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Theory Of A Deadman Not Meant To Be Comments
  1. The Hideous Duo


  2. Harry Cox

    I can't stand this band. They have such an un original sound

  3. This is Sammie Sue's World

    2020 Me to my husband.

  4. Driven Not Hidden

    2020 anyone?

  5. nick barnes

    Is that young Lisa Ann?

  6. Jonathan Burch

    Its never enough is it

  7. Selena Santos

    I wish him and I could fix things.
    This song came up and honestly it hurts my heart..
    Why did he have to see that so late.. and now he wants to "change"..
    Is it worth the hurt

  8. Kelsey Rodarte

    2020 ANYBODY??
    going through it!

  9. Shanon Michigan

    💞💞 👍😁👍 💞💞

  10. DJakie The First one

    Cooment in ,2020🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. cswace62 Wilson

    After many my blown yrs& experiences..When all else fails.. Theory Of a Budman🍻 never does😆

  12. bevy bear


    OH Shit wrong song

    ohh shitt wrong group

  13. Anthony Groenewold

    WHO is still listen in 2020 😄👌

  14. Isnan Nugraha

    Love this song after Transformers

  15. Sara Silva

    I love Tyler VOICE so much. 🤩😻❤️🙏

  16. Dee Dub Bee


  17. Behike 064

    Who's watching?

  18. Cody M.

    Canadian rock bands sound a bit like American country rock bands. These guys are underrated and really strong. Light version of Breaking Benjamin.

  19. Priscilla Dewoody

    If you happen to scroll through these comments looking at all the break up posts, here's something a little different. I was in a toxic relationship for 4 yrs. He cheated, left, got married after 3 months. That went south for him, karmas a bitch. But I think I've met the man I'm going to marry 2 yrs later. He's the best thing that could've ever happened to me. You may not see it now, but sometimes it's not meant to be and the best thing/person is just around the corner.

  20. Bethany O

    This song hits different when you're at your crushes house and you're mad at him and he specifically starts playing this song

  21. fabianspec,exe

    Nice... 8 years later i'm back to this song... but at least now i know that this feeling is not here to stay.
    Stay strong out there its only temporary!

  22. Christopher Gray

    Who’s still watching in December 2019?

    Анет Тихоня

    31 декабря 2019 года. С наступающим новым годом!!!)))

    Dave Keith

    Still rocking this shit out in 2020 💯💯💪💪

  23. Sara Silva

    Theory ❤️❤️❤️

  24. mike Del Vecchio

    I wish I could relate, but my pain is different... still such a good song after all these years, and nonetheless will always be there for me to listen when I’m feeling down.


    I've known this song for a long time but I had no idea it was these guys

  26. marty mcfly

    Married for ten years and together for 15 years then everything fell apart

    C Counahan

    Damn bro.. That's gotta be rough

  27. bevy bear

    I listened to WAIT FOR ME
    I knew knew this would be waiting on my feed 🙂

  28. caleb cox

    i am and i agree with this song mean to me that its not meant to be

  29. Rickey Engle

    no your lover,,are

  30. The Black Hood

    I would say that this is the most known song from Theory of a Deadman and the only one that I actually run into at shopping malls. Man do I feel old that this is 11 years old now... Scars & Souvenirs is undoubtedly the crowning point in their career.

  31. Doug Winegar

    The story of my life


    I always hear this at Wal-Mart lmao Great song, though. I never heard this song back then, but it does have that nostalgic sound.

  33. CarrieShellie M Warner

    I'm soooo bout 2 CRYIN this song; this song brings back memories😭😪😢💔...
    U just had 2 hit me right n the feelings & current situations my life... I've always taken this song 2 b bout NOT the ultimate FAILURE of a different relationship, But the point of No return... Where it could go one way OR the other, & after that, there's no turning back either way... The True last chance...

    Becoming Godsize

    Go eat fatty

  34. ClaptonFan91

    I'm pretty disappointed they changed their name and don't make music like this anymore

    Becoming Godsize

    No they didn't

  35. George Upham

    It's amazing how I told my wife this is us. Ten years later, she has kept up her game and were still together. She knew I was more than she deserved at that time.

  36. Lynneh Lynn

    Love this song

  37. Ryan Blackston

    2008 2009

  38. Madison Weston

    OCTOBER 2019 ?!?!?!?!?!

  39. a fruitsnack

    When y’all released this song I was trying to find the courage to leave my abusive ex, and I did, eventually. In my mind I have always credited this song in helping me do it.

    We were riding in the car one day and it came on the radio. I thought for sure he was gonna say something to me about me always being mad (funny isn’t it, in that way a sucker punch is funny), but he didn’t. And I think that helped create the initial distance I needed to find my resolve. In six months it will be ten years since I kicked him out, and just...thank you 💕

  40. lassun itum

    Oct.21 2019 whos with me ?

  41. smangko

    Oh. Another Nickelback.

  42. Sam Jones

    Tell me where an a second chance

  43. Brandi Cline

    My relationship with my girlfriend is barely hang by a thread. She has been fucked over so bad by everyone shes dated and ive only ever wanted to show her the beautiful side of the world rather than the ugly, but its like she pushes me away and i can only allow her to push and pull so far before i eventually have to let go and then we both fall... Its a sad tging when a woman dont know her worth... Shes absolutely my beautiful disaster. I love u coralynn.

  44. Wayde Smith

    Very great song exspecially when you get the girl that you love pregnant before she tells you that she loves you but is not in love with you crazy how things work

  45. Caesarome ID

    Over one bad trip. She left. All of the good memories just fading away because of one mistake. That means she never liked me in the first place... I'm just a rebound... sorry, internet. I just want to pour my feelings away. Life is not fair? Maybe... maybe we're just not meant to be.

  46. Technologic

    can't relate, 25 and forever alone

  47. Terry anders

    Just came from their concert in dothan al they were so amazing this song they jammed so hard it's now tattooed in my head

  48. Lisa Southwell

    I love these guys! I hung out with them at a concert a while back. I love Tyler. So now it's getting me thru a 20 yr marriage that's broken.

  49. Alan Smithy

    Just got out of a 3 year toxic relationship. This song NAILED IT

  50. Jesamé Joy Sandalamo

    This takes me back to Highschool days!

  51. Xavier Mouser

    Great Song Thanks Kase for sharing this..

  52. Lacy Spicer

    This song came out when my marriage was falling apart. I'd ball my eyes out everytime I heard it but I loved it! I can now listen to it without any tears, thank god! I absolutely love this band. Great in concert too! Huge crush on Tyler!!!

  53. Edie Beacon

    Song about fat dominate white girls

  54. Amaryx

    I'm getting Wal-Mart Radio flashbacks

  55. mikeyp8044

    Nobody wins when everyone's losing... well i mean someone has to win 😆 this song's so gay. 😁😆

  56. Damaris Valdez

    Anyone can interpret this song and compare it to a relationship, but I resonate with it because it reminds me of the Toxic relationship I have with my Mother. I’ve spent all my life trying to please her but I’m never enough for her. I’m turning 24 soon and I believe it’s time to do something for myself , I will always be thankful for having a mother but i wish she would understand that i was meant for so much more than what she thinks of me.

  57. Honda CivicLX

    2010. My relationship with my ex gf was starting to deteriorate, this song got me through my darkest times after it was all over.

  58. Melissa Hamilton

    Do people listen to theory of a deadman?

  59. ImFalcon2000

    Amazing SOOOOONNNGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Rebekah Baumgardner

    Play this on My death bed.

  61. Bryan Chipps

    Anyone here in 2019 still full of regret and pain from love lost?...

  62. Flynn Taylor

    Although i stuck them in my 90s playlist because the lead sounds a LOT like chad from nickelback, i just heard this in some mall i a very dig it, beautiful ballad. But he def have that nickel influence, even the beat pace sounds similiar to them just listen to so far away. Regardless, i like it💟 a lot of bands in here and now were affected by these styles in the early to mid 90s. The ear def had major reaches and can still be felt today😎😊

  63. Dale Pritchett

    Bring back your older sound from gasoline and scars and souvenirs

  64. Clarisa Vidrio

    This song is awesome love it

  65. Jason Tindall

    I’m the only one here in August 2019 🦗🦗🦗

  66. I Got Horses In My Back

    I was 14 when this greatness was released. I’m now 24 and I still haven’t accomplished shit with my life😔

  67. Kerry Morton

    Nickel pull loose control pocket scrunge sponge

  68. Adrin

    This will forever be one of the worst songs to listen to when you’re heartbroken, I remember a time when I was broken beyond belief from a relationship, this song had me contemplating ngl.

  69. TheLauramj39

    The last 5 years of my marriage

  70. Sarah Kathleen

    Does anyone know when they will be near the Houston TX area again or in Texas

  71. Caitlin Walker

    For u km

  72. Maimouna Ye

    2019 still can't over this song

  73. Brandin Paavo

    The moment you think you found the one person who could change a lot in your life and realize it’s not meant to be and fuck it up bad

  74. country life

    I've been thru slot in my life then I found the girl of my dreams I didn't everything I could too help her but IG I wasn't enough but I still lover 💔😢

  75. The Memester

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  76. The rock and roll hellion

    Actually love this song....

  77. flamenskall !-0

    Was this the style of rock music video in 08 and 09 because "i will not bow" has almost the same background and feel to it

  78. Marcos Garcia

    2019 anyone?

  79. xpaganix huayra

    This guy is like a breaking Benjamin and crossfade mixed together in one

  80. Micheal Sloan

    My fuckin life

  81. JezuS Gaming TV

    This song really hit me so bad. Who still listen to these Aug 2019?

  82. Erika Fridadixa

    Idk why this song really reminds me to SteveBucky ending in Endgame😢

  83. Naomi Fletcher

    Just seen Theory lastnight at our music festival. They did this song as a special request! They were amazing!!

  84. David Donnell

    Chad Kroger discovered these guys

  85. Stephen Cavuoti

    Can’t change your mind!

  86. Joshua Martin

    2019 yeah yeah

  87. Neil Maclaughlin

    what a tune

  88. shella adzany

    2019 anyone? :(

  89. Betty Smith

    this song fits my first marriage perfectly.. it ended in 07 after 10 years. I didn't discover TOADM until last year..

  90. Harely Davidson

    What can you do when ya done all you can

  91. Drifting angel

    I knew this song would mean something to me one day I love this ❤️

  92. matt #sun

    The intro is so good

  93. Mister SIR

    maybe not

  94. Ayme Del Rio

    I can’t give you what you want and it’s killing me 😭🙌🏻🖤

  95. Raquel CB

    This song reminds me of an old and dark time 😓