Thaiboy Digital - Birthday (Freestyle) Lyrics

Thaiboy, ay
DJ Cannabis, oh
Smoke blunt

Seven pills on that peope, or the fucking tagger
Not be fucked up, sippin on that Grey Goose
Oh my God Thaiboy Goon rollin in the club
I be iced out
I feel the fucked up
Rollin the blunt we just smoking our hunts
Bitch, ain't like [?], ass like twerking
Flying like a bird, ay
Bitch I'm never early
Thaiboy G taking off your birthday
Taking off on your birthday
Taking off on your birthday

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Thaiboy Digital Birthday (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Y.EMO2005

    2013 4eva 💕🦎

  2. 1ken1 _

    tfw even bladee didn’t know how old was this song(it was uploaded in 2011 but bladee wrote in description 2012)

  3. exe


  4. tokyokisshu122

    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy forgot about this

  5. Mathu

    where's yung lean now, he doesn't make any songs...


    Mathusan hes on another planet

    Brenk God

    Mathusan he is on tour and his last sing is toxic


    haha you know ;)

  6. deepz

    happy bday jonatan <3


    yes. they needed a good reminder. this is gold.

  8. Hopesin

    who boi who

  9. MrSIrPrIz3

    Thaiboy ayeee

  10. Buzzyi

    i really love u <3

  11. Skírnir Máni Stefánsson

    its not gravity boys tho

  12. Radu Spatariu

    some1 gave this a dislike

  13. fuck uzitearz

    dam i miss 2013

    Tyler Haley

    Bro I feel you I miss 2013 it was my best year😔😢😢


    mine too

    karma archives

    this is from 2011. the music video was uploaded 2 years after the song.

  14. sunny real

    yung leen liked this

  15. esmé

    back when whitearmor was dj cannabiz

    Nigel Miller

    esmé back in 2011 and 2012


    +Nigel Miller yeah it's pretty old track

  16. Corey Hartstone

    smoak screenz

  17. suedi bby

    Lol this yung lean


    this year 3001

  18. nextlevel katana

    if u were on this awhile back u kno wassup sg bitch 1hunna gang defense

  19. Sega Genesis

    thaiboy ayyyyyyyyy

  20. Quiet Cove

    awesome 4fuckin' sake!

  21. O D D L Y G X D L Y

    What instrumental is this???? I love it

  22. Agent Smith

    thaiboy digital aka yung jason derulo

  23. 2k0wen

    Shieldgang Portland Branch reporting in - 2k0wen