Theory Of A Deadman - Does It Really Matter Lyrics

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Theory Of A Deadman Does It Really Matter Comments
  1. jacob eup

    I have been thinking of sucide this song Is a song that helps people who stuggle with sucide

  2. Austin Lucas

    This song is about someone male or female giving up on life and having suicidal thoughts taking away their own lives

    Aleron Wolf

    why you making it look as if it's gender specific? lol

  3. unbekannt namenlos

    So crazy how it feels like this song is about me in a certain situation. I wish somebody would have told me that before I went out of there. But they all hated me. And somehow i think nothing could have made me stay anyway. Its good im gone.

  4. Heather Shamp

    Yes. It matters

    Dark Shadow

    Heather Shamp from.a.guys.perspective I.think it.doesn't matter at a certain point and people don't dam realize till it's.gone then you become your.old self ant try to.feel little better and forget it and move the fu€k on. 😢🤬😒

  5. Pierce Clemmons

    Does anyone else know that special feeling where music like this speaks your thoughts all too accurately that it almost feels like this song was made for you

    amy ward

    Dredd 932 I've found several songs recently that give me that personal feeling, like the song was made with my feelings in mind, or written for my life

    MayoGnome Gaming

    Music speaks for us in ways we'll never be able to

    Rachael Gregoire

    This song reminds my of my dead friend he commited suicide and no one new that he was depressed and he got bullied too i wish i could have helped him and i miss him a lot.

  6. Brandi Hensley

    This makes me think of someone I loved very much and they left me in the dirt

    Juancito Casajusto

    Dam i did that twice. I'm such an asshole. But hey! maybe next time?

  7. Immanuel Lujan

    Even though I’m in a relationship. I think we can all admit that this song is relatable

  8. Tiffany Brady

    I love this 😍😭😭

  9. Renee Gillihan

    This song is soul crushing. And I think a lot of us can agree that we've made the same mistake of not doing anything.