The-Dream - It's Yo Birthday (Live Interlude) Lyrics

Make a wish for me, put on this for me
Turn this bitch up to a thousand degrees
Suck up the ice, and girl you're enticing
I'ma knock that shit out like a '89 version of Mike Tyson
Girl, listen to me, I come bearing gifts
From your lips to your hips
And open up, open up

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The-Dream It's Yo Birthday (Live Interlude) Comments
  1. Arturo Ruiz JR

    Wrong name!?

  2. DaeDae's Slotluck

    This title is wrong. Actual song title is Drop some new sh!t..

  3. Younes Abouaissa

    Ayyooooo wtf ... This song title is '' drop some new shit '' and not it's yo birthday .

  4. Thermionic Tube

    This song has a 90s dreamy sound

  5. Royal Royal


  6. Mr62Slimm 713

    Skeeet Skeet action on this joint Right here!!!!!

  7. Royal Royal


  8. Plane Walker

    This is "Drop some New shit" NOT It's yo Birthday"

  9. David Mku ugwuanyi

    Intro like young MA

    Michael Holguin

    Does she have a song similar to this?

    David Mku ugwuanyi

    @Michael Holguin only the intro sound like her the beginning all her songs sound like this intro

    Jazmyn Brown

    Hahahaha a woman damnnnn