The-Dream - All I Need Lyrics

Let's go, leave everything and let's go
To a place where no one else can know
Let's run, let's hide
In a place that no one will ever find

All I need is you baby, you
All I need is you baby
You're the only one I need
All I need is you baby, you
You're all I ever need
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
You and your endless amount of love

Let's kill to be alive
Make sure there's nothin' in between us, both you and I
Let's fly, up until the moment we die
Live in a mansion where there aren't any rooms to be shy

All I need is you baby, you
You're the only one I need
All I need is you baby, you
You're the only one I need
All I need is you baby
You're the only one I need
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
All I need is you baby
All I ever need is you baby
You and your endless amount of love

Majestic confessions, the heart of the restless
When I look into your eyes
Your flawless complexion just impacting my affection
Without you I'd die

All I need is you baby, you
All I need is you baby, you
All I need is you baby, you
All I need is you baby
You baby, you baby
You and your endless amount of love

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The-Dream All I Need Comments
  1. William Miller

    The dream be killing the game ,just add it to the list

  2. LyfeMusiq

    What album is this on

  3. Quazan Collins


  4. Tiara Stevenson

    Straight chills yes virgo ✨✨✨

  5. Wes Simmons

    Patiently waiting on that Love Affair Album.

  6. Lady T Oates

    One of his coldest song's

  7. Brittany

    Underrated asf 2019

  8. d scott

    I say he is an exclusive artist. Needs no radio play or buzz. Everyone who fuck wit his music is an exclusive fan

  9. Marty Lemons

    Hot song

  10. Keana Spencer

    This is 🔥

  11. Roscoe Wa.

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Raphael

    I been trying to find this EP everywhere and I can only find it here.

  13. Donna Dana Anaya

    The Dream always on fire 🔥

  14. Justa Gamer

    The Dream, Jeremih and Ray J <3

  15. Piineapple Head

    Triangle illuminati 🔺

  16. Avery Davis

    Mad this ain't in tidal for years I have to come to this playlist just to hear it. This album is pure flame...

  17. Larvelle Bell

    The Dream Writes For The Weekend #ThePenIsReal

  18. He Remains KING

    All I need is you, baby!

  19. MᴀKᴇɴAʀᴛ

    I see Dream was channeling his inner MJ on this one. Not that he sounds like MJ, but in the chorus part he's singing it in the vocal style of how MJ would possibly sing it...First time I'm ever hearing this. I like it.

  20. Troy Lewis Jr.

    the-dream has never left. only taking his creaive control independently. as he should he a boss aka radio killa. always in forever my favorite of all-time after mj lol ijs

  21. Paid Already


  22. Shawnie Davidson

    These lyric videos are so on point 😍😍

  23. Unknown_ Music

    The Weeknd and The Dream are both great but different music styles


    Unknown_ Music the weekend sounds like he crying and yelling every song his music on 2011 was good that's about it

  24. Gold Hoops & Diamonds

    A fan forever!!!

  25. Yaya Williams

    This song just make you wanna dance...
    my pregnant ass been listening to this non stop and even made it my ringtone
    I love that it has a MJ sound to it <3
    Dream is so great

  26. Stephen K

    Man the dream is so talented, such a great writer too

  27. Afrikan Intelligence

    been blasting this

  28. Nads Cadogan

    So Dope! I absolutely Love The Dream!!

  29. 6 4337

    This song stopped my heart I swear. This is amazing.

  30. King & Prince

    The Dream & Tricky Stewart Are Some Dope Writer's. Every Time They Link Up Its A Hit 💪

  31. ebb s


  32. deshawn benson

    I love this song! Such a talented singer/songwriter. Does anyone know what album this is on?

    Demetrie Strong

    crown jewel

  33. Nakita Lovelace


  34. sheil hutchinson

    I bet if Weeknd made this it'll be over the radio nonstop smh


    +sheil hutchinson right?!? people be sleeping on the dream

    Donna Dana Anaya

    That’s true but that’s the catch the Dream is so incredible not a lot of people know about his music and who he has wrote for . So he will always be better than the weekend .

  35. crissy kold


  36. Swedish Mafia

    I like this song,
    but makes me feel more lonley then I already am

  37. andra718230

    any one else noticed the devilish looking figure at 1:50?

  38. George Diesel

    The Weekend ain't got shit on The Dream...

    Donna Dana Anaya

    Chase your wrong u know how much music he has wrote for Beyoncé and Rihanna the Dream is way better than the weekend he can’t even compare to him . He has wrote for other artist too


    Donna Dana Anaya agreed dream all the way when compared to weeknd lol I don't think half the people even know about dreams influence on other people

    TV Jumpshot

    GGG 🤨😒🤫

    Nianna Long

    @Donna Dana Anaya it's opinion not fact. Calm down love.

    Donna Dana Anaya

    @Nianna Long but the opinion and the fact about the dream is that hes way better than the weekend 100

  39. The Veiled Beauty

    The best singer/songwriter ever!!! So many hits he wrote and people don't even realize it! My first time listening to this son and I love it!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Chastity B. The Entrepreneur

    Very refreshing to hear!

  41. Lashibadgyal Habibi

    I just love listening to him alone at home just laying in the bed, thinking some deep ish maybe a joint in hand

    Lashibadgyal Habibi

    +joseph johnson you never know.... 😘

    fluffy mochi arts

    Lashibadgyal Habibi tru tru

  42. lashaundra perkins

    I didn't know this nigga drop album.

  43. Kay Dee

    I adore his truth; it definitely has a Micheal Jackson feel about it!! Love Radio Killa!!

  44. Deyris Vargas

    This song is so good!

  45. Latoya Harrison

    this song is tha truth💯🙌

  46. mar_cel

    Took me high I feel this

  47. ZEGGAF99

    Greetings from Morocco

    Tm Mt

    Hi!! Nice to know that real r&b is appreciated all around the world.

  48. ZEGGAF99

    This dopeness had a MJ feel to it been a dream fan since day one

    CiCi 404

    yes absolutely! I thought the same especially when he does the "ooo, ooo" part lol. Love this song!

  49. Young_Hov

    Wtf was that towards the end?! Made my skin jump


    +Young_Hov Lol Idk if anyone answered it yet but its black roses in reflections lol.

  50. ritajmcruz

    This is my fav song from the EP

  51. Cory-T

    Or chris Brown

  52. Cory-T

    He should've gave this to Usher


    +corytrapper not at all usher isn't bad but no feat is needed on this

    Ramona Garcia

    +160sharp no feat needed on this especially usher


    +Ramona Garcia you sound like a homo with that last comment


    corytrapper u sound like a homo for wanting usher on the song u bitch nigga


    don't get smoked lil nigga just saying fuck boy

  53. louciana johnson

    MJ? You mean more like El Debarge. For those who don't know. YouTube him. Debarge is amazing👍🏾

  54. QueenJayJackson

    This man writes the most deepest of deep music! I love it! Love you The Dream & Tricky! I do feel a MJ feeling going on in this song too! "You and your endless amount of love...." <3

    Antonio Settles

    You never lied, this by far and away my favorite artist of ANY genre. His music touching and hauntingly good if you ever pay undistracted attention to it. Many people go into listening to The-Dream with negative opinions, so they never make a connection with his energy.


    +Antonio Settles I agree! preach on it! You got to ve a deep person to feel his lyrically genius generated music! He is among my top 10 fave artist! 😍👑💜 I look up to his creative music.

    Antonio Settles

    @QueenJayJackson There really is no comparison to The-Dream in music. He does it all, vocals, harmony, conception, songwriting (with collaborative assists C. Tricky Stewart, and L.O.S. Da Mystro) Who has as many albums where 95 to 100 % of the song are great?

    Lashibadgyal Habibi

    +Antonio Settles none at all

  55. Brittney Thompson

    This song is dope has a Michael Jackson feel to it.......

  56. Alpha Male

    Finally someone uploaded the right version .... THANK YOU

  57. LaTara Collins

    My new song on repeat

  58. Divine K.

    I'm glad he's still making music, he's one of the best music artist out there <3


    Divine K. did u hear live you to death ep


    Divine K. love*


    Divine K. prime still the best song on here

  59. MrDefeater

    Great song! needs a remix from The Weeknd or R. Kelly!

  60. QueenJayJackson

    Slay!  Y'all better support and share and shit! lol. This my jam! :)

  61. PRIS

    Just watched that new Taylor Swift video ft KDot just now but only once. This I put on repeat.

  62. Mystik Jay

    Yass I need dream in my life.. I'm so bumping this.. I

  63. Londyn Adore

    I likes......

  64. lesley penny

    This is my jam! OMG your the best! The colors the graphics were on fleek! I listened to this song all day on repeat doing yard work. It has a MJ feel to it.

  65. Denilson Borges

    o dono do R&B

  66. Margaret Stewart

    Song makes you think

  67. AdharaMizzExecutive Baker

    Nice song!

  68. Nique Myles

    Slapper...RnB about to come bac I'm tried of all this trap trap trap music no disrespect but whr the music tht touches your soul #positive change no negative thoughts

  69. Christian Jaswan

    radio killaaaaaaaaaa

  70. J. Flair

    Dope feel

  71. cassanova herrod

    He's back

    ashley iyangui

    yes, he is 👊