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  1. Sushi Pack FTW Mega Babies FTL

    Noise rock, Alternative metal, Grunge, Industrial metal, Post-hardcore, Industrial rock, Alternative rock,
    Hard rock

  2. James Clarke

    Can only find a live version of this album on Spotify for some reason? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Any ideas why that is?

  3. iwontigers

  4. Lou Shark

    Oh hell yeah, I remember them playing in McGonagles! Awesome band!

  5. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    That drum groove is identical to the loop they use in Jimmy Eat World's "Lucky Denver Mint"

  6. himselfwastaken

    they were so good..

  7. dmcresins

    Listening to it again after all these years, it's got a real 'Sheep on Drugs' feel to it:)


    Still have this on original vinyl and one of my favourite albums of all time. Fyfes drumming on this was a league above of the era.

  9. shmupperfromhell

    Time to die.

  10. Bansidhe

    Reminiscent of What Time Is Love? by KLF.
    Great track.


    Yes! It's like 'what time is love' got it on with 'Sheep on Drugs:)

  11. Adam Power

    Such a strange and brilliant band, love Therapy?

  12. Melvins Fanatic '79

    Big Black anyone?

  13. Dan Quinn

    No one knows the trouble .... hey free them! (or Freedom?) Fuckn Fuck - I still love their shit


    Nice. Like.

  15. Drengi

    No bones about it one animal of a track

  16. joeyxl3456

    needs a niece remix. great track.

    Big Dave

    Your niece or my niece?

  17. nic max

    großartig (magnificant) pick up that tele again Andi

  18. petrolpumps

    WAKE UP ....time to die

  19. horrorbusiness78

    love the - mothefucker! @ 3:13. one of the best songs ever

  20. bpotts0401

    You'll be dying, I'll be smiling just you wait and see