Texas - Return Lyrics

Why did I give you my soul
When I knew there'd be nothing in return
You forgot what it's like
Now there's nowhere left to run
Maybe, maybe you can hear it in the words I say
Cause I don't like what I see
And I been living with it everyday
So make it now
Or turn around and change your ways

Don't take me
Don't take me down that lonesome road again
Cause I don't think no, no
O don't think that I could take the strain
Yeah, I'm breathing out
But I surely won't be giving in
Yeah, yeah
Come on and take me on home

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Texas Return Comments
  1. fortressone22rr

    Great 🌹🙋🏻👍

  2. Brown86Eyes

    Love the old Texas all the way!!! Rock on guys!!!

  3. ThePurpleBus

    Love it! Thanks for the upload!