The-Dream - That's My Shit Lyrics

You try to make her wyle out
I just make her wyle out


She don't love you cause if she did
She wouldn't be all on my phone right now like that's my dick
Nigga she don't love you cause if she did
She wouldn't be all in the club reppin' like she my bitch
Nigga that's my shit, you can't stand it but that's my shit
Don't need to be dramatic but that's my shit
Let a nigga try to come behind me
She met you while tryna find me
Try to nevermind me
Ain't gotta remind me boy that's my shit

You try to make her wyle out, I just make her wyle out (turn up)
I put that pussy in the rain, you put that pussy in a drought
I make her wanna stay, you just make her wanna leave
She want me to put a ring on it, but you, she don't wanna be seen
We've been places that you'll never, ever, ever go
Don't know shit about her that you'll never, ever know
I know how to push that button, trust me y'all just fuckin'
And you gon say that you don't care but I know you give a fuck (nigga)


I call and she comin', you call, hit the button
Love it when I shove in and I have it all in her stomach
You the type "The hell, why you ain't call me or nothin'"
Man I wouldn't have the bitch in the mall with me for nothin'
You can keep the petty conversation
We know two words, orgasm and penetration
Big dawg, ball to the wall, goin' all in
Send her ass back to ya, hope you fall in
Kick it with her ratchet friends,
you took all ten of 'em with you to the club
and got 'em all in, scrub
Bet anything you would give one day
To know the life that a real nigga live one day
Know what it like when nigga fuck with you for real for running yay
That can still hit the streets and get a mil in one day
So bet, bet if she met the King,
the only thing you could be,
Is the next best thing nigga


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