The-Dream - She Needs My Love Lyrics

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The-Dream She Needs My Love Comments
  1. Farrah Robinson

    I said he's like the air.... without him I'll....... <3

  2. Natasha Jones

    Love this song 2020

  3. wesley shelton

    one day my friend was jammin this song and she was splittin ass all on the floor an bouncin it..

  4. Less Black

    2019 still here

  5. Kenn R

    2019 button

  6. Rye Rose

    2019 AND THEN SOME! 🖤😍

  7. Nesha Britwood

    Throwback 😎

  8. Miriam McCarty

    That run at the end came from Jodeci's Cry For You. The Dream took it and made it his own. Much respect.

  9. Purtisha Wood

    Look lol i still ain't get my refund

  10. Latoya J

    This song needs a video!! My favorite song!!

  11. Terry Walker

    Hell yeah u knoe it

  12. brian hawkins

    Still my shit 2019

  13. Cerious Shine

    2019 and I'm still a fan.

  14. Clarissa Prince

    2019 I just came across my girl my jam

  15. Crystal Morfin

    2019 where y'all at???

  16. Preshus Rankins

    Here in 2019 Remy Red on the book

  17. Saysha Broussard


  18. anthony hamiter


  19. megajustme09

    I love this album.

  20. Richee Banks

    the AD kills it when your listening to Nikki and waiting for this beat to drop. only people who actually bought the album would understand.

    Rose Vincent

    For real! 😂😂

    TrashPanda -

    From here to Falsetto too!!!

  21. vonvontco

    2018 still my shit

  22. Kayisha Thompson

    Tap for 2018

  23. A DamnDoll

    Used to break my repeat button w/this💩

  24. Amber Raquel

    Listening in 2018 🙌🏽

  25. D Money

    Still one of my favorites in 2018!!!

  26. Ironx Gal

    2018 and this is stilllll my jam

    Ftc Frosty

    Like this today thu

  27. Atlantis Denise !

    My momma got me hooked she plays the CD in the car all the time!😂😭💓

  28. Angel Corry

    Take me back to 09 -10 🙌🏿

  29. Natasha Armstrong

    My baby daddy needs my love and he gets that I'm breaking it off lol

    Grand Old Soul

    sounds healthy

  30. chicagocold312

    The leak from Nikki to this to Falsetto was so cold...

    Murphy Montana

    chicagocold312 facts!!

  31. bufana milana

    Still a banger

  32. 2010ladycat

    she needs my love!!!! I loved this song and album

  33. AYEwhatido

    I used to bump this joint on the regular

  34. anthony verdun

    used to make me think about this girl I was in college with she left before I could tell her I wanted her

  35. Star Smith

    like if you still listen in 2017🙌


    Star Smith it's 2018! I'm still listening 🎧

  36. Greg Baxter

    This beat tho!!!!! Love this song!!!

  37. Sharica Isaac

    if it ain't my love you better have a Dr on standby

  38. James Robinson

    OMG SOOOO MANY MEMORIES!!! I love singing this song!! Hmm maybe I should do a cover...

  39. Tonaea Webb

    haven't heard this in a minute a sound In class made me remember this song LOL!!

  40. MsBaileyLayne

    I played this shit to death!!

    K D'ija King

    Yaassss, me too! can't get enough

    Chill Ice

    2017 ballin!

    marty drake

    MsBaileyLayne still in '18

  41. Miles Foster

    She said with out the air without me shill die.....

  42. Raven Robertson

    shorty need my love !!!

  43. Eugene Palmdeuce

    My Love!!!!🌴✌

  44. Xo Blooded

    Man I love This song


    One of my fave songs in the love/hate album ....Nikki the hardest track tho!!!!


    crystal Whitaker true

    Murphy Montana

    crystal Whitaker FACTSSS

  46. King & Prince

    The Dream One Of The Best Underrated R&B Artist But His Music Speaks For It Self

    SuperPhdiva SRB

    Love King yes!

    King & Prince

    @SuperPhdiva Respect & Salute To You For Knowing Great Music 💪💪💪

    SuperPhdiva SRB

    Love King thank u

    King & Prince

    You Welcome Salute

  47. Trikisha Sarden

    hell yeah I need your love can I have your love Dream?

    diamond scott

    Your a creep

    Trikisha Sarden

    @diamond scott stop talking about and to your self

    Lydale Purnell

    one of my favorite songs

    Lydale Purnell

    one of my favorite songs

  48. Felicia Johnson

    sounds like Jodeci beat