Theory Of A Deadman - Drown Lyrics

Ebb and flow, the sea is cold, but my blood comes to boil
I feel it filling up my lungs, the weight pulls me to soil
Current takes me, breath escapes me, inducing coma sleep
Close my eyes, I'm paralyzed, finally at peace

Another sunny day, I feel like getting in the water
Why did you have to let me go?
Such a perfect way to spend my time and swim out farther
Why did you have to let me drown, drown?

Lay there floating, body bloating, skin turning to gray
I built my castle, the dirty rascal finally got his way
Waves roll in and clean my sins, now everything is clear
I'm having fun under the sun, wishing you were here

Another sunny day, I feel like getting in the water
Why did you have to let me go?
Such a perfect way to spend my time and swim out farther
Why did you have to let me drown, drown?

A thousand leagues, I live and breathe along the ocean floor
Now submersed, I join the cursed to float here ever more

Another sunny day, I feel like getting in the water
Why did you have to let me go?
Such a perfect way to spend my time and swim out farther
Why did you have to let me drown, drown, drown, drown?

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Theory Of A Deadman Drown Comments
  1. Demonofthefall

    The chorus is almost identical to Alice In Chains song “stone”

  2. Michael Frost

    This is so different than their other songs i really like this sound


    I had to hear this song. All my local radio station plays from these guys is Medicate. This song is sooooo much better!

  4. Andrew GR

    ben drowned?

  5. Ron Burr III

    They are a band that sounds great live as well as studio

  6. Rachael Christman

    Way underrated in my opinion

  7. lucas Camilo

    Parece os moradores da vila do RE4 shuashua

  8. dale Miller

    Meet the fockers/in my case your all my uncle's troops, therefore me being his thief 3's landline hits shirt brand safety net felt like blue, 21, 22 the actual brand

  9. Ben McDonald

    This should’ve been the end credits song for Bridge To Terabithia

  10. Joe6Pipes

    Ridin' gettin' hyped on this. Added to playlist immediately 👍

  11. Surima Takahashi

    Idk why but this music video would make one good southern gothic tv show for some reasons..

  12. TheDesign

    This song should have been on the Titanic soundtrack!!!

  13. SliceZero1

    This song gives me goosebumps

  14. Razer Core

    Whenever I play FarCry 5 it reminds me of this song. XD

  15. Sir Cumference

    That girl that ended up drowning was amazing. She reminds me of a friend i used to know

  16. bear dog

    did you notice the angle

  17. Rock4 stars

    I like the way of the beat

  18. tomfooleryx517x

    If I ever came across a group like this,. They would be no more.. #forreal

  19. Jabbar Muhammad

    Good song

  20. Madison Estes

    I love how the intro feels like you are being plunged underwater. It's so jarring.

  21. Gianna De Luca

    I love this song but the video really pulls at my heart strings

  22. Nati የጨርቆሱ

    Wow how come I've never seen this. This is really cool

  23. Buddy Sherart1

    This is one Fucking Disturbing song. It weirds me out Every Time. 😮😵😲😬

  24. adib eusof


  25. Dieuson Octave

    Somebody please tell me the blonde girls name

  26. 13-1-18-11 is gross

    Do you ever have everything you want and still feel like killing yourself? A good steady girlfriend, good work lined up, amazing friends, supportive parents etc but you still feel like swallowing a bottle of pills or jumping off a building or whatever? Thats how I feel right now, and the guilt of having everything sort of just makes it worse. Songs like this for whatever reason make me feel like other people know how it feels to be such a privilliged fuck yet wanting to kill themselves while feeling like they dont deserve it and its humbling. I feel like I can just bring on this numbness whenever I hear music like this and it'll all be alright.

  27. patrick grondines

    652 people can go drown

  28. Ryan Glassey

    Is that stone cold Steve Austin at 0:45.

  29. Adam Gee

    This is the only tune I actually like from these guys. Sorry guys

  30. Wade Delorme

    Fuckin love this song

  31. Emanuel98TV

    I guess she got the bad stone

  32. thebackstepper

    Remember when TOAD used to do hyping songs/videos for their albums? I remember.

  33. jer burn

    where was i when this band came out,,Was i not on i could have found this band long time ago.. would have saved me 10 years of pain

  34. Alyona Wiseman

    He's voice makes my panties melt off me and omg the guys have mad talent

  35. Manil Chauhan

    I have a good feeling the video must be set in the countryside of California im guessing on state road 198 near the 101. Does anyone know?

  36. Shelby Bertolotto

    I love you guys i love your concerts my first night tonight at there c9ncert😍

  37. Renzø Rk


  38. Waldemar Bąk

    The best song. I can listen over and over again.

  39. patrick grondines

    love this song

  40. Addy Guda

    Why do most of the people in the video look like they are the products of incest?


    fucking amazing

  42. Iron legend

    very catchy

  43. Heather Shamp

    I love all theory of a Deadman songs

  44. Ann Ericson

    I read the comments and not agreeing with Alice In Chains comments or BB "So Cold" or "Lottery" ? Theory of Deadman is definitely one of my fave current bands and Rx is spot-on. I love his voice and his lyrics: they can be sarcastic and hilarious or pain-filled and also currently relevant. TOD is one of few current bands keeping Rock alive.

  45. Grim Reaper 2000

    Friend: I don't think that's how baptism work.
    Me: ............I'm at the wrong church 😶😲

  46. Baba Semka

    Love how the description says that this is the official video for Rx :))

  47. Magen Weller

    This has probably been asked and answered already, but is it Tyler playing the part of the cult leader in the wheelchair (at least I'm assuming the guy in the wheel chair is the cult leader) if it's not Tyler, he looks alot like him.

  48. todd rodgers

    Best song by theory of a deadman

  49. Błizzard

    When he says “go”, though..

  50. Brandon Van Booven

    This band is so under rated what a fukn great sounding band with so many different sounds

  51. slash 1966

    Powerful song and video

  52. The Sound of Legends

    Absolute stunner of an opening track

  53. Caleb Josefy

    Alice in chains anyone? Lol

  54. Vlad the Inhaler

    The first three albums and this one are good, the last one and the new one are crap for the most part.

  55. Siraceman 13420/9

    I miss their rock songs now they release a bunch of pop or hip hop and I didn’t like anything on their new album wake up call.

  56. Negative 13

    I hope they go back to this sound. There new album is way to pop radio.

    Λυπρανδος Libero

    its not bad though,i really like their new songs because their lyrics are kinda deep.

    Cadence Olbrich

    yes I think so too. I love the song RX


    They had to go pop, that's where the money is. That awful "rx" song gave them a shot in the arm in terms of exposure.

  57. Chris Black

    This song makes me feel a real Red Dead Redemption vibe. Would've made a solid OST piece in my honest opinion.

  58. VaRockerDude

    the cult leader reminds me of Wes from puddle of mudd

  59. CMartSS

    Why does her mole move ???

    Pero Cigla

    exactly, lol, her mole is on the wrong side at the beginning of the video.

  60. Gabi Murray

    Isnt this the lottery?

  61. Mr. Whiteside

    this songs awesome!

  62. Molly Riggs

    Has anyone else noticed the mask in multiple music videos? I feel like I missed something because I've seen it a bit recently.

  63. Jeff Lucy

    Alice in Chains vibe from the chorus

  64. Goldie-w/a-Pen

    why do so many of the descriptions say the exact same thing? If this is from 2014, why does it have the description for Rx, which came out this year?

  65. Briana Minard

    <3 I always love Theory Of A Deadman, and I still do in 2017

  66. SolidApe

    what does the music video resemble?

  67. Paul Statham

    Rock music will live forever all the rest well cannot say can i guess you all know.

  68. KELEVRA004

    Who that female is, asking for a friend

  69. Deadlock135

    Ahhh, that's better. The new album got one thing right, we need a time machine

  70. Random Gaming

    This video is such a savage!!!

  71. Jozatheman888

    Well Theory of a Deadman have changed!😱

    nick supreme

    Going from this to their new stuff is roughly like going from a Ferrari Enzo to a broken bike. Jesus.


    I much prefer their older stuff

  72. Cody T

    Was so fun headbanging to the intro of this live

  73. Bree Evian

    This is f**king satanic

  74. Sem Logica

    Viajo demais nesse som, foda❤🤘

  75. nick supreme

    Before Theory of a Deadman killed themselves for pop machine money they at least made this song. More of this and less of ripping off Sam Hunt in the future please.

  76. TemAndRickGaming

    What they see:LET JESUS BE IN YOU SOUL

    What we see:old man drowning a young woman

  77. mireli16

    The video could be a horror movie lol

  78. Jabbar Muhammad

    cool video don't let her drown

  79. Anonymous

    Guy comes out in wheelchair "come grab a cookie" (hole in the bag)

  80. Jennifer Sherman

    Love his voice!

  81. Lea Cutaya

    Hi from the west of ireland :P

  82. Emma-Rose Dye

    Guess he couldnt keep his head above water

  83. RAN Studio

    What is the name of the girl?

  84. Khb2

    well,that was rather disturbing.

  85. Belle Reaper

    Replay button Rest In Peace

  86. Adamz678

    This video puts fear in how fucked the human mentality can become, and this been reality since the dawn of mankind.


    @Adamz678 It's about the fucked up mentality of religious cults.How people can perverse any religion as an excuse to murder'rape'etc.

  87. Damage42X

    I can definitely hear Alice In Chains' influence in this song, especially from the song "Stone".

  88. Doom Mantia

    A7X + AIC= Drown

    nick supreme

    I think it's pretty Breaking Benjamin - esque. But I see what you mean

  89. Michael Bulat

    best song of American rock !

  90. Bugrovskiy

    Топи блядей ради дождя!!!!

  91. Input channel name

    Im looking for a new band. My favorites r STARSΞT imagine dragons digital daggers breaking Benjamin and linkin parrk please recommend

  92. Input channel name

    The singer kinda looks like Elijah mikaelson

  93. Cross Durazo

    I saw the kid in the masks in savages

  94. Sarah Meh

    I hate a n w ads 😠

  95. Angelica Smith

    Lumps of chicken pocked, cocky pretend "Stars". Lost without their DemoNICK Heaven.

  96. Angelica Smith

    Poor demon Tyler *knows* his Mama doesn'T LOVE "Him". Truth.