Thaiboy Digital - 2Seats Lyrics

GTBSG, commander chief, aye, aye, let's go, oh, yah, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up

Young Thaiboy Goon, GTBSG
You boys better run when I count to three
Switch so much lane, crashing money tree
Fuck a driver license, I got 2seat
Young Thaiboy Goon, SG
You boys better run when I count to three
Switch so much lane, crashing money tree
Fuck a driver license, I got 2seat

I'm crashing money tree [?] let's get it, let's get it, let's get it

I've been pullin' up
Pull up with Range Rover, my SG, let's go
Dark halo, white smoke
Young nigga just run, you niggas ain't none, ay
Fuck with with young nigga Thaiboy you know you gon' lose
Young Thaiboy Goon, you know that I don't even shoot
Catch me on my bank account
Catch me on my bank account
Young Thaiboy hold award, You just nominee
I can tell your girl I'm beyond her dreams
I'm beyond her dreams
Young Thaiboy, Thaiboy, Thaiboy, Thaiboy, I said it
Get money, I ball, and mines is tall, young nigga
My SG will shoot, you niggas will lose, turn up (turn up, turn up, turn up)
My SG will shoot, you niggas will lose, turn up

Young Thaiboy Goon, GTBSG
You boys better run when I count to three
Switch so much lane, crashing money tree
Fuck a driver license, I got 2seat
Young Thaiboy Goon, SG
You boys better run when I count to three
Switch so much lane, crashing money tree
Fuck a driver license, I got 2seat

I'm crashing money tree [?] let's get it, let's get it, let's get it

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Thaiboy Digital 2Seats Comments
  1. Joseph Duncan

    "Thaiboy was so gangster, I used to have dreams he'd come to my house and kill my whole family."

  2. Joseph Ivy

    who's here after he performed this at his wedding

  3. DutchNatSoc 1488

    I’m in love

  4. ziztou

    Wow this thaiboy guy is good. He should perform this at a wedding some day

    Neko Jayy

    Based comment

  5. Lean Swagger

    how have I not seen this video jhee

  6. RealDragonKing777

    Very rare drip 💨🔥

  7. Sokolorzel16

    zajebiste kurwa, to jest kurwa klasyk

  8. Eniqx

    This shit so tough

  9. ash

    yung thaiboy i’m award, you just nomineee

  10. Chris

    this goes incredibly hard.


    Chris facts

  11. Kane K

    This goes hard as fuck

  12. y3 s

    I THOUGHT acea was also a producer of this but since he had his differences with them idk anymore if they just took him off of the credits

    Master Baiter

    Acea is hydraspirit

  13. Kane K

    but this on spotify ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. MAUR ICE

    So this is the style Manila Grey stole


    how did he steal this style, what song


    @ash I said style not song, they copy his sound and vibes in their own style


    @MAUR ICE i know what you said, im struggling to see how manila stole his style in any way. i dont see any similarities


    @ash that's why I said "in their own style" they just copy the aesthetics of Thaiboy and not just Manila Grey alot of rappers have this similarities

  15. Flake

    how can i find this gem now???? this is a certified sg classic

  16. John Mishell

    highly motivational

  17. Bourbon

    underrated AF

  18. therealbluwes

    This song should be on Need for Speed

  19. 12 34

    bruh flutes been staying 2 hard

  20. globdie

    2:48 bestttt!!! <33333333333333333333333333333

  21. Alesandro Mata Otakus

    erick casañas es mi puta


    aonde eu tou??????????????????????/

  23. pacas gorila 13

    damn bass boost version of this clasic would slap too hard

  24. nowstopwhining

    the realest

  25. Chuey

    why the fuck did i just now find this im so disapointed in myself

    free democracy

    there's still like 6 billion 999 million 840 thousand people who haven't found it at all. what you complaining about?

  26. Wolfshoot Productions 23

    one of the best visuals

  27. Huixtocihuatl

    Labels are kneeling in front of thaiboy and begging him to sign. But thaiboygoon does his own shit.

  28. Fernando Moreira

    You boys better run when I count to three

  29. Zane Johnston

    still fuvcking flames.

  30. Nikolas Walter

    R A R E S T

  31. SebbeF

    This beat was meant for Thaiboy, 3 years now going cold.

  32. KrwistY

    2018 The best <3

  33. Michaels Meditations

    I like dis so much ❤



  35. bing flosby

    Drain gang keep ur acid trip right

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    Birds flying high... you know how I feel breeze drifting on by you know how I feel... It's a new crouching tiger hidden Dragon daggers flying at your head type thing you're growing horns out of your head and your back is turning to lead you are starting to go brain dead ok Fred? Fred...? Fred... are you dead?

  36. David Ogren

    i go to like every place thy edont say much when tis cash in their face i don prey much onl wehen there grace i dont fuck wih tto much thye crush liek grapes im nto finna rae btu im abotu tto fcuk some thgni up to esclape i mgth fuck yup yout dpce steep all in you rpersonsl flip shower curtain mak eyou see ya naked body drneshed soaked in tears why yo uso distres im nto goginto hurt yo umy mnd is hirsal hursal when i hear th eregost e ri run to rehersal eresaleh rperfuem thye now im sel fmad ethye nwo im all baked thye knwo twhats good gi tmy gold my girll sshine th eworld i pay them vistu thye dn ttlak to me caus eithey go tjewlous i go to liek every diestination n say so much when yhi cash in your faces i dont prey much only when theres graces.

  37. Kerouwhack Jack

    instrumental remake of climbing on my channel

    peace, sbe forever x

  38. Olivia Anderson

    thank you for giving me the strength to kill my enemies

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    Murderer don't be making other people scape goats for your crimes! Pffft ya did that shit ya Damn self

  39. dotPanem

    this goes soo hard live

  40. Joris

    How can this one song be more fire than other rappers careers?

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    You set it alight? Idk prey do tell.

  41. デーモンAstari

    thank you


    デーモンAstari gtb sg


    you so late but still, respect to Astari.


    damn u still alive? i remember u was the plug 2014-2015

  42. G*59 Records.

    Thaiboy was saying letsketiit before lil pump lmao

    Chr Meow

    Are you guys 12? Lmao people being saying let's get it for Hellas y'all fucking stupid lol

    y3 s

    chief keef started that shit tho


    King lil jay started it

    Neko Jayy

    Chief sosa made esketit 😡

  43. Kian

    808 is an art

  44. Ralph's squad

    *2 0 1 7 !*

  45. k3wlk1d

    hands in da back finna slap wit the mac no fucken scooby snacks

  46. Danzroo

    Thai Demon

  47. Javier Hernandez

    Thaiboy goon 🔥🔥

  48. DrewSoTrue

    switch so much lane, crash in money tree

  49. Jester Akuma

    тайбой бох оливер лох

    Jester Akuma


  50. Pamodou Bajaha

    2016 almost over and this is still bumping bitch 🔥🔥🔥

    Jester Akuma

    рот закрой


    still bumpin in 2017

    Hansa John

    2017 is about to end and this is still bumping



  51. Bendor Egon

    you broke boys better run when i count to treeee

  52. capn


  53. Aversi08

    fuck sweden let thaiboy has his passport so he can do shows outside

  54. KEITH HARING '20

    this is a certified hood classic

    Goochy Mayn


    Rordon Gamsay

    D A M N S O N W H E R E Y A F I N D T H I S

    Rordon Gamsay

    @Goochy Mayn W E M A K E I T L O O K E A S Y

  55. Ruben

    I drive really fast to dis


    this comment just made this song better for me

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    @therealbluwes oh ten fold at least

  56. Ben Hahn

    People sleeping on this I swear. The beat is too good

    call of kys

    The beats and his auto tuned voice go so well together in songs, I don't know what the fuck he's saying but it always sounds epic

  57. Chocolate Pudding Dragon

    if i showed record business people this they would give thaiboygoon 1 million dollars or more


    Goth Money should sign these guys wtf is going on

    Zane Johnston

    i laughed out loud reading this, kids not wrong tho.


    Zane Johnston year0001

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    For what though? For free? Or do you mean they'd want something for the millions or more? But yeah record business type people kinda thing show em at least ten fold what you're think for sure phshyea

  58. llIIlIIIlll

    love the projections in the video

  59. dusty rhodes

    This track dope ...inspires me to be Steve jobs

    Skuduh #foreignmoney

    wont make it, mite steve jobs it 🤷

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    Be yourself or Dusty Rhodes bro. Stick to what ya know kid

  60. Lorem Ipsum

    yuhhh letsgedit

  61. Jorge Rodriguez

    This must sound so hard in my Evo 9


    favorite thaiboy track

  63. drew bludd

    ..catch me on my bank account..

  64. Dir / entgegen

    now i see

  65. Léo Levy


  66. Shumpstreet

    best thaiboy digital song of all time!! damnn

  67. James Durso

    this shit being slept on smh


    @Ja Da forreal this is one of the best gtb songs


    quality is better in 144p !


    duxxt fr though

    ฝรั่งหัดพูดไทย WayneB Bram Farang Say's

    X that by 60 may just be getting close

  69. Kolby Holtrust

    The hair looks dumb as hell.

  70. BoneLaur

    ♱ ♱ ♱ This is d0pE . Pure waters flowing d33p.  ♱ ♱ ♱

  71. László Kovacs

    I was almost having a bad trip while on acid, but then i put this song on and everything changed. Thaiboy you brought me back to life! thankyou!



    underrated comment


    what dose were you on? glad you could escape

    Haha Yes

    László Kovacs magyarország represent 🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺

    Donald Trump

    I just discovered this song and imediately thought about listening to it on acid. Good choice apparently!


    @Donald Trump gatorade the best tbh

  72. Zzzz


  73. sick


  74. pinsqqq sign

  75. jimbo morison

    this shts being slept on

  76. S b

    i love thus guy

  77. Eryk Kmiecik

    3:54 królewskie!

  78. Hydromel Le mangeur

    I think basic people were not ready



  79. Zzzz

    this shit slaps on my speakers and the visuals are mad

  80. ASPSportsHD

    what is this garbage


    You don't understand

  81. vocover

    damn fuck niggga I'm blazin trru these hoes because of thaigoon 
    hella high right now,i'm rossy
    gtbsg wid me 24/7 knoamin

  82. Lourenço Jr

    couldnt understand shit but still downloading the song

  83. sawitree uthipan

    Thaiboy!!!!! Where is thai boy? 😕

  84. KK S

    Hair is wack, track is great..

  85. Teancee `

    Skinny waka flocka flame 

    King Mischievous

    In a Underwater Tank :D

  86. Based Jay

    Kim kardashian wanna be Thaiboy so bad

    Ace R

    Nooooo 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  87. nihlsm

    what mixtape is this from?


    Its not on one
    Jus a random track

  88. Madison Jean

    can i marry you?


    i dont think you could even be thaiboyz side bitch he has too many hoes.... dude is gna marry rihanna and steal beyonce from jay z

  89. Durian Hammer