Theophilus London - A Strangers Heart Lyrics

[Hook: Jack Penate]
I'm ripping your posters off the wall
I'm moving the boxes into the hall
I stop when I hear a drumbeat call
Must be a sign, it is time

[Verse 1: Theophilus]
Five minutes has arrived, cab fare's paid
She says she's outside and she's trying to get laid
One bed in the room cashmere face
When I touch her skin, the goose goose raise
I'm trying to live it up on my last year's pay
2010 was a good year, hey
I live six months like it's all in one day
The UK, New York skies stay gray

And yea I'm still charming jams, stay
A house by the beach, leave shoes on the bay
The pulse beat beat turns me on in the morn'
And race race race I complete our dance
And bass bass bass got my feet on
In brown loafers, and red sofas
Momma said dance, cause I'm a steal hearts
The lovers have arrived, where should I start, Jack!

[Hook: Jack Penate]
It's not like my feet are stuck to the floor
It's not like I'm wanting to know about the door
I want you to throw my shoes in the fire
And I'll watch the souls burn on the funeral pyre

And I'm over and it will change my position
And I'll know that nobody, nobody's listening
And that's easy for me and it's better for the soul
And it's better for you and it's better for all

[Verse 2: Theophilus]
I like the way you look through my camera
Why are you still dressed, are you an amateur?
I hear the flash go, and it's your last go
Hurry up the water in the bath, yo
She love when I'm in control when she pass go
Ha, take her to space like an astro
Ain't nothing to eat but Castro (ew)

Now take my heart away
And she the type that'll make me put my guard away
Same time slippin
This is very dangerous, and same time hitting
And fall in love with a stranger, no different
And one night with a stranger, no kissing
And next bar, next drink got me slow sipping
I'm not trying to wake up like Mr Eddie Griffin (Noooooo!)

[Jack Penate:]
I'm over with words, I'm moving in lines
And all that I put is jump up inside, jump off the side

I will have to pull my heart away

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Theophilus London A Strangers Heart Comments
  1. Juan Castro

    2018, I keep coming back

    Juan Castro

    2019 now.

  2. skafabafa

    everytime this bring a big smile on my face! :D

  3. Michael Broadway

    I wanna get on this instrumental

  4. J Reed


  5. Indo Wenes


  6. Malcolm Bracey

    Dope asss shit ... Add me as a contact people lol

  7. MissyLouTheCow

    well fuck these beats are fuckin awesome! so creative its like planned improv fuck ion even know its just so .. cool? yeah cool!

  8. Justine Verret

    I like his older stuff. sounds better.

  9. Justine Verret

    My favorite from Theophilus.

  10. Indo Wenes

    @BrittOlinder Oh wait! It's The Stranglers? Which song is this? Thanks!

  11. Indo Wenes

    Anyone know who he is sampling at the beginning? It sounds like a super awesome 80's song. I'd love to know who :D

  12. Connor Sandefur

    @nerdgirlbytheway Just search for "Theophilus London I Want You download." A couple of blogs and places like that had it.