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The-Dream Ditch That... Comments
  1. Jayana’s Life

    I'm 41 and loved this song from the first beat I heard. Puts me in girly ganstga mood.

  2. Mellifluous

    I know this whole album by heart man. Used to play it on my walkman everyday on the walk to school (5th grade)

  3. With Expectancy


  4. Skalia Leiataua

    11 years later and this beat still pumps my life!!!


    So true I don't why people sleep on him

  5. Lyn S.

    Still fresh!

  6. Joey Polo

    this jam is so fire and underrated

  7. therandomgirl31

    This song gets me so hyped

  8. TheGymnastic101

    Tamina and Joey brought me here.

  9. DeAnna Mckinney

    this song crazy

  10. Parker Foster

    3:29 is the best part! he need to make a song to that

  11. John Mercado

    I don't see any recent comments Dx

  12. Christie Johnson

    Lol Ditch Tht Isxzz dha Sonqq ♥

  13. Hector Bravo

    beat sounds like farts lol

  14. DasCribb34

    yea like missy elliot

  15. Debatethecause3

    sounds like a femle

  16. Carmen Hall

    i am doing a hip hop dance to this in dance class

    Erique Cornwell

    How did that dance go 7 yrs ago lol

    Samantha Primiano

    Facts ^^

  17. whatareyou100

    the beginning is SICK

    Romeo Tango

    Bitches would LOSE their mind when this went on...miss those times

  18. ThisMonkeyLovesDance

    luv this song <3

  19. Stef SF

    ela elaaaaaaa....elaaaaaaaaaa eh eh eh --------

  20. blsogod

    taco bell?

  21. Danielle Adames

    still love this song.. especiaally the beat =]

  22. Giana Bass

    i love you xD

  23. Giana Bass

    yes i love des

  24. yohinomura13014

    le titre sur lequel je danserai cet été, lors du spectacle de danse le 3 juillet 2010

  25. mari carmen herrera

    Lo que me a costado encontrar esta musica ....

  26. Desire Netten

    love this song.

  27. Rush Dos

    some good club musicccccccccc

  28. Hannah B

    I can make your days and nights feel like fantasies.
    Ella -eh-eh-eh!

  29. Hannah B

    Ella- eh -eh -eh
    I can make your days and nights look like fantasies.

  30. Canluca2009

    schick deine msn addy dann schicke ich es dir

  31. Canluca2009

    jahre und monate nach das lied gesucht und endlich gefunden beste party lied

    danke im vorraus

    wenn jemand so welche rnb music in der richtung kennt bitte melden

  32. Ladii Jae

    ditch that nigga!!!

  33. Jesús Samaniego Meléndez

    We might like the songs which are not in spanish because we like having some culture...not like you.
    You can't see beyond your language and your country, that's sad!

  34. kawaiiaix

    great song..the beat is awesome!..Thank you ^_^

  35. batusinas

    esta eR Eder la parteeeee

  36. Mou D. Stinson

    es un temazo!!
    y el baile de yaima y javier tmbn

  37. Virginia H.C

    Pues si tienes toda la razón, pedazo de coreo que se marcaron

  38. Andrea92sbd

    creoo q toda la gente q a descubierto esta cancion ahora, es por la pedazoo de coreeoo de yaima i javier
    me encantaa!!! tanto la cancion! como la coreo!

  39. Orosia Arribas


  40. Maximiko k

    (L) FAMA (L) THIS SONG!!!!!

  41. Layla Alegría

    diioos graaciias a faama podeemo diisfrutaar de temazooos como este!


  42. Maria Armas

    se salee:)

  43. AmDoll

    yes lol

  44. JoshPak


  45. Liliana Fernandes


    YA É idgr15


  46. Liliana Fernandes




  47. Liliana Fernandes

    I cant hear the song!!

    why ??

  48. coolbri07

    so wait...i'm confused. are you saying that robin thicke and justin aren't creative? i'm not dissing/doubting, i'm just trying to understand...

    I definitely think that what Robin does for r and b is different and unique from the typical stuff we're used to hearing from the genre. and i guess i can see why ppl don't like justin, but i personally like him. and his last album was definitely an upgrade from his first solo album.

  49. Reggie B

    i personally dont like the n word being used
    but the entire concept of this song is off the hook they is a 80s feel to it in the background to it a bit of a new jack swing undertone.

    It is simply thy best rnb club hopping song i heard in a while .
    In a time when robin thicke and justin timberlake are stepping up and really smashing the charts the dream is wat is needed to infuse creativity back in to urban soul music like rnb

  50. Victor Stone

    it really is good!

  51. JasonEB03

    this remix is horriable.

  52. ciarafan2164

    i luv thiz is awsome

  53. RiftRaft123

    on like everysong the girl has him by the balls. I like da beat though

  54. Lorenzo G.

    got'em up in da club

  55. Adjani


  56. alfred jackson

    this song is poping

  57. Erica Fernandez

    o.dee lubb disz sonq!

  58. Pirathees Rajaratnam

    Killah !!! The american dream is the best !!!

  59. likewee

    dis song is da best people yaaaa

  60. ZimeeZam

    i LOVE thiis songg &&hav forrh agess hahaha ii cantget ovaa it.. i love eht ! xxo

  61. queenjo718

    i luv this song

  62. Farah Yazid

    This Song Just Makez Me Wanna Get Hyphy But Itz Not Hyphy Music IDK But Tha Shty Is Hott!!

  63. HottestFilmBoy

    umm u mean TIMBALAND!!

  64. HottestFilmBoy

    umm u mean TIMBALAND!!

  65. xDaRkZer0BlAzEx

    this song is fiyaaa!!

    i like the beat at 3:47 till the end, shits hot

    this is my new favorite song yo lol

  66. Indira

    Hot song! The more I listen to this song, the more I like it!

  67. Rampage M

    like tamberlake beat....well

  68. steph stephf

    hott songgg =]

  69. Phoenix Blaise

    that bridge is fire. he needs a remix with a whole song with that flavor

  70. Hassan Mahmood

    yea i thought it was missy elliot too. love this song.

  71. Jonilee4292

    this is my new favorite song..its so catchy.. and im kinda in that situation right now


    This is hot Dream this needs to be your next single and video on 106 and park its hot like fire!!!!!!!! I know its old but im loving it your bigest fan!!!!!!!!!

  73. Dari Galvez

    even tho he sounds a lil like a bitch i still love his music. especially that falsetto rocks mi sockz like totally

  74. duney

    What a fucking tune! I personally enjoy all the "eh" action in this song, goes well. Loving the album too, particularly the 80s sounding "Fast Car"


  75. Marly M.

    loveeeeeeeeeeee this song. =]

  76. Vee's Outings

    dammn! everysong on his album is a hit!! dis song is fiyah

  77. panamaniantwix

    the song is hot... after i heard this...its already on my ipod

  78. norcoboy

    the dream niggggaa

  79. berkani inakreb

    who produced it?Tricky Stewart again?

  80. MzLee06

    go aheaddd this beat is fiya!!!

  81. Vee's Outings

    thiz is hot the beat is crazy ;sounds like a timabaland production

  82. marcia09

    i looooooooove this song

  83. fran banj

    one of a kind man his tooo good at his shit DAMNN.. his album's in ma POCKET G .!!
    EH EH