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Theory Of A Deadman Heavy Comments
  1. Tomaskers

    Man how did they to from this album to that new pop album in only a couple years? Such a shame

  2. grace robinson

    Sad that I just found this band, but this is the first song I've heard and I love them already

  3. Darrin Montgomery

    These riffs are........ Heavy.😉

  4. Medic1089

    While the song is catchy and I've only just heard this album recently, the lyrics in this song are extremely elementary,
    It's like nickelback has matured and has gotten better, theory has remained the same. Just one man's opinion.

  5. [unbound]

    This song is underrated as fuck \m/

  6. Pugnut21

    Who else is here because of the Missouri Mavericks?

    Kidd Agar

    I am, and Btw it's the Kansas City Mavricks now.

  7. GloriousOne13

    this has to be a theme for a wrestling show! it gets me so fucking pumped!

  8. frankie dibella

    WE LOSE IT WHEN IT'S HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tyler Vietnam

    When I first heard this song....😂😂 I thought he said 'Hit the folks' rather than 'Hit the floor'...😂😂 OMS I HATE MY LIFE I LOVE THEORY TOO MUCH

  10. zamko134

    this is fucking heavy indees

  11. Awesome Gamer

    Good song this is the shit

  12. Andy Sexton

    Think it's kickass on its own? Listen to it on 1.25x speed.

    Bilistic Treecko

    +Andy Sexton yes its amazing at that speed


    I love you. haha. Also, Listen to Drown on 1.25x

    Kalia Stenlund

    Omfg thank you so much for that! This is awesome.


    Fuckin’ hell, it’s great.


    Not really.

  13. Alchemist's Fire

    I really wish they'd played this at the show I went to. DYING to see these guys live again, and this song was MADE for it!!

  14. Keagyn Wilson

    great song

  15. Andrea Norris

    I saw Theory of a Deadman downtown Las Vegas for a free summer night concert. Took my at the time 5yrs. old son to enjoy the show too and had a scuffle with 3 immature adults who went as far as throwing an alcoholic beverage on him. I guess you get what you pay for... No more free concerts down on Fremont!!! At least til my boy gets big enough to whip that ass back!!!

    The Joker

    +Andrea Norris You should've punched them for pouring beer on your son

  16. Phil Oneill

    bad jam man

  17. matt l. moore

    big band !

  18. Jonny

    Does this sort of sound liek Rob Zombie to anyone else?


    Jonny a bit

  19. deanna

    Think this is the best song of the album \m/

  20. Volunder

    I feel as though this song was made to be played live. I hope they play this when they come to UK \m/

  21. Semersi Sousa

    If rock was dead he woud be the lucky savior haha..

  22. Robert Johns

    Best track of the best Theory of a Deadman album so far, the heavier they go the better I like them.

    Communist Ham

    Shame with the new album.

  23. Higgs

    Can't wait till tlc

  24. tfvo86


    Amber Richard

    And Stairs

    im in love with my own sins not tragedies

    *hold up ladder hands* LADDERS (if you get the referance I love you)

  25. Seigiマグネット

    TLC : Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2014

  26. Patricia Martins

    I just love this song *-* \o

  27. Chris King

    Explain how this is good please?

    Ben Lister

    You don't need to, you just need to listen

    weston honaker

    they get paid for it!

    Jennifer McGuinness


  28. VarietyMusicLover

    Rock is NOT dead !


    And I hope it won't die. Now days music is starting to make me worry. Musics future is not too bright if all goes to that electric random stuff what I hear my cousin to listen or rappers. My ears can't take that.

    Emma spaz

    VarietyMusicLover this will. never die

    Hailey Kirby

    VarietyMusicLover who ever said it was

  29. Gema F.Aranda

    The best!

  30. wyldde69


  31. Jeffrey Fairfield

    This should be their next single!!!!

    Ben Lister

    This could be my favourite song

  32. gene lyn

    amazing! :)

  33. Brandon Rezash

    My CD is censored :(

    Hector Osorio

    @Super Kami Guru  I actually had to double check to make sure I ordered the explicit version. Usually the clean version butcher (ruin) the songs.


    @OsorioTron I still think they shouldn't be allowed to make censored versions, without the artist's consent anyway. It ruins the song, pisses fans off, and makes buying the damn thing so much more complicated. 


    I always try to make sure when I buy at the store for Parental Advisory on the cases of any bands that I know have any lyrics with swear words like Theory of a Deadman and Slipknot.

    Todd Cain

    @DawnOfRebellion you realize that the censored versions are made with the artist's consent right? lol even if it is indirectly, either the artist or the producer/label decide they want a censored version to increase sales. Even if it is the producer/label who makes the decision this is with the artist's consent through the signing of a contract. You shouldn't be angry that an artist is trying to reach a wider spread of fans by replacing or removing some of the less accepted words. You should be happy that you share a fondness for a group with so many more people because of it. :)

  34. tjanson69

    This album is amazing. The only one I don't really like is The One.

    Ben Lister

    What? That's gorgeous!

  35. Pteropticon


  36. gearhead66

    Love theory of a deadman!!

  37. nobodys99

    good song but it would of been suited better for a different singer.  maybe nickleback 

    Jayden Seguin

    Nickelback is the band that signed Theory of a Deadman.


    Chad especially in the beginning did a lot for helping them develop. Hense why lots of songs have that bit of a nickelback sound


    @Jayden Seguin Wow, Nickleback actually did something good.

    Jayden Seguin

    @Drake Rivenson
    They've did many things that are good, especially that song called Something In Your Mouth! Both bands are badass.


    I used to love Nickelback, I learnt their types of songs, and this fits the category, I like Toad but I'd love to see nickelback have a take on it

  38. Michael Griffin

    Thank you! Someone noticed too.. What happened to Tylers voice!? Don't get me wrong i love theory, but he sounds way better on older tracks. Gasoline was the best album to date.

    Jayden Seguin

    Just your opinion, but eh.

    Ben Lister

    It's because of all the heavy songs he's ROCKED MO'FUCKIN' ASS TO!

    Felix Quinn

    My Marbles Griffin consider the 9 year time difference lol

    Benjamin Wilson-Ripsom

    I agree to an extent, I don't think it was his voice, I think they used a distortion effect.

  39. MrOSUrocker

    I cannot stop rocking out to this song! Glad Theory has crafted a song in the true spirit of Rock n' Roll

    Lewis Dover

    I think you'll find this is in the spirit of metal.


    Let's not argue semantics my friend, we are both fans of the genre, whether it's rock or metal, let's just be glad it's not the pop/rap radio garbage

    Unknown Artist

    @MrOSUrocker Yes lets just be glad its not mainstream garbage like pop or rap.

    Elliot Law

    @Vince Rusev pop or crap*

  40. DodgerandIce

    Why did they have to do that to tylers voice -_- couldn't he just sing it normal?

    Jayden Seguin

    No matter what, this album is amazing.

    Asong writtenforyou

    He actually insisted on doing that with autotone because he said he wanted us -the fans- to scream while singing along . It explains the cover art, a boy blocked inside and can't open the window. I hope my point is clear, eglish isn't my first language :/ :)