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These Kids Wear Crowns Break It Up Comments
  1. David Mu

    Canadian boy band pop song, just like CD9 or a bit of 1D.

  2. David Mu

    1D Best Song Ever

  3. mawiah1177

    9 years later and this version is still the best. Better than the music video version they used a bit too much autotune there when they should have just used this version. A+ nostalgia achieved

  4. David Mu

    Hm, I don't remember that there were only five members the first time they just started.

  5. Jaden Knox

    This was lit af in 5th grade 😂😂😂


    Damn right it was, now in college and I still listen to them a little here and there.

  6. Jess P

    omg memories

  7. musik70

    best version of this track

  8. David Mu

    Their singing sucks in this song. This song sucks too!

  9. Gabby Sell

    I'm the only person who got sent here from Degrassi?

    Aree Clarke

    Nope I was too

    Veronica Smith

    Clare & Eli ❤

  10. David Mu

    This band sounds and looks like Metro station pop rock band from California.

  11. David Mu

    This song sucks!!!!

  12. MLPextremelover

    It's a personal preference i guess :p

  13. aamk4

    I understand, but less is more XD

  14. MLPextremelover

    The bike is a metaphor the training wheels and the color all have deeper meanings.

  15. aamk4

    The beginning is kind of cheesy; use less description about the bike ....

  16. ariebby

    best song in the world .

  17. sky

    i don't

  18. jess c

    Wooohoo you guys were the best at the food fest in Welland !!!!! -3

  19. LuvinJesusynot

    great performance at the Niagara Food Fest...Welland rocks!

  20. bon bon- chan

    gotta love that leaf blower!!

  21. Katie Beth

    I like the other version better. :/

  22. Alfiee Coltranee

    Of course Canada's cool ;9 Us Canadians are average, but there are also many awesome musicians that come from Canada like Hedley, TKWC, Marianas Trench, Lights, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Drake, and more <3 But that's just Canada, there are amazing musicians all over the world!

  23. assasindude17

    Guy in the bottom right looks high.

    David Mu

    The guy in the middle looks mdeium, which is really suitable.

  24. Grace

    Met Alex and Alan yesterday :D they were so nice!! I love them so much!!

    David Mu

    They are nice as gold.

  25. Karina Ballinas

    Brings back memories from freshman yr :[

  26. NotSo Grump

    i can't even comprehend how people enjoy this
    they can't sing and the song itself is terrible
    listen to some real music plz

    David Mu

    I think their singing is fine, it's just their music is terrible.

  27. NotSo Grump

    oh jeez, this is absolutley terrible

  28. Emma Bear

    when, where..? :D

  29. Kyra Moreau

    lol, when i saw them play this live they messed up singing this, and then Alexander like did the cutest smile ever after. great song, i love it and i love them <3

  30. DeathToAllSubGenres


  31. Miriam Rijken

    aw cool i remember previews of them playing there on much with another band. I can't remember though if it was a compition where someone wins or just a band thing. I always wanted to watch but didn't. But I really like These Kids Wear Crowns

  32. Miriam Rijken

    How did they get famous?

  33. Bam Brenda

    And people say nothing good comes from canada..... brb I have to make a PHONE call... oh now I'm just being mean :(

  34. ricianviolin

    I love this song!!!

  35. Lwin May Khine

    ugh bands i love never come to hong kong!

  36. Gillian R

    @lindsay146fa went to that concert last night!! it was fucking amazing

  37. Ashley Javier


  38. Nathan Brown

    my radio station advertised this song as "fresh new music" and i come on here to see it was uploaded in 2009... fail

  39. Melodie van Wyk

    @Mr2494Ad hahaha australia is similar but id say lower crime rate just generally different feel about it though, haha, and yes we drive on the left side of the road, naturally ;)

  40. Melodie van Wyk

    @XxKcookiez29 wooooh OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE OI OI OI!!! :P

  41. jr5000pwp

    @AngeliaAnimatronic Yes, but most of us don't live in the northern parts :D

  42. Justin Cunningham

    Im just having fun playing with my moose eating bacon and maple syrup :P

  43. Skillz Productions

    Love this Track when I heard it on 2DAY, and it's few years old, I love it :)

  44. Todd Robertson

    Chilliwack rep.

  45. Kelly Vo


  46. 93ILoveMUSIK

    @anna112828 If you are counting guns as a proportion to the population we Canadians actually have a lot of guns too we just don't shoot each other with em (often). haha

  47. Katie Beth

    the version on the music video is a 100 times better!

  48. Connor Gorman

    i wish this was on the u.s' itunes!!

  49. punkkidd666

    ilike these guys...their pretty intense :D

  50. Matt Patterson

    canada is chill everyone loves canadians

  51. Matt Patterson

    @carsonm300 trollolol soo true

  52. Daniel Manibert

    Break Break Break it up Shake Shake Shake it up

  53. Andrew ward

    like this fi you're seeing them at soundwave 2012 :)

  54. Wim Mulder

    Lived in both Canada and Australia and overall both are awesome! Each country has its pros and cons, won't find beaches like in Australia in Canada, and you won't find ski resorts like Whistler in Australia.
    I'm from Chilliwack so tbh the scenery here a bit nicer, but I like the Australian climate better (I hate the cold).
    Either way you can't go wrong!

  55. Ash Fudge

    Canada beats the hell outta US, no doubt

  56. HopeAndHoney

    like am i seriously seeing a youtube comment fight about us vs canada vs australia. They're all cool k? I live in the US and it's pretty awesome, Canada is one of my favorite places ever and I've never been to Australia but it seems cool and I have no idea if thees any resemblance between australia and canada like people are saying but you know whatever. Now let's all listen to the music.

  57. Bradley M

    @jessienoo10 Go read the Lyrics instead of crying about my post then?

  58. krazykhrisya

    @kezzkezzkezz3 Nickelback is Canadian too, dipshit.

  59. DeathToAllSubGenres

    Alex hit himself in the face last night with the mic. It was funny because they had a big conversation about it on stage.

  60. Paige MacIntosh

    im going to see them tonight

  61. Bradley M

    Break it up
    Shake it up
    We know,
    We know you all too well

  62. kezzkezzkezz3

    ohhh there from canada.... il just habve to find another band to like nickleback will do for now

  63. star7girl

    @mizzganstalicious hahha you know it!! bieber is a talented young man and ppl need to stop hating.

  64. kiera mari

    @popularprincess Hater:"I hate Justin Beiber."...."I hate Justin Beaver."..."I hate Justin Biber."
    Me: "Oh cool cool as long as youu don't hate Justin Bieber. ILY JUSTIN ,BELIEBER 4 EVA!! :D

  65. Archonize

    Canada > america.

  66. Jenna Foreshew

    swaw them open for fefe dobson in sudbury!!!! amazing gonna see them again soon!!! :)

  67. Bradley Bonk


  68. Stephen Mitchell

    Saw them in Oshawa as openers for hedley, they were great !

  69. Nathan Chung

    Don't you notice Canada has the most famous people in the world . (:

  70. Nathan Chung

    @tumeketation Canada AND Australia are more awesome naturally (;

  71. Mark Gilmour

    I saw them live at UWO, they are wayyy better live :)

  72. Jesse Burns

    @Reg1Nathan canada is awesome! i am proud to live in canada
    the us is fucked, europe isnt doin that good,japan is sinking china has 1000000000000 people
    basically the worlds fucked! except for canada we have free health care!

  73. ricki williams

    this song is okay just a bit werid

  74. aznxboy23

    @popularprincess *Bieber

  75. Destiny Dempster

    i don't even remember how i found out about this band but this is by far my favorite song. :DD

  76. BirdBobbyG

    i cant listen too this for more than 3 seconds at a time , drop your balls or something sing like a real fucking singer

  77. Alanna B

    after mcmaster tonight .. i love you these kids wear crowns... <3 THANKS FOR COMIINNNG

  78. Sunpool

    My mom met them when she was their cashier at walmart :P

  79. Sophia Hayes


  80. Monkeygirl554

    @Reg1Nathan yeah canda rocks!

  81. Danni Diana Vlogs


  82. Mitch Jeffs

    australia is amazing

  83. petefure

    Just saying this Canada is AMAZING not saying this because I live in Canada but still

  84. Kevin Mercado

    i love kangaroo and australians

  85. MultiRocker64

    @iLoveTwilight16love wait justine beiber good ? u crazy

  86. Hannah Nothard

    i want a big yellow bike !!

  87. LlamaKrys

    @guitarboy1x1 100th liker muahaha :D and tru datt

  88. OffroadFreak

    @bwilliamsxo u fucking suck.. no one hates their own country....

  89. Andrew Dean

    @twiauOfficial agreed mate :D

  90. basedajager

    Am I to break it up??

  91. Finnyjim A


  92. TheFuckosaurus

    I think i'll stick with Big L....

  93. Jessica Taylor Denielle

    I'm seeing them TONIGHT:D

  94. Erica Giunto

    yessssss. they're canadian? i'm so proud :')

  95. Kassandra Dallaire-Fausse

    84 people are amricans.

  96. Ibrahim islander

    whats the drummers name?

  97. MegaKiller1020

    @iLoveTwilight16love hey FUCK YOU IDIOT YOUR JUST A LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT TRYING TO SAY BIEBER IS THE BEST. U are the only one who likes bieber on this video ok so screw u

  98. MegaKiller1020

    @SecretAgent197 hey guess what i got a message for you. FUCK YOU BUDDY FUCK YOU!!

  99. krissyisstdich

    CANADA <3 ! :D

  100. assassins944

    ok this song is immencely mindblowing!! if you dont like and suscribe no one is going to "SAVE YOUR DAY"!! :P