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Theory Of A Deadman Out Of My Head Comments
  1. MiketheYung God

    She's really pretty. Why would you want to?

  2. Zóra Vágvölgyi

    This sounds like a nickelback song

  3. James Bruffell

    I heard hate my life on the radio and loved it, then I bought scars and souvenirs on cd and followed this band ever since, I have seen them live 4 times and they just keep getting better. Videos are awesome one of the most under rated bands ever, keep rocking guys cos it’s music for the people:

  4. legalize homicide

    Nope. You guys have some good songs but I'm gonna head out

  5. Dakuterooty

    Such a Guilty Pleasure of mine! :D

  6. Anna Kecskeméti

    “Küldöm ezt a számot egy lánynak,aki tudom,hogy ott van köztetek...

  7. Eszti Báling

    #Márk #Nagymárk #nagymárk #márk #márker #márkerek #márkervagyok #Márxi #Berk #LeinerLaura #Leinerlaura #leinerlaura #bexi #Bexi #poprocksztárleszek #utáljukgerit

  8. Jozef Jurek

    Love this song !!!!!!

  9. Mark The Dark

    I actually think that is Tyler's wife Christine in the video. I do not know but yeah.

  10. Eszter Kovacs

    Márker szív,
    Márker lélek,
    Márker leszek
    Amíg élek!!! #márker🤩🤗🥰

  11. Xeg Jhake

    I almost forgot this song, but immediately sing along with it after hit play. . .

  12. Pedro's Randomness

    Agnes Olech, what a breathtaking being. I love how this video was shot, normal speed, time lapse, random outfits and locations, diffetent facial expressions, simple yet amazing.

  13. maelane huet

    #affts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Mária Hunyadiné Miklai

    Úgy látom nem csak én vagyok #márker. Előtte nem is ismertem a számot, de azóta nagyon szeretem.

  15. Rita Horváth


  16. David Rorke

    Who’s not speaking Hungarian in 2019?

  17. Annamari Mezei

    Csak én hallgatom amikor újra olvasom a Valaholt és ott tartok amikor Nagy Márk fellépett a Zala napokon és ezt énekelte .?

  18. Dorina

    Miért nem lepődök meg azon, hogy a komment szekcióban hemzsegnek a Márkerek? 🤪❤️ Leiner Laura mindig megszerettet velünk valami jó zenét

  19. The Dirt Diggler

    who here 2019???

  20. Dan Feliciano

    Como pode ser tão perfeita <3

  21. Viki Erdélyi


  22. Set Qesu

    She is cute, but her hair style needs to catch up to this century.

  23. Winchester Lilla

    Uranisten csak magyar kommenteket látok ez olyan hidegrázós😍😍A daltól is ráz a hideg pedig be vagyok takarózva isteneeem😍😂
    #márker #szeretjükazírónőnket #márrégolvastambexit #hiányziik

  24. เกม เมธา

    2019 ? 8th years

  25. Poo Marick

    Hey Beavis - check it out ! She is the hottest chick I have ever seen.......come to Butthead !!!!!!!!!!

  26. AudibleVisible

    This band sucks so fucking bad. Id rather shoot myself in the head then listen to 5 minutes of this shallow, watered down, sell out horse shit. Disgusting

    Michael Joiner


  27. Spiderd Essenburgh

    I dedicate this to a special person they just don't know it how do I go aboutit

  28. Electric Zap9

    So basically the happier and brighter version of Kylie Minogue‘ “can’t get you out of my head”

  29. Steve Clark

    Where did the English speaking people go?

  30. Anik Gypsy

    If a concoction of happiness, contentment, and peace existed as a person, Agnes Olech is definitely that person. She's so beautiful and soothing. Just looking at this video makes me relax ❤

  31. zsofi ‘h

    Márkerek megszálták a chatet❤️

  32. Aaron Atherton

    Non fidarti di nessuno che brucerai all inferno! D Italia! Stallone Italiano!

  33. rebeka jsjs

    Nagy Márk 😍

  34. Joshua Godsey

    Who’s the model in the video

  35. Isaiah Milde

    Help! I’m lost in a sea of foreigners!

  36. Odett Giczi


  37. Mouloud Bourai

    2019 !!! I singed this song to my gf now she's my wife

  38. Luca Kalina

    Jézus ha a banda megnézi 😂😂

  39. Jazmin Melhem

    Ki az aki csak a Bexi miatt van itt?😂😍

  40. Neolush

    Just Márk

  41. Sarolta Szakály


  42. Alexandra M

    Wasn't there a "Yeah, maybe" in the background after the line "way you kissed?" I remember it used to be there and it wasn't here. Is that only in the album/radio version?

  43. Zsófi Papp

    Rengeteg Márker van itt. Egyszerűen jó látni! Én még annyit fűznék hozzá: #MARKCSINTAS

  44. nyuszika801

    Hát.. Nem a kevés a Márker

  45. Eszti pikachu


  46. Josh Garrett

    These comments need to be translated

  47. Benjamin Jan Bódis

    Én vagyok az egyetlen Magyar, aki nem Leiner Laura, hanem a banda miatt talált rá erre a számra? 😁 #ilovetheoryofdeadman

  48. K. Heni

    2019-es márkerek valahol?😁❤

    Boglárka Móricz

    Itt vagyok😍😍😍❤❤

  49. Boglárka Móricz


  50. mafadubu95


  51. a-aron

    This......every damn sorry i let you go autumn...

  52. Đặng Danh

    1 thời để nhớ

  53. MyLittleWorld 2

    So beautiful song 😍

  54. Kami László

    #márker #ilovemárk😍😍

  55. Fistbumpbros

    Who's the girl? Been Googling that shit for ages.

  56. Hope Hope

    Any English comment ?

  57. Emma Vikker

    MÁRKER szív,
    MÁRKER lélek,
    MÁRKER leszek amíg élek😊😍😂

  58. Emma Vikker


  59. Mrucz Nation

    Richard & Lexi ❤

  60. Luccidyy

    My brother just killed himself😭😭 this was his favorite song💔😭

  61. Siron

    Ну и херли сюда венгры набежали?)

  62. Andrew Kraus

    I want to forget her so bad...why can’t I?She hurt me me so bad.Yet I forgive her....she-she just hurt me so bad

  63. Terrible Certainty

    Great band, and very gifted...but he seems to have womens issues lol. Maybe a narsist 😍

  64. Andrew Kraus

    Am i the only person speaking English here?! wtf XDXD

  65. Szenyorita Lili Ámbár

    Nagyon hiányzik a bexi-sorozat és persze a tökéletes Nagy Márk is😍😍😍😍

  66. Revertino Tse

    She's Dropped Dead Gorgeous 😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤

  67. YurioNice -


  68. Rafaella Ra

    imádom ezt a dalt!

  69. That Video Editor Guy

    i mean damn give her a chair 😂 she been standing there for 2 hours

  70. zSNAX lastTAP

    Ive only seen one English comment

  71. Maribel Gultia Guarte

    Flash back memories... 😍 😍😭

  72. Mira Barócsi

    Még egy #márker !💙
    This is a series of books that are over, but we really love it and it was Becky's ringtone and Mark got this number for the finals!
    I'm sorry my english is not perfect!😅

  73. CRenee Ramirez

    Wow anyone speak English here lol! Anyway love this song.

  74. Charles Kennedy


  75. Nóra Hajdu

    #márker #forever #szeretjükazírónőnket

  76. Matthew Mines

    Why the hell we dont hear these guys getting played on the radio but they play shit that dont make any god damn sence it pisses me off nah lets just play nickleback fucking cunts

    Steve Cottone

    1. Put on the right station, I hear them often. 2. Nickeback has a lot of meanful songs, sucks people hate them so much.

  77. Jaylan Lyons

    Does anyone else hear, I cant get you out of my head, garden hose ive tried? Or is it just me?

  78. Alex Kryuk

    Why is everything in Orcish?

  79. Jake

    The feels. Truly a beautiful song

  80. King Kold

    I can't get you out of my head
    God knows I've tried
    But I just can't forget
    Those crazy nights
    And all the things that we did
    I can't get you out of my head
    Maybe it was the way you talked
    Maybe it was the way you laughed
    Well, I don't know just what it is
    But I know I want you back
    I can't get you out of my head
    God knows I've tried
    But I just can't forget
    Those crazy nights
    And all the things that we did
    I can't get you out of my head
    Maybe it was the way you smiled
    Maybe it was the way you kissed
    Well, I don't know just what it is
    But I know want this to last
    I can't get you out of my head
    God knows I've tried
    But I just can't forget
    Those crazy nights
    And all the things that we did
    I can't get you out of my head
    I keep trying to sleep
    But I'm lying awake
    I'm thinking about the love I fuelled away
    But I won't let me go and I need you to know
    That I, I, I, I
    Can't get you out of my head
    I can't get you out of my head
    God knows I've tried
    But I just can't forget
    You're my whole life
    I never had it this bad
    I can't get you out of my head
    Out of my head
    Oh I can't get you out of my head
    Oh I

  81. Duilio Pintagro

    Fantastica canzone, bellissima bionda! Fantastic song, beautiful blonde!

  82. Kookie's Wife

    Márker szív, Márker lélek, Márker leszek amíg élek!!! 😍❤️💕

    WOW mennyi márker!

  83. Karina Pàlfi


  84. Prajesh Dey

    Gotta love this band! A better-than-Nickelback of Nickelback, I must add.

    I've also covered this on my channel, hope I've managed to do some sort of Justice to it.

  85. Schmidt Nikolett

    "Küldöm ezt a számot egy lánynak, aki tudom, hogy ott van köztetek....igen, ott van lent....Valahol"

  86. Natasa Nyevzgogyin


  87. fastcougar3200

    Let me guess. This chick has been jailed for murder too...

  88. CLuv

    Look at that, all you have to do is just show a pretty girl

  89. Warren Baumgardner

    Love this song (and group) but everytime I hear this makes me think of the person who shattered me. Cry every time

  90. Jozsi Toth

    #márkerforever 😍😍😍

  91. Harry

    Unbeatably pretty :-)

  92. Jorge Molina Marcia

    My 18 months baby is in love with this video, I dont know if it is because of the music or the blondie there

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  94. Eszter Makrai


  95. Eszter Makrai


  96. Gae Shows

    Kylie Minogue's version is better!

  97. Allen Soda

    When a song speaks to you on every level possible

  98. Blanka Bolgár

    Márker szív
    Márker lélek
    Márker leszek amíg élek!!!❤😍

  99. Good Selfiee :3

    Ez kurva szar:(

    Kookie's Wife

    Good Selfiee :3 A márkereknek nem az. Én imádom ezt a számot. ❤️ Mivel jó magam is márker vagyok, és az is leszek. Örökre...