Theory Of A Deadman - Hurricane Lyrics

I should have known these walls would cave in
I should have never left my heart there on the line
'Cause when the shit hit the fan
All we ever had ended up lost in the fire

And now nothing's saved,
Nothing's gained
Was it all in vain?
'Cause I'm standing in the eye of the storm
And everything I've known
Is blowin' away (blowin' away)

I'm caught in a hurricane
I'm leaving here dead or alive
And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain
If it got me to the other side
'Cause I only hurt
Yeah, I can feel it hurt

Remember how we were, we really were
Before this disaster came and tore us apart
It was the two of us, that was enough
The two of us, so in love

'Til the wind of lies,
The rain of cries,
Lightning strikes
And now we're standing in the eye of the storm
And everything is gone,
Nothing remains (I'm blowing away)

I'm caught in a hurricane
I'm leaving here dead or alive
And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain
If it got me to the other side
'Cause I only hurt
Yeah, I can feel it hurt

I never thought it would end
I'll never understand
How we let it end
Like this

I'm caught in a hurricane
I'm leaving here dead or alive
And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain
If it got me to the other side
'Cause I only hurt
Yeah I can feel it hurt

(blowing away)
(blowing away)

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Theory Of A Deadman Hurricane Comments
  1. Omaroiid _

    Still good

  2. Ash ash

    What part of ill never change to what you want dont you get i allow you to assume ill change. the end!

  3. Tre Jones

    I just ran across this song and i love it

  4. Patti Weeks

    i love all your songs hope to see yous in Ottawa

  5. Jacob Easton

    Im not even overexaggerating.

  6. Ash ash

    My fathers a hurricane I see good in this, I cant be around others that do the tornado stuff, there good people just set a negative vibe for me. Tornados need to be ahead of me hurricanes on the side of me an thunderstorms are right behind me, that's how things stay calm in life. All 3 play a major role in society for me.

  7. Ash ash

    No DNR fired!

  8. Kenneth Maloney

    There is no thunder in a hurricane...

  9. Ken Ramsay


  10. Rahman Ditto

    2019 endyear?

  11. Small Box

    First Time was just now!yhanks

  12. Small Box

    Stellar time with the best friends ever in our lives we can!It has touched heavenly

  13. Heywood Jablowme

    Typical skanked out tatted up angry std carrier- no thanks MGTOW

  14. Elizabeth Turbett

    Love their music but I am putting a thumbs down because I am f-ing sick off people thinking slutty women sell their videos or movies. It also makes me sick how women degrade themselves to that level and it's making all young girls think they have dress and act slutty just get threw life.

    Elizabeth Turbett

    And if you notice comments below alot of people are mainly or only talking about the bitch in the video.. Yo guys and girls there is way more to a person then their looks! ... but hey that's what the world is filled with anymore are shallow and fake people... no offense everyone!

    Final Flame Productions

    You're just jealous and your comment is the only thing that's shameful.

  15. Jessie Brandenburg

    Hurt hurricane great song love this one

  16. Alicia Boker

    Love this song ❤️

  17. Patrick Wilson

    One of the greatest songs ever! Also one of the reasons so many people love this song is the part that comes in at 2:44 is really close to an instrumental used in the movie the crow its from the part where the little girl is walking around in Eric and Shelly's apartment about half way through the movie. The melody kind of sticks with you when you hear it and when I heard Hurricane I was like thats just like that cool melody from the Crow. If you ever thought something about the song sounds familiar thats it :)

  18. Cadence Olbrich

    this song was my favorite when I was five. They are still my favorite band!

  19. Shayla Teague

    i love this song rock on

  20. Joel Burns

    Deadman rock

  21. gogogadgetabby

    So crazy to watch this now with this crazy bitch who murdered that dude.

  22. Larry Smith

    Ever said Words You Didn't Mean/Join the Club.

  23. Larry Smith

    Such a Cool Lady.LOL.

  24. Larry Smith

    You Ain't Nothing unless Yu Cause a Rift.

  25. Laura Mac Lean Gray


  26. CheckMate 44

    Great Song

  27. Lavender Moon


  28. JBSCAR

    Just another LEACH on #roadrunnerrecords

  29. Larry Smith

    Whatcha Mean us Canadians Swear?LOL.

  30. Larry Smith

    Love this Lady and of Course The Band.

  31. How others see me

    I want her name right NOW.

    Keoki G

    Hey look a new comment

    cuong nguyen

    Sarah Jane Posthumus FIY, but she a real killer with a pretty face in real life, so no thank you :|

  32. Larry Smith

    Head to Head------------------LARRY>

  33. Larry Smith

    Your ON Your Own.

  34. Larry Smith

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  35. Larry Smith

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  38. Larry Smith

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  39. Pokey Joe

    M leaving here dead or alive but I'll always b with u beautiful! 💐💐

  40. Alpha Plug


  41. Ana Moreno

    what’s this girls insta?😍

  42. Larry Smith

    Hollywood and Your Barbie Dolls-----------FUK off and Get REAL.----------------LARRY.

  43. Larry Smith

    Us Canadians ARe STRONG------------Time we Got RESPECT>


    Big Wreck is the best bad out of Canada! Love em! :)

  44. Jordan Hays

    i remember finding this song a few days before me and my ex fiance and i loved it but then we split and this was four years ago as well still hits home when i here it just the words alone mean so many things there a good band ust brings so many memories up

  45. Larry Smith

    To Fuk with Genertions every Country around OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET IS A DEATH SENTENCE.----------------SIGNED BY JOHN LAWRENCE SMITH.

  46. Larry Smith

    Power generated by You--------------My friends.

  47. Larry Smith

    Video Sent From Canada---------------SHE is Awesome.

  48. Larry Smith

    Ahhhh.Beautiful Cool Woman before Work.Makes My Day and Puts a Smile on My Face.LOL.

  49. Larry Smith

    Love to Take Her to A Bar and Watch her Kick the Shit out of an Asshole.I'd Sit and Laugh my Fuken Head off.My Kind of Girlfriend.Go Girl.Bye Guy.LOL.

  50. Larry Smith

    Same Lady Is In The Lansdowne One Shot Video.She is Sexy Beautiful and Cool.She'll Add to Any Video.LoveThis Song.

  51. Chris Porter

    Garbage band garbage song garbage video. The 41000 people who thumbs up this video are either fucking their cousin in a barn or.............being fucked by their a barn.

  52. Larry Smith

    Use Your Ears---------------------LISTEN>

  53. Edward Urbanec

    She looks like a B*tch, probably a hurricane living with her!

  54. zack2366

    i thought this was nickelback

    Wolf Link

    same, when i first heard it, then i asked my Echo Dot who it was, and she say Theory of a Deadman.

  55. Larry Smith

    We Are Canadian.

  56. Larry Smith

    She is Breathtaking.

  57. V M


  58. MissPikklz

    This woman looks like she could play Sita in The Last Vampire/Thirst series 😍

  59. Yumi Shigeru

    Damn...that brings me back to my angsty teenage years :')
    Good memories...

  60. Larry Smith


  61. Spiderd Essenburgh

    Awesome song why is theory not coming to Michigan WTF tyler

  62. Raven Whitechapel

    I vote this one of the worst songs ever written I guess they thought when they put shit hit the fan in it all the heavy metal people would say yeah boy let's Rock let's Rock... Awe, no

  63. David Davis

    The girl in the video is freaking hot

  64. Gerin X

    Right So the women isn’t part of the band? Okay. She’s attractive.

  65. Kevin Williams


  66. martin alcock

    girl your titts are awsome..

  67. Nel A

    This song is so underrated!

  68. Kassie Rosenbalm

    i love the deadmen songs

  69. EvoV98

    I knew this was about a breakup the first I heard it and during my divorce I looked it up, sure enough Tyler wrote it during his divorce. Perfectly described how I felt during my divorce and currently.

  70. iDontEatAss69 F.U

    who's the bitch? name please

  71. Dark Bluu

    No👏body 👏 cares 👏 what 👏 you 👏 think👏 a👏bout👏 the👏 girl👏 so 👏s👏t👏f👏u

  72. Mitchell Groen

    My perfect tattooed girl

  73. Jay Rappa

    Don’t be sad, I’ll embrace you baby girl. Kiss?

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  75. BetUdontSubscribeToMe

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    Kalisha Laborde

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  76. Tom Swink

    Good song

  77. Denise Culley

    This song definitely reminds me of my life fo sho!! 😕

  78. Scott Ervin

    Is it just me but does some of the music sound like it’s from the movie Saw.

  79. Kxlibr


  80. CHRISTOPHER Winkleblack


  81. Karen Barraza

    ive been looking for this song for about 4 years and barely found it 😭

  82. Ruben Mera

    Fucking buena vieja..

  83. John Kliegle

    These little parties ad up? You cant pray only when your in trouble! You gotta pray before!

  84. charlie fewster

    when you forget the band so you search hurricane by nickelback and it comes up anyway

  85. Barb Losco

    She’s a hooker lol

  86. Cowboy Whitman&7

    Hey what's up

  87. LEO1WOLF

    She has LOTS of wicked-ass gazes, but the one @ about 02:03, stopped me dead in my tracks. Heh-heh, like: "I'll f*ck you up, boy!". I'd like to take my chances with this little her-icane. ;-p~~~

    O.K., it just hit me too - - take a look at her @ 01:32 & tell me if she wouldn't make an out-fucking-standing Cos.-Play of Taarna the Defender - Last of the Taarakian race (from the animated film classic: "Heavy Metal")?!!! Reason being: In this VID, she never shows that she's irate. In fact, even while tearing shit up, she seems to never really scowl in anger. Now picture her with a truly pissed off face, head tilted slightly downward, the black & red armor that was worn in the movie & a big-ass sword in her hand!

  88. Firstasfasfa Lastasfasfas

    I love these fuckers

  89. peter rogner

    nickelback ?

  90. Laura Paniccia

    the voice is so similar to chad from nickelback

  91. jer burn

    great band.. just listening this year.. and they are a great band

  92. vocalpatriot


  93. Charles Kennedy

    Melania Trump with tattoos

  94. Glenn Fischli

    Such a waste of paper.

  95. Mike B

    Shes beautiful

    Non Ya

    Mar 6, 2017 - Sarah Posthumus (aka “Sarah Jane” and “Betty K Rocker”) was arrested by the Strathcona County RCMP and charged with first degree murder ........beautiful but deadly

  96. Hydro xic

    who is she? is very cute

    Non Ya

    Mar 6, 2017 - Sarah Posthumus (aka “Sarah Jane” and “Betty K Rocker”) was arrested by the Strathcona County RCMP and charged with first-degree murder ........beautiful but deadly

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  98. Robert Wright

    she is something else

    Non Ya

    Mar 6, 2017 - Sarah Posthumus (aka “Sarah Jane” and “Betty K Rocker”) was arrested by the Strathcona County RCMP and charged with first degree murder ........beautiful but deadly