The-Dream - Hell Mary Lyrics

Seem like everybody out here lookin' for they miracle
And I been shootin' up on units, swear to God that you won't tell a soul, oh
What love got to do, don't make me choose (Don't make me choose)
Who needs Jesus (Who needs Jesus)
When I got you? (When I got you?)
You hell Mary (You hell Mary)
But you're my muse (But you're my muse)
If I'm the devil (If I'm the devil)
What that make you? (What that make you?)

You hell Mary
You hell Mary

Sacrificing everything for me
You do that for me (For me)
Sacrificing everything for you (For you)
You ever seen an angel fall from the sky at night?
You ever seen an angel fall from the sky at night?
You ever seen an angel fall from the sky at night?
Have you ever seen an angel fall from the sky at night?

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The-Dream Hell Mary Comments
  1. siccboysicc

    Prince = comments.

  2. Billy Green, Jr.


  3. Dominique Popinski

    This sums up my feels an was main motivation song to do better. Lost the angel though lol smh.

  4. Badasi12b

    This song is crazy! God i wish it was longer!

  5. Anna Thompson

    I'd love to be in his mind for one sure it would be beautiful organized chaos

  6. Anna Thompson

    Everything his beautiful mind creates is so amazing

  7. Carl Howard

    A lot of little red Corvette in here. But I really enjoy the way he put this jam together. The beat and production stays on point.

  8. Shakina Frink


  9. Cesaleo Reyes

    🔥 Prince Vibe 🔥

  10. Stoney Hill

    Why does this song remind me of Prince little red Corvette......?

  11. Megg Anne Joye

    Riding 70 mph sundown down sun setting warm spring evening reach over and hold your partners hand 😍😍 such a nostalgic feeling

  12. Cris Dorcas

    U hell me

  13. N.j Williams

    Amazing. Conjured up prince for this one 👑

  14. Crystal The Amplifier

    I need someone to launch an instrumental on this 🔥

  15. Jason Mccullar

    One of my favorite songs on the album. It has a retro but yet futuristic vibe to it. I also enjoy the lyrical content.

  16. Xavier Levesque


  17. General Tso's

    My fav song on the album. Wish it was longer!!!

  18. Dominion UNPHAZ3D

    i like this from dream keep it up my guy RadioKillah love tha prince vibes

  19. Matt Dealin

    These ladies be Hell Mary frfr💯

  20. Matt Dealin

    Prince mode📢💯💯💯💯🔥

  21. Nikki Ransom

    Ima in love with the entire album..😍😍😍😍😍 thank you

  22. J- LEETHAL

    This was a demonic song but indeed An ode to The Artist

  23. Christopher Lewis

    Wish this was a full song. This is incredible.

  24. Royal Royal


  25. starr la roc

    Definitely one of my favs!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  26. Darryl Chavours

    its a prince I would die for you sample

  27. Reuben LaMar

    This is a Prince vibe 4 sure. Delivery & vibe on point!

  28. ogMamaRed 380

    Check out his song yahama same prince vibes

    Star Monroe

    ogMamaRed 380 definitely same vibes

  29. Keysean Martin

    Prince vibes

  30. Plane Walker

    Giving me slight Prince vibes....

  31. Erwin Nez

    Fast car pt. 3

    Ace OfChange

    Erwin Nez 😂😂 for real

    Debbie Parker

    Pt2? Was?

    Erwin Nez

    @Debbie Parker yamaha!