Tha Dogg Pound - Niggas Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics

[Dr. Dre:]
Tha motherfuckin' Dogg Pound
is definitely in the motherfuckin' house
You know what I'm sayin'?
Yo Kurupt, run that shit

Niggaz I grew up with, niggaz I jacked with
Some niggaz I'm cool with and some niggaz I scrapped with
Gets crazy when the light gets dark
Put my schwin on the porch, now I'm headed for the park
(Little does he know there's a crew of niggaz waitin'
to put him on they hood, and they been anticipatin')
Fix my khakis as I step and I parks my ride
(Ey yo, what up Kurupt?) Westside, nigga (Right)
Peepin' out the spot and that's just on GP
Just in case some motherfuckers wanna try and see me
No sooner than I say what I'm thinkin' what I thought of
Two niggaz run up on me and they tellin' me to follow
And now they askin' me what hood I'm from
Well since yo' hood is my hood, then my hood is yo' hood
The rat pack is on, as I falls to the floor
I can't run so I guess I gotta throw 'em
I'm scrappin' with these niggaz 'til my mouth got bloody
And after it's over we got some drink and we got budded
Since I'm only 13 this must be my intro
I really don't know but that's just how that shit flow
Rat-tat-tat-tat, fuckin' droppin' on that ass
B.G. is born, so grab your gats and blast
It's like I'm free but yet and still I feel I'm stuck
Cause the hood that I'm from niggaz don't give a fuck

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
Run for your gun motherfucker and duck
If you slip you'll get plucked 'cause (niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
Lil' looney motherfucker by the name of Kurupt
Growin' up crazy 'cause (niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
So Daz, my mellow, my nigga
Show these motherfuckers that (niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
The click that I'm with - don't give a shit
You know why? (niggaz don't give a fuck)

[Dat Nigga Daz:]
Early '85 got my stack on fat
Got kinda flossy and rushed me a 'Llac
It felt kinda funny with money, but ain't no thang
See what's a Coupe DeVille without a set of Dana Danes?
So I rushed 'em with the quickness and I put 'em on the Coupe
Smokin' weed, servin' cavi, now I know how to cook loot
Dat Nigga Daz was the name and the game was mine
Sewin' shit up for willow to the back of 1-9
Mr. Dopeman, they done ga-uh-grabbed me
Sent me to penitentiary 'cause I used to serve cavi
Makin' big money on the block, that was us 'til we bust
Off-brand stepped up then off-brand get rushed (blaaw!)
Motherfucker (fuckers), knew about me ('bout me)
Well they didn't know enough to where they say they doubt me (doubt me)
So it's relatively cool and shit
But the niggaz who don't give a fuck, are the niggaz I fuck with

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
Throw your guns in the motherfuckin' air, we don't care
(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
About nothin' at all, just my doggs and clockin' a grip
(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
That's why I can kick it so tough, 'cause when times get rough my
(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
The click that I'm with, don't give a shit, you know why?
(Real niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)

[Dat Nigga Daz:]
Now I'm back up on the block
And I'm the G that's pushin' ki's, puttin' a 187 on cops
And it don't stop, and it don't quit
Now let me see if these niggaz plan to set trip
Bang to the boogie and boogie to the bang
is the song that I sang when I let my nuts hang
Do my thang - quickly, slowly, fo' surely
Niggaz like yourself best to act like you know me

Startin' shit 'cause they niggaz mad doggin' me
So now it's time for me to release the fuckin' hogg in me
I puts my hand on my heat, peep, we four deep
Dat Nigga Daz, Warren G, me and Snoop Doggy Dogg in a '93 Jeep (beotch)
It don't stop - glock, in the back, pack a fat knot
Anybody killer, so what's up?
Kurupt and Dat Nigga Daz
(Are two niggaz who don't give a fuck)..

(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
(Niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)
(Real niggaz don't give a fuck, nigga)

[Dr. Dre:]
Awww shit, ha ha ha, yeah
I like that shit, ya know
I like that gangsta shit
This is definitely some of that shit
A nigga could kick back and smoke a fat ass joint to
Know what I'm sayin'?
Dogg Pound in the house...

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Tha Dogg Pound Niggas Don't Give A Fuck Comments
  1. Dave V

    The background screeching noise sounds like a car needs a new band

  2. Reggie Richmond

    Poetic justice brought me here.

  3. Regional Sparks

    Campbell. Maia still at this biiiitch Layloooe

  4. The Trap'R

    “ Bang to the boogie, Boogie to the bang.” 😎


    Should of been on GTA

  6. blue bunny

    Dis my all time fave ride flo! 7am in the morning drive to work waking folks up!

  7. Victor Augustine


  8. jayson taylor

    Since yo hood is my hood then my hood is yo hood

  9. Von Keith Davis

    I love the end when he talk and laugh. Wickedness

  10. Von Keith Davis

    Nigga roll da weed up, start the car up, now let's ride biatchhhhhh

  11. Strife Divine

    Ppl just don't know about that gangsta shit these days.

  12. Darrell Burton

    Classic Death Row Gangster Shit

  13. Tyreek Mickens

    I miss this west coast 🔥

  14. Pj Burner

    There’s another beat that sounds similar to this but I can’t find it

  15. Sly Makaveli

    This could be in The Chronic

    iDemonKing- YT

    This version was for doggystyle the other version of this was for the chronic

  16. Eddy Blanco

    Snoop wrote corrupt verse,never new that till 2019

    iDemonKing- YT

    No he help write for daz not kurupt

    iDemonKing- YT

    Snoop wrote daz verses and i think he helped co write kurupt 2nd verse

    The Trap'R

    Kurupt cuz

  17. Patrick Reilly

    Am I the only one who peeped the sample of Rage from High Powered on The Chronic at the end?

  18. frostysnow w

    Another Favorite Song 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💕💕

    Mr. Louis

    A really need a wife with your taste in music! :)

  19. iDemonKing- YT

    Tony Green on the guitar

  20. Johno Dumass

    This bihh hard

  21. Benjamin White

    Dre is the best!

  22. BHFL


  23. Zac Attack Hip Hop Instrumentals

    This is fucking classic