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Theory Of A Deadman Angel Comments
  1. Madison Kamrowski

    I dont listen to music like this normally but I love this song

  2. Yuuki Sachiko


  3. Erica Clay

    i love this song.

    1) becuase its good
    2) this song I used in one of my written stories which fitted perfectly with it

  4. Trenton Hunt

    Same female in the video for drown lol

  5. Dániel Boda

    Give this band a billion subs.
    You also got some fans in Hungary 🤘

  6. Ba Zooca

    This reminds me of the Military Motivation videos💯

  7. Matthew John

    Mj I love it!

  8. Fineox

    I don’t know why but you guys remind me of Linkin Park

    R.I.P Chester Bennington

  9. Chantell the Bohemian

    This song reminds me of my ex Brandon who died last year. He is my angel <3

  10. Kristin Bornhoeft

    I love. Your. Music

  11. Ash ash


  12. Ash ash

    Mom smoked smoked regular cigarettes.

  13. Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    That thought that is my own is indeed free no second meaning to my word.

  14. reggie fall

    I love theory of a dead man I hate my life love you guys

  15. War is Coming

    War is coming

  16. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO

    So basically an idea of video is about a rock star girl like that nature oriented and truly peacefull I AM really about as Nonviolent Victory of True Male Spirit. Despite)))))) the video is not mentioning a girl like me))))))

  17. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO

    So basically the line about wish of freedom was mine in the story despite I see it`s so confusing for someone like George Michael "White Light" 2012 video is not so obvious like someone believed

  18. Ash ash

    Gracey an lilly where both once upon a time we thought an opps there both white magic!

  19. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO


  20. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO


  21. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO


  22. Victoria ANA-tolian SEMENENKO 50 SHADES 1976 BIO


  23. Kein Humor

    I am here for dramione

  24. Dimulka Kuga


  25. Alicia Kane

    My brother passed the year this song came out.

  26. Ash ash

    yup! Let's go yet still knows if someone hurt or harms can let go an still love somebody an watch over them also.

  27. Ung Bonhbot

    This song remind me of british winter. I miss the time I went to UK for ten days, Ive been to cambridge, manchester, london and nottinghood. Beside playing khmer folk song, this song stopped me from homesick. Now, I miss the cold weather

  28. Ash ash

    Home run your fired!

  29. David Carlson Jr

    A Angeles are good very nice 👼🙏

  30. Ash ash

    Silver blue eyes yet the blue is also a reflective to natural colors surrounding the person or even the sky an weather. So the eyes are silver! There like mine,just as her hair color is om'bre as mine is NOT blond or brown. Takes a man to marrie an om'bre to get it.
    There born with a mixed hair color not dyed

  31. Zobo

    Why is the comment section makin' me cry ;-;

  32. Jannik taysen

    Everyone from 2020 who thinks that this song is epic hit that f*cking like button on that comment and let everyone see

  33. missy moser

    Sounds like a personal problem!!!!???

  34. missy moser

    I can’t let you u go how could I see you free? Crazy? So fly?

  35. Texas 4570

    Sounds like Nickelback

  36. Peyton Albaugh

    Friend; is he single(bats her eyelashes?
    Me; the song is about her and him!!!duh no!!!!!

  37. Angie Colocia

    This remind me my little angel

  38. Zoe Scott

    I was always his angel 😍😞💔❤

  39. Anthony Groenewold

    Happy 2020 WHO still loves this song


    This is how many people still listening in 2020. 👇 this man is so awesome great music

  41. Junior Revolorio


  42. Chanelle Brown

    Destiel. That is all Carry on..... my wayward son 😅💙

  43. HarukoZ GoalZ

    December 2019 almost to 2020, like this if you prepared your playlist with this song and many others for 2020!! 🤗😎

  44. Emily Delaia

    Destiel vibe

  45. Carol Howe

    Soo hes in love with a angel always love my dads mom passes away when i was like 2 or 3 or 4

  46. Yahii Updy

    Am african, yet listen to hard rock music like linkin park and 3 days grace🤣🤣

  47. Kathleen Bloomswor

    One of the best song ever. It reminds me a video about Harry Potter.

  48. Ash ash

    Reminds me of snow white

  49. Carla Alexandra 12

    Esta canción es puro arte.

  50. Snow Dreams.

    Depressed people like this song.And I'm one of them ︶︿︶

    Esther Segura

    Are you ok? How are you doing these days?

  51. Joellynn De la Fuente

    It said "you wouldn't a solder but it wasn't me
    In 0:42

  52. Matthew Whitefield

    This band is so trash

  53. David The Awesome

    Ok...this just became my Favorite Song of all time. I legit listened to it for 20 Minutes and already know the lyrics.

  54. Priyanka B

    I miss this old "Theory of a deadman". 🥺

  55. Rude girl07

    I am love with an angel #zerotwo

  56. dark knight.

    No one cares when you're listening, we're all listening. You're not special just because you ask, "What year is everyone listening?".

  57. Топ 5 лучшего


  58. Manash Pratim Goswami

    I think I found one more favorite takes a long time to search a mind blowing band and this has been added

    Matt Harding

    Same here hooked in by Rx now exploring full catalogue and so far not disappointed in anyway

    Manash Pratim Goswami

    @Matt Harding I started from the song "medicate"....and till now its the best track

  59. Anonymously Crazy

    Legit the best song to listen to in the morning.

  60. Brad Parker

    The only thing I wanna think about tonight is Comedy Central? Keep elevated and follow your provision!

  61. NiNa NiNa

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤ beautiful

  62. Rj Nagum

    I'll come back here every month

  63. Luis Fernando Mejia

    It's so hard to listen this song when you love someone more than you own life and this person changes what you now about love... RIP DMJ...

  64. Cadence Olbrich

    I love this band! This new style Im not a big fan of but this song is very relatible. I like it

  65. Josephine wilson

    I wonder if anyone still listnes to this song (October 29th 2019)

    Anonymously Crazy

    Anonymous - November 8th

    Megan Palmer

    November 12 2019


    November 13th

    was the background song of a good omens edit lol

    0 117

    @Infinitylilith lol 15th

    Mike Van Deusen

    December 26th

  66. -Seedrian Sparkles-

    Such a beautiful song. Theory’s best work in my opinion.

  67. Елена Гришина

    Красивый клип и песня очень трогательная

  68. Jaden Recker

    Rip off of Audioslave much? Shadow on the Sun.

  69. Yasmim Angioles

    What? Dean Lewis copy your music?

  70. duaa metal


  71. fCLEF007

    another music video with a woman wandering around in a forest alone

  72. Joyce Bickelhaupt

    The love of my life used to call me his Angel....... I guess I wasn't good enough, he has been gone for 20 years now......

  73. Lee Rogers

    Great song

  74. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo⚘worlds apart. In Ohio, very far from Vegas. Fly, Marlo... my Angel fledgling. 🎼🎵🎶🎶🎵🎻

  75. My_ WaahflesX1

    Weird enough I dedicate this song to my best friend I lost in 2017 on this same day October 19th he past away from an over dose and I wasn’t always there I was so caught up in my own problems I forgot about the people that were effected by my actions and emotions and him killed him self because he felt alone and like none of his friends cared about him no more and shortly after his wife shot herself in the face about a month after he died rest in price Steven lemsome I’ll see u again in Valhalla... I will always love u stewy mcgooey u were always my brother man stay narly man yours truly dusty bones


    My_ WaahflesX1 Sorry for your loss, man.

  76. William Horner

    I listened to this song like 3 years ago, and last night something hit me and I remembered this song.

  77. play easy.

    porra so tem gringo aqui.

  78. Noah Blackwolf


  79. Oh Snap

    This song give anyone destiel vibes? Like the lyrics. Just me? Ok lmao

    Joshua MAC

    Not just you!

  80. Kerriann Garcia

    Maybe I'm crazy.
    Maybe I'm weak.
    Guess I can never set you free.
    So fly on your own.
    It's time I let you go.
    Guess she came back... Like we all do if we found a good heart home ♥️🏡🐰🦊🐺🦉😇

  81. Rachel Trend

    Good song ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  82. Alexandra Garrison1331

    I know I commented on this years ago but can't find my comment love this song my ex boyfriend turned me onto it and I'm still in love with him too😓

  83. Gery Thomas


  84. Craig Robinson

    I have never heard a song with so much passion and soul as this song it has a really calm feel to it words carnt describe

  85. ICE ACC CH

    Best Song But Why 17 Million View I Don't understand

  86. ICE ACC CH

    I'M Come Back Here In 2019

  87. Rachel Trend

    Good song ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  88. Milly S

    "You wanted a soldier but it wasn't me"
    It's true that rock n roll just hits you in your heart speaking the truth, I cry everytime I hear it

  89. Jodi Jaglowicz

    Still listening ♥️

    Adam Mulvaney

    Almost 2020 and still is amazing

  90. Patrick Robbie

    I heard this years ago.

    I finally came back. hello again

  91. Richard Chuar

    "Walls are built to keep us safe"
    Trump: "I approved it, and it will be pay by Mexican."

  92. Richard Chuar

    It's time I let to you go ==> It's time I let you to go

  93. Epic Gamer

    Poor fricken bird

  94. Cony Gamer1919

    YES i find this song YES

  95. Tyler Smith

    Ok I love this song, can someone please explain this song without being mean??


    To me, it's about letting someone go that doesn't want to be with you anymore, even though you love them deeply, and setting them free precisely because you love them and hoping that they will find happiness wherever that may be.

  96. Valentino Spagnuolo

    the sound looks like that of 74-75 of the connells

  97. Kel Poole

    If you'd quit going to hell then you might find her

  98. Randy Smith

    This song was fucking amazing when they played live at new York State Fair I love it