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They Might Be Giants Can't Keep Johnny Down Comments
  1. Vincent Chups

    So he is about to rape that deer?

  2. Paul Bordelon

    The most important song ever written.....if you want to be happy in life take heed....

  3. fireflocs

    Every time somebody with an office job acts like their career has them locked in some sort of nightmarish, existential hellhole, somebody working a cash register or a fryer grows slightly angrier.
    If your job lets you sit down almost constantly, and/or pays enough that it allowed you to move out, you need to bitch less about it.

    The video is a damn good watch though.

  4. AnnaMarie Hill

    This guy rules! Love this song and video.

  5. tredlow

    After 7 years, this is still one of the best music videos of all time.

  6. face

    Brilliant mate

  7. i hate video gams

    i wish the sound quality was better on this video

  8. Nx Doyle

    2018 marks 30 years since I reserved a place in my heart for They Might Be Giants. The reservation will remain until my heart is no more. Then its atoms will go off to be other things.

    Amy Schmidt

    26 years for me, I share your sentiments 100%. And it still holds up after all these years- it's been such a joy to share TMBG with my son and the other kids in my life, and I imagine they'll do the same with their kids. I'm passing the torch in the hope that some kid born in a colony on Mars will grow up loving TMBG as much as I did! lol

  9. Josh Dot

    this makes me incredibly happy

  10. Brent Eddleman

    Small continuity error, his hair should've been wet for the forest scene and the motorcycle scene, but still really hilarious and well made video.

  11. Chris Walker

    What's the actor's name?

  12. Jameron

    When someone asks why I have long hair I'll just show them this.

  13. Mr. Nice Guy

    What does the guy say after "how about these donuts?" Does anybody know?

    Jerry Eberts

    Mr. Stanforth "Last one." Boom!

    Ghost Ships

    Mr. Stanforth "pretty good, last one"

  14. lila naomi

    tell me why I got sad that he didn't get a donut

  15. lailinshale

    The backwards whooshing of his hair is hypnotic.

  16. Anzyll

    It just occurred to me that they're both named Johnny.

  17. Jeparino

    this is my favorite music video for this TMBG song

  18. HongKongBong Ginoschmidt PartyPooper

    Guy reminds me of TJ Miller, love the video!

  19. Copper Fronts

    another great video for this song i like it a lot congrats on win

  20. john sutcliffe

    i think he had a case of the mondays!

    Mucinex Monster

    you could get your ass kicked sayin' something like that.

  21. Matthew Cummings

    Props for the Rebel Alliance tattoo

  22. Scott Goulet

    This vid is great. I love the song. A+.

  23. irahs

    Lol, the guy in the video is Guy Gunn and he's this perfect in real life :D

  24. Rhyon Ingalls

    Watched this video who knows how many times...Just noticed his Star Wars Tat... Nice.

  25. cbatgm

    Great song, great video!  In a weird way it reminds me of Pete and Pete - something about things being off-kilter in quiet suburbia.  Plus all the greens and red hair.  =P


    Also I identify with this song a little too much... sigh...

  26. lavender

    That out-of-the-water jump though


    And the flying papers

  27. Denise L

    Reverse this video and you'll get an interesting story

  28. Teratoma

    That silly-looking chubby ginger hippie makes me want to hug the world and I don't care who knows.


    Sadly, I've lost my shit over food too- ended up in prison for the night! Good breakfast- no toilet paper- gotta take the rough with the smooth


    Sadly, I've lost my shit over food too- ended up in prison for the night! Good breakfast- no toilet paper- gotta take the rough with the smooth

  31. thx1138thecrane

    My new favorite song by them, slightly new to the tmbg scene, great video for me it was either this or the one with the blue ball face cartoon one.


    Blue ball face guy moves a lot like the way the two Johns move , The first time I saw it I actually thought It was John Linnell


    _"slightly new to the tmbg scene"_
    Welcome to musical greatness. It's nice to have you here with us, to join us in this experience.

    mintaka mothkind

    It's pretty serendipitous that the album this song is from is called "Join Us."

  32. Luke Sargent

    2:22 can't even tie his tie right for the video, eh? This video sucks compared to other entries.

  33. 0okamino

    There are many ways in which you can keep Johnny, but down and clothed are not among those.

    Journey Man

    +0okamino None indeed, amongst those.

  34. Alexander Sartore

    Love this video. 

  35. Joseph Hausman

    Look at all these nerds

  36. Squidy

    not bad song-- typing mistake I meant to say " it has bad sound " sorry :P

    Dan Himself

    you're not funny dude

  37. Zemi Hill

    This is such a gorgeous song! 

  38. Jeff Stiefer

    thats a great punchline! i love it :)

  39. TheWalker

    I think this is better than the official video!

  40. Nate Barsky

    This. Is. Amazing.

  41. bob stankovic

    Blows my mind!

  42. James Reed

    How did he get his pants after he got on the motorcycle???

  43. James Reed

    There are days that I just want to do this.....

  44. Joe Harmon

    My new favoritte TMBG song!

  45. grease man

    He wasn't hating...At all. He even called it good.

  46. Puff,TheMagic

    - Shhh, just enjoy the song ;)

  47. universalsailor

    You cared enough to reply. Ha ha.

  48. Puff,TheMagic

    Nobody cares. This video won. Get over it. Spread your hate elsewhere.

  49. makensi999

    pense que se referia a la ereccion

  50. Leigh T.

    The point is, why come here to crap on someone else's work instead of elling the other guy he did a good job?

  51. hentaimona1

    let's see some of your production work. curious as to your skill set, leigh. got a link?

  52. universalsailor

    Actually, I have absolutely no connection. Just twenty years working in the arts with a film editing background and my own sense of what looks and feels right. I tell you, I'd give this guy a job tomorrow, but he probably doesn't want to move to London.

  53. Leigh T.

    Idunno. That one was just a dude running. This had production quality and more stuff going on. I understand wanting to defend your friend, but c'mon.

  54. David Tawater

    I wonder if the deer was scarred after that encounter.....or would that be BEFORE the encounter. I am still in a fog trying to figure that one out.

  55. Hako Calamity

    Smashing and LCD monitor just isn't the same.

  56. Michie Momo

    Seriosuuly,i never see someone swim backward

  57. Double-Oh-Four

    I used to have that same exact PC monitor. I have no idea where I got it, but it was the best monitor I owned until I got a widescreen flatpanel... It's gone now.

  58. 99Chemicals

    +100 points for awesome!

  59. insideyourspine

    careful dude, lyme disease....

  60. Noortle

    I've never seen someone swim backwards, or spit out a beverage backwards, or unbutton their shirt backward. THIS VIDEO WINS!

  61. Leigh T.

    Stupider things have been the last straw.


    True. For instance, that time when someone took the last straw...

  62. Mother Joan Hazy

    This is so perfect.

  63. Timothy Domingo

    All that because someone else got the last doughnut?

  64. vauxidoxy

    This is what usually happens when a employee wins a million dollars unexpectedly.

  65. itsben

    he's gonna fuck that deer

  66. Matthew Corry

    This video is actually about the most talented backwards-runner the world has ever seen. His name is Johnny.

  67. trolltacular1

    The Man might not be able to keep Johnny down, but if doesn't put something on in those woods, hypothermia sure will.

  68. No1twelshy

    He is soooooooo happy. Everyone should be naked.

  69. Ian Holzman

    Are you kidding me?


    Yes. You. Specifically.

  70. Feliciano Frontado


    Hank Green clone gets splashed

  71. Jon Smith

    Anyone else notice that it says 'buy pine box on itunes"?

  72. Matthew Corry

    Where does the jacket come from?????


    Probably off the rack at somewhere like Men's Warehouse.

  73. Nytemehr

    An inspiring video of how a man went from complete poverty to prestige as all thanks to a man on a motorcycle who gave him a ride to the city, at first uncivilized, the man quickly learned how to help people out of their troubles, finding a broken monitor outside on the sidewalk, he quickly fixes it and enters the building, because of his skills he's hired and is given an office in disrepair which he replaces the objects within to their original state. He sighs contentedly in his new job.

  74. A Daedra's Best Friend


  75. thewhippetbeans

    they might be giants are the reason the whippet beans exist! :) eleventeen hats off to every tmbg fan around the world. we are the enlightened few :)

  76. Joshua Grebler

    Well, too bad. He's keeping them.

  77. bland_gravy

    MOHIT! I love it, and you got props from one of my heroes, goddamn. Good job, dude.

  78. universalsailor

    Good, but the blue head guy animation by AKAcronny is way better.

    Philippa Denney

    universalsailor uI

  79. Jean Hoehn

    I loe TMBG and this is one of the best videos for their songs I seen in a long time. Very well made and a lot of fun to watch


    I think that's the intended second meaning of the song, or it was only me that giggled for it?

  81. Strategy Central

    At school,stupid people call my penis 'johnny'.This is why I love this song so much.

  82. ProfessorThumbtack

    Something like that

  83. Tasha T

    why not?

  84. John B

    This guy doesn't have it that bad, he has an office...

  85. SkywalkerAni

    This video is simultaneously bizarre and awesome. And I love it.

  86. Sophia Chandler

    I know the kids who made this! This is so impressive, I LOVE it! It's a very sweet video in a way, the ending gave me a twinge of sadness for some reason.

  87. odinata

    Really one of the most brilliant, stimulating, and rewarding music videos ever made.
    Study it.
    See what I mean.

  88. ProfessorThumbtack

    Now go find something useful to do with your time

  89. thetillman45

    As opposed to how the song changed your life figuratively?

  90. evan thesquirrel

    The straw that breaks the camel's back


    Coupons are the only part of the paper I read.

  92. ProfessorThumbtack

    This song changed my life, literally.

  93. djphil5150

    There a sense of sweetness and innocence in this. I like it very much.

  94. djphil5150

    Makes me think of "Hello, myname is Earl." I like it.Great song, melody, beat.

  95. Jera Jekyll

    Fantastic song and a great video. Going two ways - a guy breaking free from his job shackles or a ginger kid growing up having fun until he gets a boring job with mean colleagues. Depends on your point of view. One of the perfect songs.

  96. Charlie Wildey

    this is probably one of my favorite music videos ever.

  97. prikosnoveni

    Can't keep away from can't keep Johnny down!

  98. Cirkumvent

    I have to agree with John Hodgman, this is HYPNOTIC and AMAZING. Plus, the actor's expressions are just priceless in slow-mo

  99. wc10k

    everybody loves donuts