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They Might Be Giants Canajoharie Comments
  1. Amanda Pompili

    Canajoharie has a secret waterfall. You can't see it from the street, and there are no signs marking how you get to it, because every year, kids (usually from out of town, and usually drunk/high) manage to jump off of something they shouldn't jump off of and crack their skulls.

    John and John both have summer homes near here, too.

    You really do have to pull the vegetation aside to find the path. It's through those trees. I'm not insane.

  2. Julie Briggs

    I'm from Canajoharie and this track is def. a keeper. <3

  3. Corey Messick

    My favorite TMBG song and they're my favorite band, no less!

  4. genofreek

    Great song, but I'm starting to think these guys aren't giants.

    Hazel McGuire

    I dunno pal, I think they might be.

  5. Joseph Selkow

    Song makes me cry. So beautiful. (also I ran out of my anti depressants).

  6. Todd C

    Ah, Canada Harry. Love this song.

    Micah Gruenwald

    No, it’s pronounced can of an airy

    fuzzygreenturtle _

    Yes he's Outback Jack's distant cousin.

    Jason Trumble

    As a native Canajoharian, I laughed at this.

    sylvia macfarlaine

    Canny Jihadi.

  7. Gab C

    Does anyone else always hear "It was an inaccurately reconstructed fig"? ( At 1:21)

    teej nunya

    Yeah, now that you point it out.

    fuzzygreenturtle _

    Mmm figs

    MacStar Laitselec TMB-P

    Wait...those arnt the lyrics??

  8. linnle the heckin scery snekko

    prob my heckin favrit tmbg songe

    Mister Apple

    I heckin' love your username.

  9. CrazyRiverOtter

    God, there's something so melancholy about this song that I love.

    Corey Messick

    CrazyRiverOtter As with so many of their upbeat songs!

  10. Sófi Anita

    My favorite song


    Moo Oink

    Right through those trees, I'm not insane

  11. David Witanowski

    I play this track every time I drive between Syracuse and Albany, and try to catch a view of the old Beechnut factory. I think they have a summer home somewhere near there, yes?

    Alex Ferguson

    Yes, both Johns actually

    Everybody is The Doctor

    David Witanowski in canajahorie in fact.


    I know that exact factory you're talking about going the opposite way for 20+ years. Such a strange connection to make but I guess TMBG just brings that out in folks. Upstate NY apathy.

  12. Brian McDonald

    Love TMBG but the name is pronounced like a "J" like "Ja" not a "G" con-ah-jah-harry. Still a great song just wanted to say.

    Weyoun VI

    it sounds like he's using a G but he's not. the song even is spelled with a J. it's just a very sharp J sound near the back of the throat. I'd you listen you can hear that it's a J sound.

    Lauren Day

    I'm from canjo (born and raised). It's not con ah jah harry. Its Cana jo harry. Just

    Weyoun VI

    You would think They Might Be Giants (The New Yorkers that they are) Might know that lol. but i guess not


    Brian McDonald So the "O" is just silent?

    MacStar Laitselec TMB-P

    I hear 'Cana-joo-harry'
    But maybe it just worked better lyrically, theres a chance they went though tons of pronunciations before going with this one.
    May have even sparked an argument lol

  13. dreadvenom1

    Absolutely amazing song. They might be giants are tops.

  14. Corey

    Can't believe this had one dislike! Oh well each to his own. Splendid album!

  15. grease man

    Ah. Alright, thanks.

  16. David Blaze

    Canajoharie, NY .... Finally some respect!

  17. grease man

    Did Linnell have a stroke at 3:03?

  18. grease man

    May I ask what that stands for? Something music video?

  19. Tomapella

    probably my favorite TMBG song ever, which after being a fan of theirs for most of my life is saying a lot.

  20. Weston Sharpensteen

    Someone make a PMV of this!!!