Theophilus London - I Want You Lyrics

Accept the new, Your picture on my phone I was expecting you
Arrived at the airport, I meet you outside
The girl in the blue dress palm, trees wild
Hazy streets, pale air breeze
Luggage is black and Balboa Sleeves
Crucifix me, Crucifix me. Mr. Lucifer has got nothing against me
Hotel stop! Pull up at the Ramada, light years ahead, she don't wear Prada
Church bells. Ring ah it was her momma
A Sherm to be built it ain't no Honda
I want you dear, I made it clear
I had dreams of us. A trickles glare
Blouse undone, and nibbled ears
Sunset drive, lipstick smeared
I need to tell you, your sexual attention and not to mention uh I'm getting red
This is black cat, won't you get ahead. Start a new day let the better spread
Monatoe fops hitt'em with myscop I'm think we should dash over time with sash-spots
Because your hands on my hands, your skin on my hands. Your skin that's my plans. Follow throught
Hey, Hey, I want you. I want you, I want you the right way
You know I want you but I want you to want me too
I want you to wan me to, just like I want you
I give you all the love, I want in return sweet darlin'
But half of love is all I feel
It's too bad, it's just too sad
You don't want me now
But I'm gonna change your mind
Someway, somehow, oh baby

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Theophilus London I Want You Comments
  1. Sage T Scippio

    I wantchu dear, Vashie!😛😅✌🏿🙏🏾💜💯

  2. Elbeida angel

    J aimais trop cette vidéo,pourquoi elle n est plus disponible?

  3. ΓΛBIПθCθJθ


  4. Dorothy Hannover

    i don't hear any audio???


    And you won't.

  5. Antonieta Nunes

    the best cover song i ever heard. for real.

  6. Doktor Holiday

    Theophilus be killing these classic joints!

  7. Joanna Tomkiewicz

    love it

  8. Sam Lockhart

    Hmmm....unnecessarily creepy and out-of-place black and red opening (and that short bit at the very end), but the rest of the song is pretty great. Amazing, actually.

  9. Nick Hicks

    Smooth brother...I need a video for a strangers heart

  10. zombiesR tasty

    Never knew rap music could be so sexual with such class... such class.. 

  11. wut wat


  12. wut wat


  13. Dreamosityyy

    Smooth… So so smooth.

  14. 187onYaAs

    No Answers


    I like the classy GQ vibe. This is grown man music right here.

  16. Antoine L'Heureux

    marvin gaye killed this track

  17. NewWaveWayne

    i will give you all the love i want in return 

  18. NewWaveWayne

    german built that aint no honda

  19. agnete Nielsen

    Anybody that can recommend songs like this? This is amazing <3

  20. NewWaveWayne

    may i ask who chooses who he wants to be by his side and why does his choice bother you so much please just enjoy the music and dont worry about anything else

  21. TheOriginalCoasta

    you clearly haven't seen many of his videos...that's all i see in them

  22. Leex 95

    Why do you think this is on purpose?Lighten up.

  23. bakutobiker

    Flying overseas: only one woman, and she's black.

  24. mattvaivas

    Y'all I'm pretty sure the lady is Asian with a blonde wig. Va$htie Kola + Theophilus London = All TRINI EVERYTHAAANG!!!

  25. Urban Gold

    just for the record, she is asian :)
    TL is GREAT!

  26. Diego Gomez

    make it watchable on mobileeeee

  27. Bartolo Espana

    What a sexy song/video
    Def a gettin' down track

  28. bigace80

    lol i just realized this dude is taking pictures on a Polaroid with shades on

  29. Lou Lenehan

    Watch the video for Flying Overseas.

  30. To A Degree

    I believe researchsiempre's argument is invalid...


  31. akrasia

    if i'm not mistaken she is/was the girlfried of norman reedus (daryl dixon)!! luckiest woman on earth! *----------*

  32. Alexander

    I'm high

  33. Dylan

    A black man can't like white women? That's a bit racist.. I say Theophilus does what he wants, I just like the music.

  34. Sebastian Appiah

    flying overseas got one

  35. anna correia

    Vashtie be disappointing me with her videos daawwg

  36. Tom Nunn

    soo cool

  37. 101dkokomaster

    hahahahahhah people like u should never ever be taken seriously

  38. Tommy Keavy

    360p sounds like it's on vinyl. or like it SHOULD've sounded. Classic. fuckin' Theophilus is just... original! fuck this new DRAKE shit...pssshhhh hahaha!

  39. Ourtistic Integrity

    this video is disrespecting this song... the song is so climatic but the video is so ol "i don't know how to work a camera" ish... kinda sextape-ish

  40. Shibali Patra

    Not true! check out Overseas. plus he has the right to artistic expession

  41. Mr. B.


  42. Josian Luma

    c'est de L'ART.

  43. phukboy3

    love this song

  44. Randy F.

    stfu. who gives a shit, be over that racial crap. miss us with all that

  45. Jen Chan

    :( objectification or something something haha


    I'm referring to your words.


    That is pure racism!

  48. CraziiSexyKidd

    His video for Flying Overseas has a dark skinned black woman as his opposite. The race of the women in his videos doesn't make him self-loathing smh. It's not that serious.

  49. Jacquelina

    Marvin Gaye!!

  50. MrMarc279

    Who's to thank for the the funk ass 2nd half of this song? can't find anything else like that THEOPHILUS LONDON

  51. Hannah Sprout

    this sucks


    Theo should've let her keep those sunglasses. theres something sexy about a woman with almost nothing on but an oxford shirt & sunglasses.

  53. Forest Green

    Maybe he just likes white girls?... How does that mean he is self hating? You can't expect every black artist has to be on a great ethical mission (or whatever). But I do get your point, I think you're just overthinking it. Listen to Crazy Cousins - definite African influences in that song

  54. rodrigomev

    do you have any evidence that he is a self-hater? you know, this is just not enough for you to keep saying bullshit about somebody you don't even know

  55. Kearah-Armonie

    Well that escalated quickly

  56. Tom Smita

    Built my mind

  57. YannickLB

    Thats racist!!!

  58. bballgmr

    his video "flying overseas" stars him and a beautiful black woman. Also at a live video of the same song on youtube he pulled a black woman out the crowd and danced with her on stage...I think it's just a coincidence

  59. Alpha Kapa

    Embrace the remix

  60. lemay77

    i can see wat you are sayin i did notice thatbut music dont have a color music is music

  61. soSpecialkay

    He sounds like LL Cool J

  62. Suki Jones

    she's half asian though. and she is gorgeous.

  63. Xan Sharifan

    Utah Jazz hat, fuck yeah!

  64. José Valério

    Not from Madonna!!! It's from Marvin Gaye!!!

  65. José Valério

    Please... Marvin Gaye - I want you! the real one! not from Madonna!

  66. AbeshHeart

    im black and the other guys right... dont assume :P

  67. researchsiempre

    you're barely literate, pal, so stfu. thanks.

  68. tramon13

    its about the music not video vixens

  69. tramon13

    or maybe no black girls auditioned in the casting to be in this video besides dont make conclusion about sum1 who never said he doesnt like his own race maybe white women r his preference who cares its racist of u to act like he has to like black women an if there not in the videos u saw assume he doesnt like them at al if they were any other besides white u wouldnt have even thought to make that comment hade they been latino it would be fine but since there white he must not like blackpeople

  70. MultiRichBoss


  71. Ida N

    I'm guessing you've never seen the video for Flying Overseas.

  72. andreea daniela

    Ok babe, I'm waiting for you, don't forget the chocolate and the cream,it seems to me that it will be a very long and exciting night, xoxo!

  73. andreea daniela

    Because, baby, this song turns me on, so get in bed, NOW!

  74. Christian Chr

    My girlfriend sent me here. Why?

  75. Sydneylrn2

    the girls in his videos are typically people he hangs out with, the girl in this video who has also been in other videos is actually a close friend of his

  76. Sydneylrn2

    the white girl in the video is his friend, she has been in another video also...

  77. ewanell

    "Cruifix me, crucifix me. Lucifer aint got nuttin against me".

  78. MotivDetermined


  79. Bolden Michael

    what marvin gaye???

  80. researchsiempre

    You're naive. Of the 5 of 6 videos I've seen of this dude, he typically has a white girl as the love interest. My comment is broader than whom a black man employs. I work in the entertainment industry and when casting calls are made, specific women are chosen for specific reasons. I know black women wearing natural hair that were told by casting managers to get weaves for a more white or European 'look' if they want to work. You don't have a clue what you're talking about on this issue.

  81. researchsiempre

    And when you apply for a job and are over-looked because the boss finds the white female applicant 'hotter' than you, be sure to remember it's just his "preference" and not discrimination.

  82. pagliano.selänne

    watch flying overseas

  83. researchsiempre

    lol. "rrrrracisssst." Is that the only word you know, fool? I'm speaking as a black woman. Nothing I said was racist. It was apparently accurate.

  84. musichologist

    what a racist comment !

  85. thecaitlinrose

    oh my god this is too good

  86. researchsiempre

    Funny, I never see black women in any of his videos. There are plenty of gorgeous black female models, but this dude Theophilus is clearly color struck. I won't be supporting anything he's involved in from here on out. Nothing I hate worse than a self-hating black man.

  87. CuDerRaGer

    At first i was attracted to this guys music because he sounded like kidcudi but then i listened more and more and this guy is just simply amazing, mixing funk, rap and r&b to creat euphoric sounds is fucking genius this guy is genius and i hope he works with great artist and never change.

  88. Melina Papadaki

    "I need to tell you there is sexual tension and not to mention I'm getting red" ...

  89. peter dimas

    definitely. also, chiddy bang.

  90. TheZaxaphone

    @smango51 only after?

  91. Sydneylrn2


  92. Roxanne Kalie

    Love this!!!!

  93. Teech

    it gradually gets better as you listen

  94. Kyle Simmons

    I'm Feeling this Joint

  95. Flo Kennedy

    This fucking instrumental and Marvin Gaye sample.. eargasm.