The-Dream - What It Look Like Lyrics

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The-Dream What It Look Like Comments
  1. Christopher Lewis

    This song is super dope and one of my faves. The beat is crazy good. Dream will always be the man.

  2. Loko Tsai

    sounds like this

  3. Royal Royal


  4. Royal Royal


  5. AM93D

    I swear ppl sleep on this project

  6. Mclaren_Karen

    Tell me what it look like😏🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑💃💃💃

  7. Royal Royal

    when she do this when she say that ———>👏what👏it👏look👏like <————-😂 sexy af❣️

  8. Kelly Lewis


  9. iRocGrl

    Thank you for completing 2018 for me