Thaiboy Digital - Baby Lyrics

(Never thought I could)
(Never thought I could)
Never thought I could love somebody
Never thought I could love someone like this
Never thought I could love somebody
Never thought I could love somebody
And I never really cared about money
Now all this Champagne tastes like glucose
(Never thought I could)
I don't want to know
I don't want to know
I don't want to...

Never thought I could love somebody
Never thought I could love someone like this
Never thought I would
Never thought I could
Never thought I would

[Thaiboy Digital:]
You got me going crazy
You got me going crazy
Riding with my baby
A crazy little baby
I do anything for you baby
You really got me going crazy
Riding with my baby
Imma always here for you baby
Then i'm coming back for your kiss
Then i'm coming back for a kiss
You got me going crazy
You got me going crazy
Damn I miss you baby
I do anything for you baby
I got me going

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Thaiboy Digital Baby Comments
  1. abdulis mendezbot

    Xiu xiu drained

  2. Domar95

    fuck the two niggas who downvoted this smh

  3. BBpoltergiest

    living the best days of my life rn with this on repeat

  4. last room

    still bumping to LG, i love this song so goddamn much.

  5. Dreamcast2000

    This song is pure love vibes

  6. Gumm Ballz

    first listen: meh.....


  7. Arisha Alexandrova

    this makes me feel so fallen in love and happy and sad at the same time omggg I wanna cry this is another dimension.......

  8. Juan Escobedo

    Amazed <333

  9. Gothboii

    Drain gang ♥ 2019

  10. r00dyy

    still listening to this at 3am

  11. Mr. Treat Your Nose

    dis beat make my mouth drool tbh

  12. maji

    1:35 I Drained

  13. Brythonek Grey

    high vising to work with this in cold atlantic rain

  14. Joseph

    str8 out of kh

  15. DEAD BF

    this champagne tastes like Glucosee

  16. nbsp2000

    drain nightcore with those vocals guddamn

    Funke Monkey

    @Domar95 thaiboy cute thaiboy goon angel drain part 3 mp3
    drainnnnnnn nnniiigggghhhhttttccccoooorrreeee

  17. r00dyy

    GAWD DAMN SUN, this took me to a different space and time, all three producers on this one whent in, favorite track on this album fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  18. LiFE SuCKS

    thaiboy really vibrating on da track

    LiFE SuCKS

    Thanks to whomst ever liked my comment

  19. muri lillo

    holy shit this is outta this world

  20. profound2004

    one of the best prod I've heard in my life




    @f3lzsmokeout what u mean


    profound2004 wrong video sorry

  21. amber

    y’all went to jupiter with this one love it : )


    this song is 100% recreation of my psychic vision

  22. Ed Me

    This song so good it makes me reply to my own comment

    Ed Me

    lmaooo me too

  23. Lite Fanta

    Trash like every song with Ecco he has to be weird/homo ruin good bladee and thaiboy songs


    this like the lat place where people would agree with you smh

    Lynnwood Campbell

    read a book and learn how to actually make your point come across clearly you doink


    stfu or imma suck u off

    Ross Ember

    :( why do you hate your emotions

    its peter

    Lite Fanta ecco isn’t gay lol

  24. Alessde03

    who’s that one person who disliked this video istg


    The person who made the comment above probably disliked it.

  25. CH053N

    The production is just on another level. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing when it first came on




    Iam blessed

  26. Saurav Ghosh

    draaaiiiinnn gangggggg <3

  27. Nick Udovich

    Holy fuck this production is insane.

  28. Wiyt

    This album is sooo gooooood 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🦄🦄🦄🦄

  29. aloegarten

    Fuck your birthday cakes, happy drain day!

  30. Honestly Yes

    DJ Cannabiz n Woe on some next level shit right here

  31. 殺人Satsujin

    2:51 was something else

  32. Freddie Sotelo

    first listen actually had me in tears

  33. LIT GOD


  34. karla pa


  35. Baby Lottie

    Baby ✨

  36. none 1


  37. Kyrem 12

    is that a san holo sample?

    Funke Monkey

    from which song ?

    Kyrem 12

    @Funke Monkey it might be reversed or just the same chords played different but its hitting me with a nostalgia boner

  38. MOROS



    hooooolyy shit

  40. kony 2012

    Thanks Thaiboy, very cool!

  41. Milagros Manaure

    you got me real crazyy

  42. Milagros Manaure

    ecco voice soundin' so fucking precious

  43. Mason McGlynn

    Best song of the album. Feel like Ecco vocally has reached his prime with this and trash island its so unique and beautiful.

    Giving gurls Cocaine

    i luv ecco so much but i truly think thai coulda done something bettrer :/


    hi from ℮

    Black Friday 8

    @Sentient Thats 3 weeks ago? Feels like it was yesterday. Dang.

  44. Tashfix

    This needs a video

  45. ryan lett

    These guys drained so hard in the victim music video

    Matěj Procházka

    they were draining to this

  46. rohit varma

    Best song from the album. Nothing even comes close.


    imo the solo songs are better

  47. Cosworth

    legendary member maaaaaann

  48. Uno

    favorite song on the album, the production on this is beautiful.

  49. MrInvalidMushroom

    Straight up perfection we are so blessed to have this in our life Thank you Sir Thaothawong

  50. Fukupp

    This is some next level shit


    Am I dreaming

  52. noliee

    HOLY FUCC this shit is heavenly

  53. Jo N

    This is my favorite song on the album. Love chaotic mixes bro

  54. Andrew R

    ive never heard a song so beautiful bruuuuuuh...

  55. Oakley Stone

    its raining outside & I'm inside draining

    hender jenkins

    @VvvvV lol

    Funke Monkey

    @VvvvV lol

    Oakley Stone

    ​@VvvvV someone give this man a hug, I think he's hurt?


    Oakley Stone u corny

    Oakley Stone

    @VvvvV you'll get the hang of it bro, just give it some time.

  56. x0xMILFYx0x

    draaaaiiiiin gaaaannnggggg

  57. john bob

    Never forget the first baby prod. DJ Kenn


    john bob yeah throwback

  58. Σετο Καϊμπα

    Drain Gods blessed the morning

  59. Riz_fb

    the audio cover is too bright that sun cant even defeat this audio cover

    Roger Colley

    Waking up in the middle of night to listen to it with phone brightness full blast was lit