Thaiboy Digital - Haters Broke Lyrics

Uh, uh

House full of bankrolls I don't even know
Young Thaiboy Goon too flex
I need me no home
So much paper I can't hold I might take it slow
Disrespecting me and I'll leave you smoked
Young Thaiboy in my zone out of control
I be smoking blunts, catch me in the thunderstorm
100 band let's go, Ya ya
Thaiboy, thaiboy Goon better have bank rolls
100 bands let's go all my haters broke
Thaiboy thaiboy house full of bankrolls
100 band let's go all my haters broke

They tell you something and seen you and I think you would know
Make it fly with no class to show
Young Thaiboy my aura restricts snow
Gucci Mane tellin' everyone something they need to know
I rollin' with diamond
I grind with diamonds
I pull on a new, new, I know
Uh uh
On a new, new, I know
Young Thaiboy, I know

Thaiboy, Thaiboy Goon I better have bank roll
100 band's let's go
All my haters broke
Thaiboy, Thaiboy house full of bank rolls
Uh uh
All my haters broke

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Thaiboy Digital Haters Broke Comments
  1. miles ♕


  2. excs

    powerful image's


    i'll be bumping tiger while we demolish global capitalism

  3. Aydn Lewis

    This song should've blown up...

  4. Joseph Duncan

    colonial footage? don't you mean imperialist footage?

    Joseph Duncan

    nice asuka profile pic btw

  5. Andre p

    All my haters bowl 🎳🔥🔫💨

  6. muri lillo

    have you ever heard the name thaiboy

    DataBattles Z

    Thaiboi goons, watch out

  7. nope

    btw i like the video.

  8. BladeMaster

    Thau iboy thaiboy 🤩💪🕶️

  9. Brad Marchand

    Kind of weird that you paired up the song with late 1800s and early 1900s historical footage.

    it's YungLeo2k90

    it definitely makes sense

    DataBattles Z

    he hit the nail right on the head canr u see

  10. dalves


  11. Sebastian Wilhardt

    wheres all the views man

  12. Neurotic Sos

    didnt expect the video to math so well

  13. 11energize

    How is this not your favorite song?

  14. Goochy Mayn

    Weak visuals tho

    DataBattles Z

    You’re a literal nog

  15. papaPostmann

    the fuck are those visuals lmao

  16. Unknown Guy

    That is a masterpiece

  17. britanni x

    all my haters brooke, all my haters broke

  18. encore

    most underrated song of this generation


    the album is pretty much making most of the similar artists obsolete


    everyone is obsolote compared to chief commander

  19. guy0Npage38XBL

    This is the biggest banger on the mixtape besides diamonds. It isnt anywhere else on youtube so i have no idea why this has so few views.

    "so much paper i cant move i might take it sloooow" so dope lmao

  20. Lil Rose

    Nice love it <3

  21. Trikloe

    video doesn't match the aesthetics of the song


    Yea I dont give a fuck..

    labi johnson

    u suck balls

    Joris Rech

    Zelos Gaming that my freind isnt true, music aesthetic is a big well known thing ^^

    Intellectualis Quod Excelsis

    Joris Rech How so? ( curious not sarcastic )


    stupid children be nothings