Thaiboy Digital - Lip Service Lyrics

[Thaiboy Digital:]
Thaiboy, Thaiboy

Checks on my neck
Racks on racks
Yeah, high I hold it in my hand
Hating on the kid, I became a man
What's the plan? Tell me that
Speaking on my name, what's with that?
Where your manners? Get your bands up
What was the chance that I win?
Drain Gang, we take on everything

Cash- cash slips, lip service
Angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip service
Angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip service
Ay, ay, touch my lips
Cash slips, lip service
Ay, ay

[Thaiboy Digital:]
She's a raver, she my angel
Can't nobody take her, but myself
Young Thaiboy, I be so sick
She made me get well
All these broke boys, they don't know shit
To the stars, there is no end

Gotta hide the love, because it's old now
(I let my skin touch your clothes)
Gotta hide the love
(Far away you feel so close)
'Cause I'm aching
(I don't wanna let you go)
Oh, she's a raver
Don't believe in angels
Shred all the papers
Cover up their faces

Cash slips, lip service
Angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip service
Angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip service
Ay, ay, touch my lips
Cash slips, lip service
What, what

[Thaiboy Digital:]
Check on my neck, she's so bad
Two rubber bands, throw with that
Girl what's your name, what's the plan?
Understand, do the math
Killing all this cash

Cash slips, lip service
Angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip ser- an-angels
An-angels don't exist
Cash slips, lip service
Ay, ay, touch my lips
Touch my lips, lip service
Ay, ay

[Thaiboy Digital:]
Check on my neck, she's so bad
Two rubber bands, two with that
Girl what's your name, what's the plan?
Understand, do the math
Counting all this cash

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Thaiboy Digital Lip Service Comments
  1. Logan Means

    I'm 😊😊feeling 😤😤😤quite. Drained 😇😇😇thank you legendary member thaiboy digital

  2. Bogan

    song make me hapy !

  3. 乁dragon違

    lil b memed this album cover but that was the first time i tweeted B im months because... this the most guan shin iron sonic album dog. trash islands perfect for what it is but when im depressed this heals me. you dont even say that much emotive shit its like "sack up" oh my god thaiboy. appropriate album art


    ecco E crazy but thats when you wanna vibe with being misunderstood. legendary is like. "no, im going full guyver i had enough. fuck you all im powerful" this was such a golden year. and bladee sat back as a true CEO would
    you guys
    and leany did that fuckin video wow scorsese


    dude this is so corny im 29 years old and have been balls deep in experimental music forever, all of you together are like, my new animal collective real shit bladee past that on please. because this shit touches ppls soul, ppl who fel like left outor weird for having visions or going hospital or fighting addiction or having heartbreak in the age of tinder swipe man. you guys killed it this year and if no one fuckin gonna really come out and say it i will. nice evolution

  4. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

    Merry drainmas

  5. nerf humans


  6. palmas

    couch .lips is what i heard haha lmao

  7. Lito Bear

    where yo man? get yo bands up

  8. marcelele

    This heals my soul

  9. Lounge Beats

    gotta return to this now that I have it on my shirt. <3

  10. yung razz

    Best song on Legendary Member mannn

  11. Haloz



    music video plssss

  13. beani babii

    Here before 1B

  14. Gebbz Steelo

    beatles in 2020

  15. Geovane M

    i want this at my funeral

  16. giovanni moreno

    waiting for a ecco2k album !

  17. Joel Williams

    This has been tuned to 432Hz

  18. Toy Stardust

    This song timeless

  19. luv cops

    ♥ Beautiful ♥

  20. Cis De Gendt


  21. BecomeSupreme

    just beautiful sounds from thaiboy & ecco

  22. herolink17

    Even after LM I think this is still the best Thaiboy song by far

  23. Rg-25 Get on my level

    Hating on the 🧒🏾, I became a 👱🏾‍♂️

    Rg-25 Get on my level

    Drain gang ⛈🌧🌦☀️🌈

  24. Con Williams

    he's done it again

  25. Kastet Kastet

    airbacks on outro so fuckin crazzzy

  26. freshmozz

    the reverbed out "2 RUBBER BANDS" at the end gets me everytime now

  27. d9soldier

    100k lets get it

  28. oezis


  29. oezis


  30. herolink17

    Gud took this to another level

  31. Fancesco Bonfatti

    Just realized in the pic there is ecco as buddha with stacks of money on his legs hahaha so extreme

  32. Lazy


  33. Marta Ahafonova

    Ecco2k ,let's dance

  34. Kawaii Melly

    This song pretty asf

  35. John Denaci

    This is terrible. No wonder why you guys never made it anywhere.

  36. Townes Prescot

    Drain gang CEO shit


    Bruh why does this joint go!

  38. Me Thankyou

    ThaiboyGOONECCO2K GTB 4Life, what a visual fuk amazing!

  39. Time Shakes

    she’s a raver ❤️😇

  40. noahkma

    Legendary Member 😭

  41. Hamid Najibullah

    I had a mental breakdown listening to this masterpiece ✨✝️✝️💕💕

  42. Panthers

    god what the fuck happened to these guys... so weak

  43. 7evaax

    you were invited to become g'LOSS on steam :p

  44. magicalemperor

    sO0ooo excited for kiss me thru the scope

  45. Spenenenz

    This song on repeat <3

  46. Milagros Manaure

    thank you so much drain gang your music helped me in a lot of not so good moments of my life

  47. Darth Vader

    who notice mouse at 1:26 ?

  48. pines

    thaiboy reminds me of BMO

  49. NWforager

    ShoeGazer Gang 🌈🚀

  50. kez

    2:13 is the waviest part of the song

  51. Tony Zubkov


  52. Harry Burrows

    Ecco stop ruining good songs


    you're going to hell bro

  53. Joshua Hay

    I’ve been listening to this and I thought okay this is pretty good but not my fav, then I really listened to it at the end where he sings the chorus without dragging the melody, just singing it with quick syllables and wow this song especially chorus melody is one of the most creative and thought out hip hop songs I have EVER heard and I listen to everyone I’m not kidding. Not the lyrics but the actual aesthetics and sound. Very catchy and creative. Makes you appreciate the song more when you listen to the ending and go back and replay the song to hear the beginning chorus. That’s what did it for me👍

  54. hannah nicole

    ive been grounded n i stole my phone back just to listen; drained enough to get through the rest of the week. 🙏🏻


    drain doesn't stop🔓🔒🔒🔗

  55. Dark Bladee

    gud snapped on this

  56. Capo Lean

    Come to Orlando #DG

  57. sad love react

    it's weird because looking back at this track now that legendary member is out, thaiboy blew up 🤯


    did u just time travel

  58. λlψκ-dεsιɢπs

    Remember guys! Angels don't exist.

    Fr now this song is a blessing, ecco's voice is so aesthetically pleasing

  59. Hamiz Noomber won fan

    GOOD DAMN. this good

  60. Rory Greenwood

    Ecco could for real be a mainstream artist if he made more music, his voice is that good and the tracks he makes are so diverse
    Keep grinding Ecco

    free democracy

    Ecco is mainstream.. That's how the sggtb sbe garnered so much attention. Lolz


    @free democracy they are indie at best

    free democracy

    @Kresh what does the best location have anything to do with this

  61. Yanick Lehmann

    Uh uh touch my nips ♡

  62. Krombopulos Michael

    This a certified drainerr

  63. cuzzy dino

    absolute slapper

  64. Max

    it’s a shame all of them are making shit music now


    @Gabriel Taillefer Cohen this is shit, most of yung leans new stuff is shit, bladee's new stuff is okay

  65. Paul C

    God bless Thaiboy and Ecco2k for this, I needed this most right now <3

  66. headfonic

    Your tips is really helpful.


    this is so siccccccc

  68. BigwantPrezentacje

    5 day on nofap and i just relapsed because of this

  69. Corben Turner

    drain gang high school

  70. skxtes

    ecco making nightcore now

  71. AlphaDream

    ecco2k is the most important artist of the 21st century

  72. Ярослав Потураев

    Yung Рейверы, вы когда в Рашку🇷🇺 приедете?

  73. RetroScience

    трогать губы"губы сервис

  74. GangWeedHammond

    panty dropper

  75. PWNasaurusREX48

    thaiboy with the yung lean vibes

  76. Lucino Benavidez

    I know y’all listen to this stoned af

  77. Yung Marty

    shes a raver

  78. sheaR

    Thaiboy Digital feat Ecco2K - Lip Service (Official Audio)
    is the best song in the world

  79. Vile Dunk

    this great

  80. Chris Ishida

    legends since day one

  81. Jack Phillips

    She a raver...

  82. rodney

    ecco wtf nigga


    wanna fight mate


    janzr no


    @rodney good because i dont wanna either bròò


    janzr alright bro

  83. Guccisosachamberlain

    Ecco2k came in on the track like a mf angel🙏🕊

  84. nlnu

    Thaiboy Digital should become the new Digitaliseringsminister and everything would be great.

  85. Hycarl Hanif

    Instrumental plssss

  86. twodeadrats


  87. Outlier

    I fuck with the voice 🔥

  88. Diego Fernandez

    Gud, ecco, and thai went in on this one. This song is moving forward

  89. Leaphar

    My phone started floating wtf

    free democracy

    Have you tried turning it on and off again?

    Gorm E

    Just put it into some rice

  90. hentai consumer

    Im responsible for about 10% of all total views

  91. fig

    from 2:15 and on this shit hit peak drain

  92. 2200ローズ

    Oh Neptune.

  93. dynyzty ///

    i'm surrounded by people but feel alone!

  94. 1epiloc beats

    she's a gameerrr

    Forrest Smash


  95. Nulko

    Angels dont exist

    she is my angel


    This ain’t it


    ye it is

    free democracy



    came from nothing.