors
    All your doctors went home
    What is Sleestak?
    What is Sleestak?

    Do you have a friend in team practice
    Don't call law enforcement

  3. Teagan AnimalPlanet

    That ending, where even Flansy is jamming out on his guitar thing, Linell is just all "hey, I'm gonna keep playing the bass clarinet, that alright with you guys?"
    Edit: Minecraft is exploding



  5. LonelyAssassin96

    Ah, the Mojo Chessmaster. Of all Flansburgh's guitars we've seen him use, this one's my favorite for sheer style alone.

  6. Johnny W

    This band rules.


    On hi flathead of William Allen white

  8. Ralsei

    0:20 minecraft is exploding

  9. John Bolton

    Sleestaks... Do you think they are edible?

  10. xxx xxx

    Wait?! Where is the AutoTune? the drum machine? Aren't they just sampling other songs? Amateurs. :-)

  11. Tina Aoro

    Whos that man in the video

  12. DocWorm

    Flansburgh has the mojo chessmaster again!

  13. Cassidy Wright

    If I were ever going to be mad at god for anything it was for making this video have such little views. It's so amazing lol

  14. Denise S

    So talented. So damn talented. 😎😍😝

  15. BGelais

    Still genius TMBG! :)

  16. lithead

    Flans is enjoying himself so much that I am compelled to watch this video repeatedly.

  17. Pelle Lindbergh

    John, you had me at "Sleestaks!" Much love from LANCASTER, PA (btw, be careful where you put the accent in "Lancaster!" LOL)

  18. lithead

    I've lived with one blind cat, and it's mighty sad. But living with three of them? It would be like living in a rain of pain.

  19. chesterfieldsnapdrag

    I love how all the videos are different cuts of the songs than on the actual album. I get to enjoy every song twice in a different way.

  20. ZoLexa

    1:41 what’s a Sleestak? Like... land before time Sleestak??? Hahaha

  21. Jakob


    Teagan AnimalPlanet

    "i don't want to tell them mister!"

    sxturnx _

    @Teagan AnimalPlanet Tellem the story raindrop~

    Teagan AnimalPlanet

    sxturnx _ I don’t want to tell hi-KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN

  22. Jakob

    what's a sleestak?

    Crystal Lastname

    That's your heart attack, towel rack fallback.

    Teagan AnimalPlanet

    @Crystal Lastname You got no doctors
    All your doctors have gone home
    What's a Sleestak?
    What's a Sleestak?

  23. Friday Night Jones

    I just realized this sounds a little like the Sandford and Son theme song and I need someone to tell me I'm not alone in thinking that so I know I'm not crazy

  24. NicodaemonAK

    brilliant song i have loved it from the moment i heard it the first time

  25. Joe Poutre


  26. imadame

    Effing love this song. But I admit to liking the album version a bit more. The electronic sound is very cool. Both versions are incredible, though. The rhythm is just fascinating.


    It's also very fun to sing to.

  27. Sybato

    This my new song to tell rain to go away

  28. LightningSpeed Videos

    Notice how Linnell *nods* at the end of the song?
    "Pretty good, huh?" :) (2:45-2:47)

    Jake R

    Linnell's on b clarinet.

    Mister Apple

    The nodding guy is Dan Miller.


    Uhhhh that's not linnell

  29. I_Like_It_Here

    I saw this live and it was amazing, the bass clarinet is hilarious

  30. GoQuackhammerGo

    Love this tune. Took a swing at it myself:

  31. MacStar Laitselec TMB-P

    Watching them sing is so surreal, after all these years of NOT doing so... ohoho, I still love you guys I just feel so strange. How will I maintain in a concert? I'll have an aneurysm...will it be worth it?


    Hobo Fly Fishing

    I have seen them four times, you'll be a better person for it.

  32. tmbg17

    Raining paint!!!!!!

  33. Jacquie Cotillard

    This song is about making meth.
    "My craft is exploding/it's like I'm making cloisonné"

    Holy Mackerel the Third

    +Jacquie Cotillard I'm not going to say you're wrong, any interpretation is correct, but according to John Flansburgh the idea when they wrote the song was about a guy into his own swagger, thinking he's the hottest new thing, when he's really out of date and out of touch with reality. He says his craft of Cloisonné is exploding when it's really ancient and barely practised anymore.

  34. Chad Collins

    I/m never quite able to say what my favorite of TMBG's Songs are, But this song, wtih the bass clarinet, has me hypnotized every time I've ever listened.  How do they DO THIS?


    The Johns and their ever lasting quest for the perfect sound.
    Join them as they venture through mostly clarinets but also some brass in there aswell...

    maybe some strings perhaps...

    ...they still use the accordion? right? we could mention that...


    They deserve MacArthur Genius awards.

    Pelle Lindbergh

    It's simple really, they're GENIOUS!


    The Johns are secretly Alien Magicians from a far off and strange planet that communicates using music.


    @LonelyAssassin96 they're still confused as to why we haven't responded intelligently yet

  35. ansherma

    Not as creepy as the album version. :(


    this is by far better! than album

    mintaka mothkind

    This is the live version, which is apparently included in _Album Raises New And Troubling Questions_ ; rather than _Join Us_ , which I think has the "album version" you're thinking of.

    Mister Apple

    Still pretty creepy, though.

  36. Braxton Hudson

    Very different than the version on iTunes, still really good, just different. Like this song! 

    Christian Farmer

    @Braxton Hudson I think this is this version:

  37. Jessability

    I can't like this enough.

  38. zoo804

    John F. has cool glasses. 

  39. summers

    Very good song.

  40. Karl X

    I used to think they might be giants. Now, I KNOW They Might Be Giants.
    "Cha-Ka stay away from the Lost City!"


    Cha-Ka 😂😂😂


    Everything that converts wind energy to useful work Might Be Giants.
    It's a fundamental effect of our physical laws.

    If your system obeys the laws of conservation of energy and momentum, it just inevitably leads to TMBG eventually.

    The big question is, why do we only see one TMBG? Like Fermi said, the universe should be full of TMBG, so where are they?

  41. giveusprivacy

    How did I know this would be douche car commercial music?

  42. AlterMannCam

    Album Raises New and Troubling Questions

  43. tankeduptrouble

    TMBG are GIANTS!

  44. Christian Farmer

    Where can I get THIS version?

  45. Francis Kelly

    I like this version better than the one on the "Join Us" CD.

  46. Simply.Emma

    ...... I heard My Crap is exploading!!

  47. Jaydn Turley

    Glad I'm not the only one who heard that.

  48. JamesMFerris

    What's a sleestak? what's a sleestak? that's your heart attack, towel rack, fallback.


  49. Jacky Garner

    ARGH!!! So great!

  50. Fallen Out With My Head

    Too much hipness in one room. Love the video, love the song.

  51. kiwimass

    I love this song! Anyone who mentions quonset huts and Sleestaks in the same song is all right with me. John F rules!

  52. Hahn

    Love these guys. I gotta talk about them more to people I just met. People neeed to KNOW the dandiness that IS THEY. MIGHT. BE. GIANTS. GRRRAAAAAAAHHH.

    Can't wait 'til I'm old enough to go on a trip to one of their concerts. This band is superior to all others.

  53. TofuTehSurvivor


  54. tankeduptrouble

    John F you are a king!
    Giants are gods of the universe!

  55. GONEmypurpleflapjack


  56. LegalFiend

    "My craft is exploding;It's like I'm making Cloisonne". Though that isn't an uncommon error to make, it's referring to some sort of creation. I've heard an interpretation that this song is about a meth dealer cooking his drugs - Circuses and acts of whimsy, not calling the cops, keeping quiet, hallucinating(sleestaks), crafting things.

  57. Briteliner

    Out of all the times I've seen this, I just noticed that Marty is using his drumstick backwards (or is using a true double-butt drumstick).


    I just found out that the Chessmaster was used here... I'm sure I must've seen it before, but I did not remember, even when I read about it.

  58. Francisco A. Picado

    Basically, Flansburgh wants to be left alone doing his thing.

  59. FerHivore

    Flansburgh should sing more often.

  60. euphrosyne1

    Why is this a key up? Ow, ow ow ow.

  61. Morgen Selmer

    This isn't the album version. Totally digging this... great ending.

  62. ThirteenPeeps

    Oh man, my school's band has five saxes, four clarinets, three flutes, two trumpets, two percussionists, and one trombone. It wouldn't be so bad if more that two of us could actually read the goddamn music! I could go on for hours...

  63. Spacepup18

    I haven't played a Bass Clarinet, but I've played a regular Clarinet and a Tenor and Alto sax, and in terms of flat complexity they seem about equal. I might say a regular Clarinet is more difficult because without a lot of them they can be hard to hear in a concert setting, while a sax of any sort will be the loudest goddamn thing in the room. Dunno if that's true for a Bass Clarinet or not.

  64. 1l0V3M0v132

    Sleestak are a race of reptilian creatures in the TV show "Land of the Lost" that evolved from the peaceful Altrusians.

  65. ThirteenPeeps

    Is bass clarinet any harder to play than tenor sax?

  66. didgeboy287

    Has to be my favorite track from this album. Reminds me a bit of the sound/attitude of Savoir-Faire.

  67. ThirteenPeeps

    Has anyone else noticed that Linnell looks like a white version of Abed from Community?

  68. Zach Rowe

    Mind your business.

  69. Burninator44

    The drums are real groovy in this song.

  70. Crazyflowereater

    Sexiest bass clarinet EVER!!!

  71. cmore1

    What's a sleestak?

  72. Wermhats Wormhat

    I will pay 20 dollars to find out what the hell this song is about!

  73. N.G. Wilson

    I told John John to call me. I said "Hey I like you dudes, I want to jam with you guys." Still no call?

  74. Crazyflowereater

    Heck yeah. Bass clarinet is awesome, more so when you can hear it. :D

  75. Brandon Anders

    I was at the Tempe show too. AWESOME!! I loved Linnell on the bass clarinet!! :-)

  76. itscrazytrevor

    "I'm sick of these 2nd story sleestak breathing on my dice give me back rubs" as well @tmbg

    GoldStar Thomas

    It just a song chill itscrazytrevor

  77. geeklandify

    good video guys.

  78. CMarieJ5

    I ❤ this video. It makes me smile.

  79. CMarieJ5

    @unqtious Some people can't just handle "too much awesome," I guess.

  80. unqtious

    I know that musical tastes are subjective and whatnot. But I'm just wondering why the two people who clicked disliked this video did so. I mean, what's the matter? Too much awesome?

  81. lilclerk

    @cozcat42 they were a regular adult band long before they started making kids albums. Just like Barenaked Ladies.

  82. Samuel Quinn Morris

    @AskYourDoctor2 how ironic! They made a song for Alice in Wonderland. Search for "you are old, father williams tmbg"

  83. cozcat42

    @TimeTebow wtf

  84. Steven Laborn

    @cozcat42 Yes it's the same band, they make kids songs too

  85. Kristin Hammock

    @cozcat42 They are also a proper bad for adults, and have been since the 80's.

  86. Lady Squier

    @j2n i seriously had a heart attack when i saw the mojo guitar

  87. cozcat42

    is this the same as the children show thing?

  88. Spencer LeGros

    this is rediculous haha

  89. psilver1

    @Jody519 YES!!!

  90. wintzyy

    Ooooh Flansbeard

  91. Jody519

    wow...john really sounds like john in this one

  92. Ryan G144

    awww this is the live studio version!

  93. Robert Maule

    this song sounds like a seedy nightclub in alice in wonderland

  94. Charles Morris

    Flansburgh is an amazing dictator.

  95. Dragon Mama

    Flansburgh is an amazing director.

  96. AlecTaylor6

    @JamesAJanisse That's what I get for not watching music!

  97. James A. Janisse

    @AlecTaylor6 Linnell's playing a bass clarinet, not a saxophone.

  98. Stephen Barnecut

    Autos & vehicles?