Theory Of A Deadman - Head Above Water Lyrics

Did you ever picture life like this
No shooting star to grant your wish
Are you everything you hoped you'd be
Or caught somewhere in between
You dropped your nickel down a wishing well
And prayed for luck to cast its spell
To bring you closer to your dreams
That always seem just out of reach

You pray to God the moment when
You feel the current pull you in
Try to keep your head above water
Has never been harder
Even when it feels hopeless
You're gonna get through this
Head above water, gotta fight from going under
Even when it feels useless to wish
You're gonna get through this

Have you ever felt like giving in
Tried for hours but just can't win
Tell yourself you're not good enough
The struggle alone is just too much
No one's there to hear you scream
You gasp for air but cannot breathe
Did you ever think you'd see the day
When you'd watch your life get washed away

You pray to God the moment when
You feel the current pull you in
Try to keep your head above water
Has never been harder
Even when it feels hopeless
You're gonna get through this
Head above water, gotta fight from going under
Even when it feels useless to wish
You're gonna get through this

Did it ever hurt so bad
That the thought of feeling lost would never end
Well you will think again

Try to keep your head above water
Has never been harder
When it feels hopeless
You're gonna get through this
Head above water, gotta fight from going under
Even when it feels useless to wish
You're gonna get through this

Head above water, never been harder
Tryin' to keep your head above water has never been harder
You're gonna get through this
You're gonna get through this

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Theory Of A Deadman Head Above Water Comments
  1. terrin Herzenach

    I love this band

  2. Michele Goodsell

    I did a bad thing, I listen to pop music the kind that had a bass background and doctor Zeus lyrics worse two minutes-of my life thank god I found this.

  3. Toxic_FanBase

    They came to my state fair in my town! I watched with my parents, and aunt. Not the whole thing, but I still loved it! When I went to the rides, I could still hear their singing.

  4. Mary Hofstetter

    i feel so unloved here right now

  5. Luis Caceres

    Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (300th comment)

  6. starnight543

    The part where he said tell yourself you're not good enough is way to relatable to me. 😔

  7. Ed Yasher

    Depression is no joke. Very encouraging to see the ones in life that try to make everyone see the positives that are all around and still yet to come.

  8. Lucy Natasha


  9. Xpitr

    This video for me looks like scene in office from Fight Club 😀

  10. Rio Revaldo

    Good music has no expiration date

  11. Nicholas Blackfire

    My best friend died at 6 AM; August 30, 2019. Since then the depression, I am struggling right now got stronger. I lost the meaning of life, I don't know what to live for, when everything's getting worse and worse. But in the middle of September, my friend gave me the CD with the Transformers 2011 movie OST. AND THAT SONG WAS FROM THAT CD! And I gave myself a second chance.

  12. DarkSorceress234

    I've been fighting my whole life but for once I have hope. More hope than I've ever felt in my life. I don't believe in a god but I'm praying someone is listening. I'm going to need more than just hope for this....

  13. Trenton Colley

    One of the best songs

  14. Jackie Kress

    The first time I heard this song was last year when my son went to live with my brother, against my wishes. Everything started falling apart and the lyrics to this song sang became the soundtrack to my life, it makes me cry every time but I wont ever stop listening to it

  15. 놀레

    This song gives me something powerful makes me get though hard times suffocating me. Since 2012 :)

  16. Dead Frostie

    I love theory of a deadman, so damn good 😍

  17. Jeremy

    Seizures. Causes this everyday. Even when its been weeks since i had one I know ones around the corner

  18. Joe Rulo

    The music, the lyrics, Tyler's voice...theory of a dead man will forever be my favorite band

  19. james spangler

    Yes to all it, can’t do anymore

  20. Shelley Vignery

    When my 23year old son and only child died suddenly in my arms on Christmas ...u see he was all I had my sig.other left I lost my business, beautiful home, basically my world collapsed but I still felt so lucky for Max my son I didn't need all that other shit just him...and then he died in my arms...I couldn't think of one good reason not to kill myself...then this song came on and it was like something he would say to me...and it ignited one tiny ember that I will live thru this....maybe its only been a year.

  21. Luis Caceres

    Avril Lavigne 💞 xd

  22. Aileen SeoKyu

    I've always struggled with a lot of anxieties these past few days, and this song is my only savior. Ever since I was in college, whenever I feel like shit will happen again and knowing that life will play my emotions, I'll just listen to this song and somehow it heals me. It helps me cope with my anxieties and depression. Hoping that people will also discover this song and the band because they were both masterpiece!

  23. Foxtwo Nemesis

    Whoever it was that made this video and comprehends the song, I know exactly where you were, and who you were with.....come on the crossing fields(pen holder)....the glass half full. The 'water' wasn't blue and there is a current, you probably didn't panic once 'in the water'. Most likely the opposite. There were no 'bubbles of air', nor see your body. The woman and the dress... I don't know if they're ready to comprehend it. Thank you, let's me know there is another.... Just need to find the other 11

  24. Luis Caceres

    Im here after avril lavignes head above water

  25. TehMysteriousCrow

    Avril Lavigne > Theory of a Deadman

  26. Kyla Gonzales

    I've been looking for this so I searched head above water (cause its the only lyrics of this song that I could remember) on google and the results always show avril lavigne's song. It was annoying remembering this song and the tune but not the artist.

  27. WMK MY

    Not me. I actually thought Avril did a cover on this song. Been listening to this for years.

  28. Theff Diaz

    Yo vine por que tiene el mismo nombre de la nueva canción de Avril.
    Y esta canción también me encantó!

  29. Bad Fairy


  30. Hannah Lindsey

    Good song. Strikes a deep nerve with me for some reason...

  31. Jadd Agliam

    Who else came here after Avril Lavigne announced her upcoming single called "Head Above Water" on September 19, 2018?

    Jarvs Sparks

    me of course im a big fan from her jajaja

    Redema Sajol

    22 😆

    RenegadeWolf Photography

    lol, This was first.. TOAD are awesome, they have seemed to have dropped off since they rebadged themselves as Theory.. They Will always be Theory Of A Deadman to me.

    Kayla Grimes

    I like her song but theirs is better in my opinion 😏☺️


    Jadd Agliam I’m a huge fan of her

  32. tay

    Alguém mais tava procurando alguma prévia da nova musica da Avril? KKKKKKKKKKK

    Lou Paloma Guilty.


  33. Huntra12

    Shit, this is one of the most encouraging songs I've ever heard. People struggling with depression, like myself, like, wow.

  34. john yekel

    So needed to hear this song today... absolutely feel this song deeply.

  35. Катюх

    This is my favourite song. Why only 11k likes???

  36. TheBreakdancing Giraffe

    This song means a lot to me. And I'm sure it does to many other people as well...

  37. Alex Walker

    This is the one song that helps with my severe depression and PTSD. Thank you for the great music and songs. Very much appreciated

  38. lovemybones88

    This song means so much to me. I have been battling a terrible disease for 8 years or at least the damage it left behind. I have tried to end my life countless times.

  39. Jennifer McCullah

    This song helped me when I was at my lowest point in life. I appreciate all that you guys do, I don't think you guys realize how much your music helps your listeners. I know it has certainly made an impact on me. ♥

  40. Zyrlexa1993

    I like this lyric video style

  41. Brandon

    Please come back to rock

  42. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on thory

  43. Erica Ribber-Chick

    I wish I knew this song when I had depression I needed it

  44. Manuel Valdes

    This song prove that this band was amazing. God damnit it, Theory of a Deadman, what happened to you?!

  45. Destinie Pruitt

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!!!! I really needed it. First time ever hearing it and that's weird cause Theory of A Deadman is my favorite band!!!!!

  46. Luckychurchyard

    I'm only 18 years old and it speaks way more to me than it should... It's like the fucking theme song of my life

  47. SociallyAwkwardGirl

    Please, Knock On My Door.

  48. Big V

    Life is just to damn hard for me right now. Suicide is sounding pretty good right now

  49. Anna Carolina

    They sound a little alike Nickelback ❤

    Phil wiens

    ❤️ both great bands

  50. patrick grondines

    love this song

  51. Imam Fajar

    Is not available on spotify

    Raven Danger Navy

    That's where I found this song.....

  52. Beth Goodwin

    Is the girl in video same girl in bitch came back video?

  53. Mari Derrick

    Im way to weird, I was reading my book for school and legit just randomly thought of this song. :XD

  54. Justin D.

    I tried to kill myself last night. Then I remembered this song, regretted what I did, and got myself to a hospital.

    Debora Colman

    Justin D. How are you now, bro?

    Foxtwo Nemesis

    Justin, you still good man?

  55. ViciousDave4Life

    I'm gonna have surgery for a new tumor I have now, this song is uplifting more than ever to me. But I still think there's a chance that I may die. So let it be heard that you people need to fight as much as I have against my constant near death moments in my life. Overall I think I'll live as my mind gives advice to others all the time and I'll always give me gift of advice to others.

  56. Abhishek Venugopal

    Soo real.

  57. Terry Bowman

    Very inspirational song! Has helped me a time or 2!! Rock on!😎

  58. Genesis Black

    The first time I heard this song I started bawling my eyes out. I was going thru so much shit at the time and this song saved my damn life. This will always be my favorite song.

  59. 1shy_guy1

    Хорошо песня.

  60. Kimberly Caseman

    also anybody notice the girl at the end was the one in the water which is why he kept falling?

  61. Kimberly Caseman

    does he push himself through the dimension of water or does he fall?

  62. Otakusenshi

    Should be "its spell", not "it's spell". Even professional video editors need grammar lessons sometimes it seems.


    Putting the apostrophe error aside, the timing and blurring effect of the lyrics completely nullify the only useful purpose the lyrics would serve, which is karaoke. The text needs to be visible 1.5-2 seconds before they're being sung or else you rely on the person singing to either have the lyrics memorized (in which case the lyrics aren't needed), or that the person singing be psychic (in which case the lyrics aren't needed)...

    Nocturn Gaming

    Otakusenshi you correct theyre grammar and dont care about the meaningful lyrics. Nice

    Thomas Wilt

    Is it the video writer or some kid that's gunghoe about the song?

  63. Zachary Reagan

    ur text and timing is fucking garbage.

  64. André Tavares

    this band is fucking awesome

  65. Sweet Chawaa

    They are too awesome, I love them ! <3

  66. Nicoleta Sbenghea


  67. Sharoon Aftab

    the irony is that they have lyrics in the video and mentioned in also on the discription.

  68. ViciousDave4Life

    I just got fired, this song lifts my spirits.


    Hey Dave, how are you getting on now? Found a new (maybe better?) job yet? :)

    mark anthony farol

    Same here bro.

    Ryan Pierce

    Its all good. It happens to the best of us. My old boss texted me i was fired and like 2 weeks later i found a new job

  69. Eidetic Ex

    I heard this song last night on my way back up to work to pick up my fiance and I'm amazed I never heard it sooner. The timing of hearing it really couldn't be any better though. Lately I've been feeling completely beat by life with nothing going my way and everything seeming to make things worse. Despite that I keep holding onto the notion that it's only temporary, that eventually it'll pass and things will get better and then this song comes on teh radio. I came very close to breaking down crying.

    Keep up the amazing work on music guys. You have no idea just how nice it was to hear this song at this particular point in my life. It was like I just instinctively knew the lyrics.


    Alan Hunter because, I don't think u wanna know this but...ur depressed, and so is everyone else watching toad

    niki houser

    keep your head up, things will be ok,btw very good taste in music

    Foxtwo Nemesis

    Intentionally offensive. How fitting a name here to correlate to mine 8)....I wish all our minds were as small and short sighted as yours....we would feel much better. Someday you shall broaden your perspective, and perhaps your lexicon. The former mans story went too far out on a limb there for you, didn't it?

    Foxtwo Nemesis

    Eidetic ex, the only untrue part of the song is; 'no ones there to hear you scream'.

    They do, just as loud, and as clear. Everything happens for a reason, it may not be one you like, but nevertheless a reason. The real trick of the wyrd(non.... .....muggles, that's a fitting childish name) is to know: is the reason for you, or just include you and meant for another? The next time, someone tells you of a powerful experience they had, listen to them, and then attempt to find what possible lesson/moral is based upon your knowledge of that particular person(like my retort to you here, compared to one below, why waste your time arguing with a door? Its either open or shut, your is open, the other shut).

  70. curtis james

    Growing out your hair song be like

  71. Zero Noose Brass

    The protégé of Nickelback.

  72. RakinBill

    Awesome song. I have heard it on the radio, but have never watched the video till now. It's strange how you hear a song, and have an idea what it's about till you watch the video, and it put's it all into perspective.

  73. Frito Pie

    I was thinking the same thing............

  74. exznrvd 1309

    Love this song so much!!😍❤️ I can relate to the meaning and I just love it!! Thank you Theory of a Deadman🐨🧀

  75. yusuf yıldız

    Süpersin seni seviyom lan💚

  76. DeadSkillZ

    I think that guy in the music should invest in a better chair, he keeps falling through a worm hole into a parallel universe full of water


    And with mermaids! (But in all seriousness, he is obviously pushing himself back.)

    Alexandre D'Astous

    Thats made my day hahaha

    Spencer Lehew

    DeadSkillZ I want this chair when he gets a new one

    Denise Culley

    Deadskillz ...u r hilarious!!!😂😂😂

    Dark Starr

    Any chair like that is possible. Just ingest some lsd or wormwood & boom instant black hole chair!!!

  77. Flavia Pamella Gomes


  78. Janna-lynn Sechser

    this song is the story of my life man. this is my favorite song by theory of a deadman or any song for that matter this is my favorite song

  79. KeepTheReason

    ive been dealing with depression for over a year. i just got a promotion at work, and it has driven me deeper into it. anyway just wanted to say this video and song relate so much at the current moment.

  80. Maria Fermin

    Transformers: the dark side of the moon?

    tyler stones

    f**k yes

  81. Cristian Popescu

    nickelblack vocal ?

    muzikismy life

    hey,u got that right but lov tdm anyway.

  82. Daedrean_TV

    is it sad that I found this through transformers?

    Tiago Félix

    I found it through a game, so I think isn't

    Antony Ponomarev

    I heard Angel by the same band, and loved it! Now I'm listening to all of there music😀

    Nathan Chase

    Not at all

    Nocturn Gaming

    Oh i found this by searching it on google

    William Pranoy

    Well that makes two of us .. lol 😂it has kept me going since the movie came out

  83. mgpala

    who is the woman in the video?

  84. Spicy Ricey

    This band is way under rated

    Christopher Boyd

    I agree. this really speak to me in my current situation in life. love em so much x

    Branzilla 17

    You mean under *water*

    Thomas Wilt

    chirpy the warrior oh yes


    They remind me of Tesla in the 80s unfairly Tesla got lumped in to the hair bands when they were really straight up rock. I feel Theory and Shinedown get lumped into the late 200s Nurock scene undeseved

  85. Erik Meskanen

    For tough times. This never loses it's meaning. Timeless.

  86. Tyler Hummel

    Reminds me of Lullaby by Nickleback.

  87. brandon42music

    I'm not big on motivational shit but this is the best

  88. Ryan Parent

    Most of these sounds help me a lot this one reminds me a lot of my child hood... I couldn't keep my head above water and could have died

  89. RL Jakovasaur

    As time goes on, many bands' newer songs lose their meanings. Theory stays true to powerful, meaningful songs throughout the years

    fallen star

    Same with Shinedown

    Tiago Félix

    Don't look at the present

    RL Jakovasaur

    @Tiago Félix I got their recent album in the past. Some songs are good, yet the album as a whole, not so much

  90. silvio maia

    Oh my god, no one at their team caught the it´s that was supposed to be its at eighteen seconds in??

  91. Ian Sanderson

    Fantastic song! Absolutely love it

  92. Ivan Albertti

    I wish  they come to Argentina Q_Q 
    i really need a show of them.

  93. t1000

    Would the real slim shady please stand up.

  94. chizuru

    I've found this song trough a Quotev quiz.
    Wow, I'm happy that I did that.

  95. pow003

    this song kind of helps me when I struggle

  96. Mark Chajev

    Great song! I added it to my list!

  97. Tayla Osborn

    I absolutely LOVE this Song! (Love all your songs, but this is my favourite) (SUCH MEANING!)

    Loving you guys- Theory of a Deadman!

  98. Theresa Stanley

    REALLY like THIS SONG! !!