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They Might Be Giants Ampersand Comments
  1. iris li

    reminds me of you and me by tally hall shdjfkhdjklgf

  2. dzcool3 dzcool3

    Ok so what if a mashup of this and and by tally hall


    it's just you, ampersand me

  3. Josiah Jones

    This song is song is soooooooooooooooooo relaxing

  4. John Anderson

    You, understand me ... love song, 21st century kind.

  5. CM Miramar

    Giants fan since 89, maybe I would have to read the lyrics but after 1 listen, it sounded like I had something on from the early 70's,

  6. Gusted

    that ringing noise sounds like my alexa going off when i set an alarm on it, help. great song though, punctuation is pretty awesome.

  7. rawhamburgerjoe

    This is so fucking good it makes me want to fall in love again, just so I can share it with someone.

  8. Jason aka stinky

    who is the one dislike
    salty that they are alone? :<

  9. John Holton

    A love song for punctuation nerds... I love it!

  10. Avner Licea

    Dot dot dot

  11. Everett Gladden

    *You & I

    Acey J. Nikkel

    Not in the context used in the song!

  12. Rennie Brat Roan

    It's a love song


    And by far their most upbeat one

  13. lincoln pepper

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!

  14. MrTayloreh

    Almost doesn't sound like Flans singing!

  15. Criggelations

    This song was so good it almost put me into a comma.

    Team Cyborg

    Were you on your period? (I'm sorry)


    This one is a sweet/cute little tune. :3

  17. BojoPigeon

    u & me c'mon ........
    u & me ! !

  18. Numenor's King

    They Might Be Giants lyrics sound like a musical Markov Chain.
    (that I love)

  19. Let It Be Known

    When it comes to Johns, you can't go wrong with Flansburgh and Linnell

    Let It Be Known

    @Corey Messick Did my reply go through?

    Let It Be Known

    @Corey Messick I'm asking because it was saying Read all 7 replies and there should have been 8

    Corey Messick

    Let It Be Known Here? I guess not. I didn’t see a new one. 🥺 Try emailing me?

    Let It Be Known

    @Corey Messick Before i do that,please go to the Ampersand video and you should be able to read it. If not, please let me know and I'll email you

    Corey Messick

    Let It Be Known 😕 Better just email me please 😅😜

  20. Dyonus

    This is yet another one that is new, but feels like listening to a classic TMBG song. I love it!

  21. Return OSF

    I'm getting a real Lightning Seeds vibe from this

  22. Nutmegg

    no words are able to explain how g o o d this is

  23. Symar


  24. The Grow Monster

    Awesome job. Soooo good

  25. Finn Kenyon

    It has been a while since I have been deeply addicted to a new TMBG song, this song is great.

  26. RedHandRecords

    This is a true Flansburgh gem. I can't even begin to describe how much I love it.

  27. jacksobrooks

    I like this.

  28. Zachary Juhn

    I almost cried listening to this song. It so good!

  29. Dan Lewis

    I love you semicolon

  30. MagicTurtle643

    I love this.

  31. RhymesWithEmpty

    Why do I feel like TMBG having a song titled Ampersand was long overdue? Great tune, Flansy!

  32. Automaton

    I like this. Wonder if you'd have called it "&" if that Tally Hall song didn't exist.


    Yeah lol. Also, another Tally Hall fan! Yay!

    Fine the Human

    Ampersand sounds much better so I doubt it haha


    ooh this song actually reminds me of tally hall's "you & me" :'D

  33. FreedomDaveX

    I've been waiting all year for the "dot dot dot dot dot" song.



    Mister Apple

    Wait, how did you know there was one before?

  34. Love DicedTomatoes

    Super catchy

  35. JJMortris

    The rare happy -sounding TMBG song without depressing lyrics. I like it!

  36. Nx Doyle

    Lovely, Flansy.

  37. Molybdenum Rose

    getting some slight steam powered giraffe vibes


    Steam Powered Giraffe is getting some They Might Be Giants vibes


    Steam Powered Giraffe is getting some They Might Be Giants vibes

  38. Mister Apple

    I love this & everything that you folks make.

  39. Carson McKinnon Films

    THIS IS BLOODY BRILLIANT. THAT INTRO GUITAR THING! I WANT MORE OF IT! (This better be on My Murdered Remains!!!)

  40. sammy's tank

    Their best lyrics in a while

  41. Liam Jones

    Really like this mellow rhythm

  42. Ruben Gomez

    Wow This One Is Terrific

  43. amryan71

    Those guitars are so Go-Betweensy. How lovely

  44. Corey Messick

    "I've never heard of a relationship being affected by a punctuation!" -Seinfeld

  45. dave idmarx

    All the punctuation is making my head spin...

  46. LoquaciousLaners42

    Testy Big Name Thigh?! Is that the best official name? 😅🤔

  47. LoquaciousLaners42

    Wait, ampersand is &, right? Not ellipses... right? This song made even more confused than I already was!


    Yes. the chorus can written as "You & Me C'mon!....... You & Me!!"

  48. cerealbowl


  49. Bruce Norman Smith

    nice chill vibe love it

  50. James Fancy

    This song makes me feel so warm and cozy, I like the word choice, the rhythm, and ampersands are awesome as well!

  51. Frank Riding

    This song makes me feel so happy, comfortable, warm and fuzzy, I love it so much.

  52. Mr.Pat

    The ampersand is a rare creature.

    Tristan Smith

    Gives Ralsei a hug

  53. Corey Messick

    Dot dot dot Wednesday morning night is shot with TMBG's ecstasy exclamation point Dial A Song gun full of sapphire bullets of pure love!!!

  54. Ed Bain

    FUCKING love you guys

    Corey Messick

    Ed Bain Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.

  55. Trevar

    I love it

  56. Paxil

    i’m glad i never know what day it is, because these videos are always a surprise

  57. CodeNameJaz

    I still don't know how to properly write an ampersand

    Andrew Fullerton

    CodeNameJaz the trick is to try to write "Et" and get extremely lazy and sloppy! Or just draw a box and say that the readers mind simply can't render a font that fantastic. Either works, really.


    Just draw a slash through an 8 and erase a chuck out of one side

  58. Jared Nolastname

    Tell your friends!

  59. Nightshade

    I'm ready

    xboxer ray

    Still ready?

  60. Stella Octangula

    Hey fuckers

    Jared Nolastname

    Who am I?

    Stella Octangula

    Jared Nolastname ur on amino

    Jared Nolastname

    Oh. Yeah. Which one?

    Stella Octangula

    Jared Nolastname Music, tmbg, and the one I own, which is the Neil Cicierega amino

    Corey Messick

    Pastel Pigicorn Keep calling people that and karma will make sure you can’t ever cuss again.

  61. Return OSF

    I want it... but I can't listen to it until the morning...

  62. Aidan Brooks

    cool i'm here early! love you guys!
    (i want to kiss you both haha)

  63. flipside1000

    New tmbg!!!!!


    ...& ❤️

  64. Nightshade

    So ready Bois