Theophilus London - Cold Pillow Lyrics

[Bridge: Jesse Boykins III]
And I wonder
The strangest feeling taking me under
You had purpose, see you were my lover
And now you're taking chunks of me

Don't wanna free her, her
Tearing me up, up
Don't wanna need her, her
Don't wanna see her, her
It's gonna be a, a

[Hook: x4]
It's gonna be a, a
It's gonna be a cold, cold pillow tonight

[Verse 1: Theophilus]
I can't speak no more, for I'm speechless
You made me strong, but you became weakness
Rain in town, I'm down tryna defeat this
This sickness, that I witness

Times together, they became senseless
Her minds were other wheres, other fares
Came true to light, like love affairs
But you took for granted how a brother cares

And now you're changing it up, up
Don't wanna give up, but
Don't wanna live uh, uh
It's fucking me up, up
But waking me up, up
Forsaken for what, what
It's taking me up, up
Mistaking for her, her
It's gonna be a


Gotta get her uh uh [repeats]

[Verse 2: Theophilus]
So I'm rolling around town, inbound just trying to figure out
Came a close pros, now foes ripping the picture out
Clothes, dirt thrown, we're grown but still kiddin out
Trying to maintain my sane, but you trippin out

What do we get from this
Best kept on this
Let's bet on this
I'm set on this
Get wet on this
You next on this
Your neck on this
B-Bless on bitch [x6]
You Bless on Bitch
Bless on Bitch

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Theophilus London Cold Pillow Comments
  1. JustTrina //

    Ugh MySpace days

  2. Julian Guevara

    Remember bumping this joint back in HS '12 frequently. Them bois thought I was weird, but Theo was ahead of his time

  3. Marcsxx

    WAVES 🌊⚡️

  4. cinthya tamayo

    Wont truly ever love this song again, still reminds me of my ex.



  5. Jordan Mars

    Searched all day for this song.

    Shingeki no Propane

    Jordan Mars
    Cold Pillow-Machinedrum Remix


    Lol I remember finding this song on the iPod my older sister gave me when I was a kid and I still love it haha

  7. Aaron Toland


    Moa Tesarz

    Aaron Toland showed u this song like 10 years ago 😄

  8. JayMike Florida

    LmAo this is my favorite one from y'all .. #SatisfyingSaturday #LoverBoy #ItsGonnaBe ... Peace family

  9. MrFimms

    Wow, open up another tab in your browser en open this song. Start this one at 00:00 and the other one at 00:12 so the beat syncs..way better

  10. saint-ethizer

    Muzik to make luv to...

  11. jnberger

    This is so good.

  12. E-Pluribus-Unum

    this instrumental is insane...this may be one of the most under-appreciated songs i've ever heard...

  13. naptownballa317