Texas - Tell That Girl Lyrics

Try, try to figure
Out what it all means
That's a sunset song
It's still a suburbia in dream

You don't love her, no
You couldn't couldn't possibly
If you loved her
You'd had for her to be so free

And you know she's going out tonight
To this city where there are bright headlights
Maybe you go down and then make it alright
Or just stay home and cry

Why don't you tell her, tell that girl?
You said forever ever ohohoh

I'm taken over
Raise to show how you feel
But flowers died
And you could never know what's real

Oh why can't you see
How it's meant to be?
She says she loves you but
He couldn't couldn't possibly

And you know she's going out tonight
To this city where there are bright headlights
Maybe you go down and then make it alright
Or just stay home and cry

Why don't you tell her, tell that girl?
You said forever ever ohohoh

How is she suppose to know
That we're meant to be together
If you don't tell her
Tell that girl

You, you got tell her
You gonna leave her
You gonna leave her now

You, you got tell her
You gonna leave her
You gonna leave her now

Why don't you tell her, tell that girl?
You said forever ever ohohoh

How is she suppose to know
That we're meant to be together
If you don't tell her
Tell that girl

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Texas Tell That Girl Comments
  1. Silvia Villarespe

    My beloved Rory

  2. LM H

    Great song, love Texas, top band.

  3. Nikki Valine

    Came to see Rory play the drums. Now downloaded the song :-)

  4. Debora Marchiori

    Rory MCcann ❤️

  5. Николь Попова

    !!ИВИЖ !сскеТ яье юбюл Я

  6. stevan jakovljevic

    This is not Texas anymore.

  7. Mimmi Mars

    Rory plays on the video only, right? Not in the real track.

  8. TRCZ

    Damn. Rory is fucking perfect.

  9. Silvia Villarespe

    Rory omg! LOVE HIM

    Droosy1 1

    he is a good friend of Sharleen´s (the singer) and a big fan of this Scottish band

    Silvia Villarespe

    @Droosy1 1 Awesome!

  10. Sergey Kochanov

    Surely, I shall tell her just: I love You, Eva!

  11. poetry monty

    Tell that girl I do love her band since "southside" and I always will. The bass-line, the melodies, everything...

  12. xaviar a

    How is this texas channel not country singers and normal folk ?

  13. Droosy1 1

    she looks better now than in 2013 (Conversation)

  14. Carlos Agudin Serrano

    CAsi su mejor canción. me encanta

  15. jens lubnow

    I love Texas.i

  16. SG M

    Ysssssssssss Big Rory

  17. Thomas Cozart

    Shar still can really sing! Awesome job! Might be my new favorite Texas song

  18. G M C

    Bonnie Scottish band that are absolutely class who have withstood the test of time in a most unforgiving industries going!!
    Hats off, 100% respect guys keep up the great work under soltire Sky's one love! XXX

  19. millieoshie

    A band like this just proves you dont need a number 1 every year to be amazing 😁

  20. bruno lechacal

    qui à créé dieu je sais pas? Mais par contre celui qui a mis au monde sharleen beh il as eu raison

  21. J CM

    j'adore texas
    cette chanson est geniale et l'album est top

  22. My Vidéo

    Le ton Texas et sa belle Sharleen, de ne pas aimer depuis 30 ans

  23. _TheCrazyCat_

    Sharleen must be the gayest straight singer ever (the tie ❤). Love her, and the song!

  24. Manon Bussac

    J'adore depuis mon enfance 😙

  25. Montanè rèmy


  26. Mafia Snow

    Recettes pompettes team !!!! Like this song !

  27. Ci Aja

    100% baik....

  28. Raul Andia Vega

    Nuevo disco, nuevas y buenas canciones!!!

  29. Gaye Pearson

    just shows u shaleen gets puffed aswell but then again Texas are bril in what ever sinariao

    Gaye Pearson

    btw in 57 i get well puffed

  30. Gaye Pearson

    brill x

  31. MephProduction

    I told her we were meant to be together, she said no we're not.. oh well, last time i take advice from a song :(

  32. Pénnyy La seule, -ou pas-

    I see the singer drunked and after that I can just like her .
    she was so cool ,
    you know sow people when they are drunk it's just like you knew it from many years or something's
    (sorry if it's not really good in English because I'm French )

  33. Gaye Pearson

    got to say best song since halo my opimion omly

  34. Ylann Blouzat

    Wonderful 😍 #recettespompettes

  35. Jérôme Bienvenot

    Yo yo yoo !!
    On est làà !

  36. oxidion51

    Loved this song !

  37. The-owner

    qui est la après les recettes pompettes ?


    Arias1101 trop what the fuck la meuf finit sur une licorne bourrée looool


    Les gens au naturel (bourré) quel plaisir :D


    Ouaips n'empéche quelle chante bien :p

    Dnx Wiga

    The-owner Ta soeur

  38. Olivier Winling

    Merci les recettes pompettes !

  39. Amaury C

    Recettes Pompettes OUUAIIIISS !!!!!

  40. SbkzorTV

    Les Recettes Pompettes brought me here <3

  41. Oli Olivier

    Soyons pompette, avec cette chanson on tient la recette de la bonne musique. ^^


    Elle est plus marrante bourrée #LesRecettesPompettes

  43. CRD

    les français vous êtes là

  44. 10 . AM

    Team recette pompette!!!!!

  45. Guillaume

    That fucking great :D

  46. Mathieu Pidoux

    Motherfucking recettes fucking pompettes for fuck's sake !

  47. behm quentin

    i'm here because i watch les recettes pompettes

  48. Victoria Bohosoul97

    came for the hound <3 Now gonna check out the rest of the bands songs

  49. Françoise MARTIN

    La meilleure rockeuse depuis bientôt 30 ans

  50. Paul Doherty

    Watching the video of tell that girl at the end you went phew wow it was good

  51. Paul Doherty

    Tell that girl best song

  52. stephen smith

    as good as ever great tune

  53. Mar Selle

    un petit air de Blondie!!!

  54. xistiu

    Good song and amazing album!

  55. The Gig Meister

    Great song but close your eyes and it could be Blondie.

    Nick Clark

    what a load of crap,Clem burkes drumming is a dead giveaway on many blondie tracks,and its nothing like this for a start!

  56. YO YO

    been waiting 👊🔥

  57. McQueenFan100

    Rory is so cute and talented. Love him and this song too.

  58. Jacques Fillis

    je vais la voir le 8 novembre à l'olympia

  59. music cool

    avec le morceau Let's Work it out cela fait déjà deux très bons morceaux sur ce nouvel opus de Texas.
    Des mélodies simple mais bien foutues , un beau son

  60. Vedder Roseplant

    I only miss a best solo guitar. Tony can plays better

  61. Robert Snopkiewicz

    Jump on board for 9.99 at  Co-op:)) priceless >> x

  62. Annie et Kristel Perez

    Enfin, on retrouve le Texas de "I don't want a lover" avec Sharleen Spiteri au top...

  63. Sylvie Derveaux

    Texas aime Paris ! Et moi j'adore Texas, la voix de Sharleen sublime, tout comme elle
    Vivement novembre !!!

  64. Sun Sea

    Sharleen je t'aime !

  65. XxLittleBirdxX

    Rory at the drums is so cute! That's my Hound! <3

  66. Sun Sea

    Merci , toujours aussi présent superbe groupe !

  67. Dav Schlor

    i like it....takes me back to halo....great job..

  68. Benlesage Sac

    Un groupe que j'écouterais de Paris à Texas sans jamais m’ennuyer. Même si, I want a lover.

  69. Gilles Corriveau

    Good Music Texas !!!

  70. fullimmerzion

    not bad Sharleen


    que du bonheur

  72. gonzax

    Is this a cover of the Girl Called Johnny track or was it co-written between Sharleen and Karen Anne? does anyone know?

    Leon Britz

    gonzax I'm also confused about this, Girl Called Johnny changed their name to Ramona and there's a live version of 'Tell That Girl' of them on youtube. Here we have Texas doing the song in 2017. I heard Karen's version in an ad for Seppälä which is much older.

  73. Julien Rey

    One of their best songs!! Reminds me a bit of Halo and Detroit City. I can't wait for their new album!!

  74. nathalie gouet

    Extra ..!! Toujours au Top

  75. jean louis perfendie

    Juste magnifique , merci🎸🎸🎸🎸

  76. Welsh Simon

    Love This Girl ..👍

  77. Estupendo

    NOoo!! QUé hace el Perro tocando la Bata!!! :O :O :O !!!! jujuu!! Grosoo!! :D

  78. Thorben Jeß

    This had been the lead single! Great Song, best Song on the album. The first song from Texas in a decade which I sing along loud when it plays.

  79. The Iron Björn

    Bloody hell!

  80. The Mats Show

    i feel the new album is the best one since The Hush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. The book of KISS tattoos

    Loved the song while listening the first time. I guess I will love it even more in the near future! It made me forget (for a moment) about the album´s AWFUL cover! :-)

  82. P-i-m M

    boooooring such a disappointment to hear this crap, sorry for this comment, but where's the sound of I don't want a lover ? black eyed boy and so on. This song could have been sang by for instance belinda carlisle

    john kerr

    P-i-m M Shut up you clueless gimp

  83. Victor Montero

    puta perra desgracida putaaa

  84. Melissouny

    came here for the hound. stayed for Texas. still a pleasure to hear you guys!

  85. mod.i8

    it's my birthday🙈🚶

  86. AGuyNamedKy

    He's gonna eat all the damn chickens in that venue!
    Any guitarist dies with a clean pick he'll rape their f*cking corpse!

  87. Isa Torres


  88. Bruno Palheta


  89. oldmcdonald


  90. Jonathan Santos

    Cannot wait for album

  91. Jonathan Santos

    Love it 😍

  92. Marcus1050

    just brilliant...love this band...!

  93. فاطمة الزهراء


  94. bruna serpa

    Alguém do Brasil ???