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Theory Of A Deadman Panic Room Comments
  1. I_Am _Alive_Inside

    I don't like this style of music but... I love this song

  2. LilBebop Gaming

    Who else here cuz they saw the alucard vs. rip Van Winkle AMV

  3. winter the wolf girl

    I love this song

  4. Cadence Olbrich

    i glad their songs are going back to what they used to be!

  5. Jake Llavore

    *WWE HELL IN A CELL 2014*

  6. aNdroid

    Whenever I talk of Panic Room, ppl always assume it's the one sung by Au/Ra and not this masterpiece. Sad.

  7. Josh Johnson

    WWE Hell In A Cell 2014

  8. Victorbrine Cassini Act 2

    Theory of a Deadman - Panic Room > AU/RA - Panic Room

  9. Katy Kats

    Still loving this song in 2019 🎶

  10. Julisa Beahart

    *What is WWE?*

  11. Blue Jay Animations XD

    But is this copyrighted?

  12. alex king

    Love the song

  13. EnDmEn

    Привет из Украины)

  14. Fox Tales

    *thinks it's panic room the calm song. Has air pods all the way up* me: FUCK FUCK FUCK

  15. haran sugahfoot sanders

    0:00 did I just respawn?

  16. skb2108

    This song would be perfect for a hotbox!

  17. Dim Pap

    Gloomy but catchy track!  🎸  🎵

  18. Delsey sama

    I very late but wwe

  19. Delsey sama

    Welcome to the panic room

  20. Jose Bravo

    Sounds kinda teenage mutant Ninja turtles the old one

  21. MCR68136

    nightcore brought me here

  22. 카샤니스ᄏ

    Welcome to the Panic room!

  23. suzanne greenhalgh

    And I live in astrala

  24. suzanne greenhalgh

    I love this song I'm 11

  25. Nicholas Ehrhart

    Nikki vs brie

  26. Liam Worbey

    Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose inside Hell in a Cell

  27. Luis Hernández

    this song is about HELL IN A CELL 2014

  28. XoTic_ EdiTz

    Sounds like skillet welcome to the freak show

  29. AlphaBanjaxedBanshee

    1:05 invisible man spiderman reference

  30. Kiera Kroeger

    I think this is better then the bitch came back!

    Dark Magician

    Bitch came back is better

  31. Elizabeth Brankin

    I love this song! I actually danced to this 2 years ago!

  32. andro gamer

    gooooddddd superrrrrr

  33. chat blanck forever super psicho love

    Omg the music is super beatiful!

  34. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on theory

  35. Nema Imena

    I'm so sad to say that I can fully relate to this damn song. :(

  36. 12.12.17 10.61

    Sunday, April, 15,2018

  37. jose Luis Arredondo

    This is the theme song of WWE Hell in a Cell of the year 2014

    Dark Magician

    It's also a fucking song that people made probably before that

  38. Melissa Leslie

    This explains how my head feels daily 😐😣😭

  39. Twdailey1990

    Best song by Theory of a deadman!

  40. Joe Death

    If Five Nights at Freddy's makes a movie they need this song

  41. Xjooker1

    I don't usually like this kind of music, but this one is cool.

  42. Christian Candelario Romero

    Wwe is fake all of you shut up

    Mediocre Productions

    Christian Candelario Romero So are movies and most TV shows.

    Pierce Abbitt

    Christian Candelario Romero people are fake bub

    Dark Magician

    @Mediocre Productions everyone knows that but a lot of people think WWE is real

    Mediocre Productions

    BORKDRIVE ACTIBATED nope. The vast majority don’t.

  43. Brandon Rader

    I love this band

  44. Roxie Paine

    i need a fuckin panic room at home xD

  45. Bonnie Byrd

    I love the song so Minh I love you and wala I'm tiling lisinig to the song

    Pierce Abbitt

    Did you have a stroke writing this comment

    Dark Magician

    @Bonnie Byrd shit you predicted the comment the other guy made

  46. Brady Howell

    My life 😠😠😠

  47. Dangerous Dominic

    a perfect five nights at Freddy's

  48. Mr. WWE

    Before the IWC turned on Dean Ambrose

  49. ブラウンブラウン

    love this

  50. Ricardo Milos

    Ambrose vs Rollins!!!!

  51. Manjot

    my friend told me to listen to this shut therefore this is shit


    but I kinda like it
    plz dont flame me

    Pierce Abbitt

    Why do people contradict themselves so much

  52. Ana Jeffers

    best song ever me and my friends love it we sing it all the time

  53. John Sourvelis

    When he says "welcome to the panic room" it reminds me of the 2003 tmnt theme

  54. Realitty

    Best Hell in a Cell ever 2014 and music :)

  55. jose Luis Arredondo

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

  56. hami yıldırım

    45 dislikes in the panic room

  57. Renne Lucifer

    6th Annual WWE Hell in a Cell | October 26, 2014 | American Airlines Center | Dallas, Texas
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro - Two-out-of-three falls match for the Intercontinental Championship
    Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella - Losing competitor becomes the winner's personal assistant for 1 full month - If refused, the competitor is ejected from the roster
    Gold and Stardust vs. The Usos for the Tag Team Championship
    John Cena vs. Randy Orton | Hell in a Cell match - Winner becomes #1 contender for the WWE World Championship
    Sheamus vs. The Miz for the United States Championship
    Rusev vs. Big Show
    AJ Lee vs. Paige for the Divas Championship
    Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose - Hell in a Cell match

  58. Scott Webb

    heavy shit ya riught sounds more like mushroom head quranty

  59. Felipe Uzeda

    1:28 Best

  60. Felipe Uzeda

    hell in a cell 2014 this song

  61. Kimberly Whitney Perez

    That Boy Loooks like my Son

    Bradders 1001

    Kimberly Whitney Perez the back of his head yeh

  62. Muffin 33

    Polska przejmuje ta piosenke


    Muffin 33 Tak XD

    Not A Saint Maria

    Jasne że tak

    der das

    Taa, przejmijmy wszystkie fajne piosenki bo sami nie mamy nic lepszego :/ Ale to głupie

    abcderfg aabvderfg



    Hell In A Cell 2014 😍👌

  64. Twdailey1990

    Hell in a Cell 2014 Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

    Ricardo Milos

    Twdailey1990 I miss that rivalry

  65. cheesesteak killer 1997

    tht moment a downy commercial ruins everything

  66. Jiffy Jaf


  67. Ankit Shaw

    hell in a cell 2014?? -anyone

  68. Rocker Loquendero

    hiac 2014

  69. TheAero1221

    I love this at 1.1x or 1.2x speed.

    Talyn has time

    +TheAero1221 Yeah it sounds cooler sped up!

  70. Irma Garcia Madera

    Realy Cool

  71. RL Jakovasaur

    Paaannnic pannnnniiiiiiiiic!

  72. lil cube

    love this song!😝

  73. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

  74. Str8Cynical

    Whenever I hear this song it makes me think of a mental asylum. xD fuckin' love it though.

    Michael Beck

    +SilverSideUp907 Yeah, I really can see the video for this being Tyler in a straight jacket bouncing around a padded room.

  75. Edward Richtofen

    love this song

  76. miguel villar


  77. Jake

    Welcome to the panic room, it's my dark place is Awesome lyrics!

  78. Kristofer Carter

    this song is about hell in the cell 2014

    Kristofer Carter

    Is OK song

    Grady Flagg

    @Kristofer Carter yea the song is good but WWE ruined it

    Neh Pipo

    +Phantom FyreStarter Nah

    Grady Flagg

    whatever my opinion

    iiEnderGirl Gamer

    lol same

  79. oDemonic

    My Cat says hi

  80. Vajper

    Welcome to the panic room!!! ♡
    Podrawiam typowe wwe :D

  81. Eladio Rojas

    This has a amazing beat especially with beats on!!👍

  82. Eladio Rojas

    I'm not a kind of rock guy but this song is awesome

  83. Jack Wilson


  84. Erin Jinks

    this song was made to be played live

  85. fatalab

    just found this band  an i wanna go to the panic room ...i know... where have i been?

  86. Dominick Muston

    I can wait for tonight my band is playing this song

  87. Justine Mcgraw

    *hides from the wwe fans*

    raichu ftw

    XD im dead

    Dead Account

    You can't hide

    Hunter Blacc

    i mean welcome to the room


    You can't.

  88. vladikdracula

    Love this song! Its like a soundtrack to Suffering The Game

  89. Pyrotechnik Friends Zlocha

    panic house very good

  90. tyler gamble

    wwe rocks bro your just mad cause noone likes you :P

  91. dux devil

    song crazy as fuck


    esta cancion me recuerda a dean ambrose

  93. Thefaceoftheword crook and flail

    Every panic room  entrance exit globally under cunstruction will be sealed off with an invisible and invinsible wall or door not one will be left unnoticed. 

  94. Jai .W.

    WWE Hell in a Cell anyone?

  95. Sodanic

    All of this well happen to me

  96. Elliot Law


  97. Broken Brother Louis


  98. Unknown Artist

    Thank you WWE, not only for giving us a great Hell in a Cell ppv, but for introducing me to a great band.