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Theory Of A Deadman Gentleman Comments
  1. Olivia Galante

    So true

  2. Lance Petroski

    r/niceguys has a theme song?

    Also holy shit there is a crap load of incels in this comment section.

  3. Rylan Faust

    I should stop being a gentleman 😂

  4. John M

    I think he's being really sarcastic here. The women that want guys to be a**holes are the ones that end up lonely and miserable. Any woman that I truly cared for - as a friend or otherwise - allowed me to be vulnerable and appreciated my honesty.
    That being said, if I'm just trying to either get laid or pursue a girl for a date, I cut the crap, talk to her for a couple minutes and ask for her number. Being nice initially would likely either lead me to rejection or an unwanted friendship.

  5. Howdyxz

    Sanji song

  6. Jamal Sampson

    This is one of my favorite songs from Theory of A Deadman. Too bad this song never had a music video! His vocals are its own music video.

  7. Heather Bousquet

    I love this song and I enjoy seeing them in concert. They did amazing.

  8. Disgruntled pacifist

    Fedora power!

  9. Hayden Clay

    This song was released in September of 2012.

  10. Cheshire Sims

    This is a solid acknowledgement of reality.

    Lance Petroski


    If your an incel

  11. Captain Joshua

    this songs calling out the fuckin r/niceguys incels and yet half the comment section is still exactly this type of person going "this is so me lol"

  12. Trash for Life

    I used to be a nice guy until I took a kick to my knees

    wtf ftw

    Too much skyrim
    Lol I was jokeing there isn't any limits in skyrim xd

  13. James_ The_Courior

    Bruh this shit gay

  14. Lucifer Gaming Daily

    I can't stress enough how true this is.

  15. Daniel Carra

    This song is legit facts tho

  16. Red

    Incel national anthem.


    No. Its mgtow song. Incel are not mentally strong to even understand this song. This ia a song for those who understand female nature and take good use of it

    T M

    Betogunner22 Wrong. This song, if anything, shows a LACK of understanding in female nature. What it does is generalize half of the entire human race into a nonsensical sub-category which is not only harmful but blatantly false and downright misogynistic. Women, like men, are humans that come in the billions and are all capable of autonomy. Generalizing an entire gender based on the actions of a select few is not only asinine and ridiculous, but it further divides people and creates animosity and hatred for no apparent reason.

    And on a side note, I find this Incel/MGTOW distinction you’re making here odd. From what I’ve seen, both sides tend to mercilessly degrade, be one-sided towards, and generalize women and then act indignant when they are met with backlash. And this song, believe it or not, is derogatory, one-sided, and a gross generalization towards women.

    Chris Powers

    @Jay Chili You are an integral reason this song is. The key word in this song is "girls". You want men to 'man up' & be good men? Here's an idea, princess; why don't you woman up, stop acting like an overentitled spoiled rotten girl & start appreciating a man who'll treat you right! But, like most girls, you're not going to do that are you? This song's because of & all about you.

  17. randyrrs

    that solo is sick 2:20


    Oh god, I love this song, but when I heard the term nice guy, I had some flashbacks to r/NiceGuys and now I only hear how nice guy-y this is and I'm-

    Austin Shadeslayer

    Oh fuck no

  19. MR_MANN_44 -_-

    the whole song describes me, it is me 😂😂

    Lance Petroski

    Joker Profile Picture ✓
    "This is totally me 😂😂" ✓

    You checked two boxes in the Incel department...congrats

  20. Mustabulus

    I love this song but this is basically /rNiceGuys the musical

    Liam White

    So do the comments lmao "this song is me"


    @Liam White god your right


    @Kieran Miday bruh

    Liam White

    @Kieran Miday r/ihavereddit


    Euphoric Despair

    I can see where you're coming from, but I took this as more of him realizing how girls want him when he doesn't give a shit about anyone.

  21. Brody Vaughn

    God this sucks

    my name

    Dominic Mcfadden like your mom

    Hollie Robinson

    Lol then why are you here?

    caden lucek

    Why are you here

  22. LuckySnowy441

    This is one my favorite songs.

  23. Sebastian Marks

    I love theory of a deadman

  24. Chase Chadwellhero

    great song!! :)

  25. αทα нєlєทα ρrατα

    perfect song

  26. natalie walker

    am i the only one tht thinks his voice is hot... lol

    brandon maccarter

    I am a guy, and straight and find that true

    Mike P

    I'm straight but Tyler is fucking hot. Like, I'm not tryna hook up with a guy, but if I had to pick one to save the earth...

    LifeWhyz Music

    SILENCE, Slut!

    Aleron Wolf

    @brandon maccarter finding other guy attractive is not "gay" it's jsut natural. Humans find attractive other humans, despite sex. gay is jsut stigma

  27. harryt622

    I'm over 50 and I love this band.  I know from experience this song is very true. Women go for the losers until they get to be about 40 then they realize they need the decent guy.

    Joan Gilabert del Aguila

    @harryt622 I'm only 17 and i'm really enjoying this <3

    Randy Dorff

    fuckin right on my man !!!!!

    Randy Dorff

    Harry knows , I'm 59 and even if they were good looking when they were younger , that fucking shit changes for the worst !!!!