They Might Be Giants - Bastard Wants To Hit Me Lyrics

He says he knows me
But I don't know that guy
He's waving at me
But he looks kind of mad

Some crazy bastard wants to hit me
He's waving me over so he can hit me
But I don't know that guy
But I'm not going over there
Some crazy bastard wants to hit me

How have we come to this pass?
How can I get to my car?
Climb in, turn the ignition
Pull onto the highway
Where I am free

Some crazy bastard wants to hit me
He's waving me over so he can hit me
And who the hell is he?
I can't believe this is happening
That crazy bastard wants to hit me

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They Might Be Giants Bastard Wants To Hit Me Comments
  1. Vulpine Carl2005

    I felt damned when someone punched me! Lol

  2. Luke Holle

    WOW! Great Job!

  3. MegaAzornumbers09

    lAIKA????? :0!!!!!!!!

  4. Eudevie

    one of my micspam choices for Medieval mode.

  5. wolftamer9

    A while after the video for Ghost by Mystery Skulls came out, I realized it reminded me of this video. That moment where the skeleton shows its pompadour and the Shaggy expy freaks out, it feels just like when the guy shows his scars in this video and the other guy freaks out.

  6. Benjamin Crabbe

    218 is the area code for the Duluth MN area, it was tagged on the wall behind the 'crazy bastard' just wanted to point it out.

  7. anthony luetmer

    Laika should do 2D animation films.

  8. Reynolds Smith

    Laika came a long way

  9. Nick Cariglio

    this happened to me at school once lol XD

  10. Turcotte Computers

    I don't know about the "organ donor" theory. I thought the guy being pursued represents one of the band members and he was being chased by a crazed fan -- a crazed fan who cut himself at some point in time as a psychotic display of loyalty to the band.

  11. James Mowery

    So far, I believe this is the *only* TMBG song in which the singing is full autotune. (And thank for that. Such semi-traditionalists should know better.)
    Aside from that, I find the animation and art style very inspiring.


    If you seriously believe that, you have no idea how music works, which is strange. What sounds good, works good. It doesn't matter. Also, auto-tune is just the modern, more technological (and less analog) equivalent of a talk box or vocoder.

    Only analog purists would deride electronic tools and filters. If, in the case that you happen to be an analog purist, why are you here? I wouldn't call TMBG "traditionalists" in this sense. They use electronic tools, filters and programs all the time.

    Marceline 1000000

    They're just using a vocoder to give the vocals a tinny, radio-esque effect. It ain't autotune my man.


    @Marceline 1000000 it is certainly autotune — listen to it snap to those exact pitches in the chorus!

    Dark Arts Dabbler

    It's great in this song, people like you are annoying


    Dog Walker uses Autotune

  12. lordsardonicvids

    @EmileBea1 #3.2 How many times have I been in this situation.  Don't make me say.  Look up lyrics if U can!


    @lordsardonicvids Lol! Your so funny! I don't let anyone in my room either ! Guess they'll need a wrecking ball!


    they'll need a crane
    they'll need a crane
    to knock my door in and
    get in my room
    it's gonna take
    the door to break
    a splintered mess is what
    they'll have to clean... up....

    YES it IS sung to the tune!
    Yeah i'm a poet and don't  knowit
    and.........  no one ELSE should
    know it either. Heaven help them if they do.


    @lordsardonicvids  OMG we just TMI on each other!   LOL!  I have been packing away.  I was suppose to move to SC  This past April.!   Close almost  call.  !  Now have spent the last 2 wks undoing that packing.   If it had worked out  we would of had to build an addition & we already had plans to do just that.  He owns his own business in Contracting.  Well  hope he is happy with his choices.  We are still friends prob now only in memory!    I am doing ok being my  awesome self!  You know me best. ya know?  shhh  LOL.  TooToot


    I don't know what a TMI is.

    Moving is always a pain in the... yes it is count yourself lucky.

    Well,  since i gave up being the "awesome self",  guess it's yours!  Have fun with the upkeep !

    I hurt too damned much today i can't even take pills or i'll run out.  Times like this i go for "alternates",  which may or may not result in my incarceration.  facts of life...?... remember "Tootie"?  me neither.


    @lordsardonicvids TMI  To Much Information!
    You are Awesome Hun!   Sorry your in so much pain. Careful on the alternates ya know!

    Hope your AC in doing its job.FINALLY!

  13. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    When I first heard this on the album - way back in 2004 or so when my girl and I were going to Six Flags Great America and this track came up on the CD during the drive - we were both highly amused and immediately determined that it was the best song on the (all too short) disc. I like the video but to me this will always be a song about a guy at a party somewhere who notices another partygoer with a crazed look in his eye. "I'm not going over there. How did it come to this pass? How do I get out of here and get to my car"? Lol I dunno, I'm just more amused at the idea that this scene of potential violence is waiting to unfold at some pleasant little get-together.

  14. yoko gloomy

    Poor crazy bastard his just wanted to be friendly

  15. Jakeline Lopez

    I was so surprised that tmbg made these kinds of songs i thought they only made kid songs lol


    @Jakeline Lopez To me a comment like that is just a cool confirmation of how diverse the band is. TMBG used to be a college radio alt-rock staple years and years ago (and may still be). I myself began listening to them in 1993 with "Flood", arguably their best album, but no one I talked to had ever heard of them. But now they're Grammy winners for children's albums and the theme song to Malcolm in the Middle, they've done tracks for movies and tv shows, they make all kinds of appearances at bookstores and festivals, they've played for Letterman and Conan a hundred times, they regularly give away free songs on the internet, and they've released something like twenty albums. They're everywhere, just so subtly that a lot of people don't realize it! :)

  16. polygone two

    I've never noticed until now, but you can hear when the guy jumps on the chain link fence and when the sewer lid opens and closese, as well as other various background noises of the animation. The attention to detail is amazing.

  17. Gary Mayonaisse

    That punch woulda sent his head flying back into the car, for sure a knockout punch right there

  18. iTurbo

    I love the sound effects they added to the video to go along with the animation.

  19. Michael Welsh

    I look at this animation and all I can think of is Ed Edd n Eddy. The wacky animation, the wiggly outlines, it totally looks like a slightly more refined version of Ed Edd n Eddy's art style!

    timmy adams

    holy shit i thought i was the only one! :O


    @Michael Welsh It looks like Dan Vs. and Ed Edd N Eddy combined.

    Adam El Akkad

    @Michael Welsh I think so too!

  20. Shreya Ray

    The lyrics though... xD

  21. Reiko1231000

    animation is great, song itself is pretty meh, 

    Dark Arts Dabbler

    Fuck y'all

  22. Kennedy640

    looks like the gorrilaz

    this accounts dead go to my new one scouticlepyro

    Irk might be inmates by the same person

    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    oh well, whatta ya gonna do ..


    You mean Murdoc?

  23. Ben David

    Im guessing this is not an official video lol. I always thought this song had a gloomy dark-purple tone to it. I thought it would be more of just a guy across the street waving at him instead of chasing him, because the song says "I'm not going over there"


    i think it is an official vid. Not sure where they were at the time but i know that Laika is a studio that is putting out movies and such so i would think that they wouldnt make a fan vid on a whim. Since then they have made movies like paranorman and coraline. Tmbg even did record songs for the coraline soundtrack but all but the other father song werent used due to the fact they werent creepy enough.

    polygone two

    They chose a different animation for the official one, this one's way better really though.

  24. NicholasBellic

    You know that there's actually conjecture that the two characters in this video are Double D and Ed from Ed Edd n' Eddy after growing up and moving away from each other. They meet again, Edd doesn't recognize Ed, hilarity ensues.

    Bob Frankenstein

    Wouldn't the show have been called 'Ed n Edd' then?

    Adam El Akkad

    @NicholasBellic That'd be pretty sad though, having them separate and Ed hitting Double D... though I totally think you might be right but I doubt They Might be Giants had that in mind


    Edd was a bit taller, this seems more like Ed and Eddy.

  25. Jolee Arnold

    one of my favourite pieces of animation ever, and a great song too!

  26. ZyxthePest

    And then, out of nowhere...


  27. Velvet Scarlatina

    that guy got fucked up

  28. kyrakyramyra

    Wait, Laika? Like... stopmotion animation Coraline & Paranorman Laika? Couldn't be one of their early things, could it?


    It is! And it's awesome!

  29. shego1142

    Actually, I've tried to expand on it and have a fan fiction based off of it.Double D goes off to college and the guys keep in contact through email and visits.Then he suddenly stops emailing them. In response they move up to where he was supposed to be in college to find that he wasn't in the dorm he said he was. The story comes in where the music video ends. The 'short' guy (I think he's only short in comparison to Ed) had been in a car wreck and had amnesia.
    It's called blueberry coffee

  30. trappedjesus432

    Dude either doesnt remember or doesnt know him. I mean the guys obviously terrified of him and tries to run away. That should be a given sign.

  31. lucky path

    i think that bad guy is hes friend before that he taught its dead,so hes old friend saw him but his too paranoid and scared to remember that its his friend

  32. monomono7

    Please see the title.

  33. Likeidontgiveacrap

    What's this video about?...

  34. Arisanime

    As a kid I always forgot the name of songs or called then something different. I called this one but I don't know that guy lol

  35. Mooneymanjason

    I just think the ideas funny, if you read the mass guess there was an explanation on how it could have happened, but it would have made mire sense if a pebble fell into the big guys shoe

  36. zeldaed123

    Personally, I don't believe this theory. For starters, it would be impossible for Double D to forget Ed. Also, Ed wouldn't respond in the way the crazy guy did. Plus, it would make more sense for it to be Eddy as the short guy. It still wouldn't make the theory believable though for the same reason of Double D being the shory guy. Ed having a scar from one of the scams on the other hand I can believe.

  37. Mooneymanjason

    Bulls eye

  38. zeldaed123

    Wild Mass Guess, right?

  39. Mooneymanjason

    the short guy is double D and the big one is ed from ed edd and eddy,

  40. ObjSolid

    It's so cool that this is the same studio that made Paranorman and Caroline! great 2D and great Stopmotion!

  41. xxLikeABoss01xx

    Love This <3

  42. Epikossumnis

    LOL Is that guy Korin from MechQuest?! xD

  43. Mr_Warmonger

    I can relate this but they didn't want to hit. They all say I look like some one they knew it gets kinda of annoying after a while.

  44. Phreezing Point

    Because hes a crazy bastard

  45. dracondrako

    I wonder how many internet celebrities have felt this way.

  46. tregitsdown

    Why does he put on a paper bag?

  47. GalvatronG1

    Might be a distant future where the Ed's move away and forgot each other except Double D, who see's Eddy. Double D works out to keep himself from being hurt and become tougher which is why eddy doesnt recognize him, The Scar could of been from a scam gone wrong

  48. HyozanRegis

    Why didn't he duck if the hook was that straight?

  49. Ciaran Coyle

    Make a little birdh-- wait, wtf?

  50. ungodlypoptart

    its actually a true story, this happened to, john linnel(i think)

  51. jesushkahen

    He should've bought a key with an unlock button...

  52. DJ Kattastrophic

    deadmau5 - Careless
    deadmau5 - Sleeping Beauty Pills

  53. Laurence O'Connor

    thats a great way to put it

  54. Shane Robertson

    ya man. every song has a morale. there's no way this song could just be a talented joke.

  55. Samuel Quinn Morris

    ah my god, this kid. This is not what I'm on Youtube to do. Sorry for turning this into an argument, man. Enjoy the song.

  56. ChristoCasual

    The Joker/Batman conflict in a nutshell....
    as told by Joker

  57. Samuel Quinn Morris

    Sir, sir, stand down or I shall have to call security if you do not chill out. It's just a song. I don't want an argument. Just... let it go.

  58. Samuel Quinn Morris

    very true, very true. But absurdness and logic can coexist in this instance, I think.

  59. Samuel Quinn Morris

    well yeah, but only if it makes sense to. This song is quite literally about a bastard who wants to hit me. Well, not me personally, but... well. You understand.

  60. Samuel Quinn Morris

    @austrailianpirate um? You might be over-analyzing this, man.

  61. DJClubAmerica1

    @ItsJustMarty kinda lol

  62. DJClubAmerica1

    @ItsJustMarty i had never heard about that. holy shit that just makes this video really sad :(

  63. TVindustries5000

    @pikawesomeness it rarely happens but its mostly played for laughs when its used haha

  64. Jo_Tunn

    this guy is a dick, he deserves to be hit.

  65. The Bow Tie

    @sprayboy666 i bet this happened to double d at one point

  66. Justin Foschia

    @JMein13074 actually lost by avenged sevenfold has some awesome use of autotune, but the difference is thy can actually sing

  67. HaniiPuppy

    @ValkyrieSniper They're built into the player. You can't block them without blocking the video itself.

  68. The Fullmetal Crafter

    omg i thought this band wasnt for cursing

  69. tredlow

    Still Alive and Want You Gone by Jonathan Coulton.

  70. Doodley

    @BlackChipmunkParade You're correct, actually. Laika does a lot of animation and stop motion, and is apparently best friends with TMBG, given that they almost did the soundtrack for Coraline.

  71. HaniiPuppy

    Death to 30+second adverts with no skip button <.<

  72. Tamsin Parker Art

    FanTAStic animation!

  73. Jasper Collins

    Was he his siamese twin?

  74. Jasper Collins

    Anybody know other animations made by these artists? Not TMBG, the people who created the animation.

  75. juniorbove

    i think these are the same guys who made those songs for disney?

  76. shego1142

    @thedarklordx I've wrote a fanfiction about it now, so if you want to see the other explanations I have for the rage scene go to (fanfiction . net) and go to search and type in shego1142 u should find a story by me.. click on my name.. click on blueberry coffee.. lol, I've got soooo many explanations and ideas revolving around this!!!!!!!!!!

  77. thedarklordx

    @shego1142 exactly! your right, well now the theory is up for debate again

  78. shego1142

    @thedarklordx I like the theory, and somehow I think if it was ed he might have just remembered that it was his turn to jump on his head... ;) (one+one=ed) ... .. besides we really don't see the ending.. The 'Double D' we see here might have imagined him hitting him when might have hugged him or something.. oh well.. I like the theory anyway!

  79. thedarklordx

    @JMein13074 except for everything by t-pain

  80. thedarklordx

    some theorize that this is about edd and ed(yes from that awesome cartoon ed edd n eddy) meeting as adults, but others say that ed wouldnt get pissed and attack him like he did

  81. fuduzan5562

    This should be the theme song for EVE Online. Some crazy bastard always wants to kill you there. <3

  82. Adam Owens

    You know...there is a chance that the guy was legitimately a crazy bastard. In fact, I'd have to say he was. No one other than a crazy bastard would've punched a guy for not recognizing you. Sure, Smalls was paranoid, but that legitimately was one crazy bastard.

  83. Waasiq

    What it is, is that the smaller guy got an organ transplant from the bigger one. Smalls doesn't recognize Bigs and starts to run away. When they get to the fence, Bigs realizes that Smalls simply doesn't remember. At 1:07 you can see him say "it's me! Look" or something along those lines. He shows him the scar, but Smalls is just too paranoid and runs without thinking. Bigs gets pissed at that point and actually want to hurt him 'cause he's mentally hurt.

    Deep and amazing message.

  84. UltraRobbie

    I think this is what it's about:

    I think the guy with long hair may have been in an accident or something involving the smaller guy, hence the stitches on the long haired guy's body. The long haired guy says hello to the smaller guy, but the smaller guy has possibly forgotten who he is and thinks he's just a random guy on the street. He judges him by his looks and runs away from him. I'm not sure about the ending where the long haired guy punches him, maybe it's out of anger or hurt?

    phillip borders

    UltraRobbie ... both is better

  85. Blissy McC

    @blissyMcc Edd-0:04 sorry for the wrong no.

  86. Blissy McC

    Isn't that cool?

  87. Lita Jones

    @crazykid503 xD i thought he was just being random lol

  88. Shmoop Boop

    i love it. especially the cats at the beginning x3
    and also the chorus!

  89. Shmoop Boop

    @LazybutLazy101 so no one would recognize him when he punches the other guy.

  90. Apocaskybanzz

    I bet he hit him cuz the guy was paranoid about him tryign to be firendly

  91. Lita Jones

    whyd he put a paper bag on himself O.O

  92. Simone Jaroslaw


  93. JMein13074

    The Only Good Auto Tune Song In All Existence.


    Thank you.

  94. Jamin Crabtree

    Oh, the animation is so beautiful! I love it! <3\

  95. David Schneider

    I believe this is all about the advantages to having a remote door unlock fob.

  96. Gaspar the Lucid


  97. Aptosis666

    The Crazy guy in the video DOES seem crazy. You get a sense that the 'crazy guy' is a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character. One minute he's smiling. The next he'll go for you.

  98. revengefrommars

    @jhassig45 Yeah, that worked really well for me in middle school - NOT!