The-Dream - Outkast Lyrics

My little perfect thing
I wanna crash your fantasy
Woman I wanna be that everyday thing on your mind
Just love me endlessly
I swear I'll be whatever you need
Put me on the clock promise I won't waste your time

I know you think I'm just the same as them lil niggaz, them lil niggaz
Them bullshitters, them bullshitters
Baby, you too mean to be fucking with them lil niggaz
Yeah, I'm high as fuck and I'm drunk as fuck but I'm here witcha
And I wanna be yours
Just tell me baby you bout this, this ain't shit, I got this
Wanna be yours
Just tell me baby you want this and I'm on it, on it
Can I be yours, baby
Fuck everything you heard just say word, say word
Yo oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-urs

Pussy niggaz be hating, fuck niggaz be lying
And bitches always talk shit, I leave them hoes every time
I'm just looking for that moment, that real love shit
That feeling that I felt when that 1st outkast hit
Called, Southernplayali-
Nothing but strictly Cadillac pimpin, that pimpin I'm putting on all of these bitches
Except you, except you; you're too cool
I'm a be the one that never left you
If you was the girl that I never stepped to
It would be awful, left with regrets
Never disrespect, If you loving me baby I'm loving you too
3 years later tell your sister to come and pick up her nephew, nephew

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The-Dream Outkast Comments
  1. Elvennessia ÑeNé Santanah

    This song is the shit especially the screwed version 100

    joe Cool

    had to look that up NeNe ...niceee thank you

  2. burger6599

    perfect late night drive song with a girl in the passenger side