They Might Be Giants - 3rd Amendment Lyrics

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They Might Be Giants 3rd Amendment Comments
  1. Daniel Aloi

    It's (retitled?) 3rd Amendment for the Radiolab series! Stories and songs about the 27 amendments. jeez.

  2. Corey Messick

    I thought this song was called Thankful For Your Service.


    Corey Messick it has an alt title for this special concept album

  3. Chris C.

    The synths sound goooddd...

  4. Katharine B

    Nice! This would fit in well with this years’ Dial-a-Songs

    Jeremy Nickurak

    Ding ding.

    Corey Messick

    Kay Smith It's there, I thought this was called Thankful For Your Service.

    Katharine B

    Corey Messick It is! I posted that comment just before it came out on Dial-a-Song

    Corey Messick

    Kay Smith Gotcha! Eagerly awaiting every Wednesday at midnight this year! I wonder why it's called 3rd Amendment here. My favorite band!

  5. Don Eisenbarth

    This is the best song ever written about a world in which the 3rd Amendment doesn’t exist.

    Corey Messick

    Don Eisenbarth Another reason this is my favorite band on this nuthouse of the Galaxy.