Texas - Midnight Lyrics

Looking back at the fun we had
I hadn't left you yet
I'm still too young on a road too long
What did you expect?
Don't make excuses, I'm the lucky one
I was the one to save
You helped me carry on

It was midnight when I saw him
Standing with the look I've seen
I never forget the way that it touched me
Maybe this is what I need

This was never a great romance
And you were too expert
I didn't give it a second chance
I wasn't at my best
There's no excuses
I know that I wasn't wrong
Cause you know it from of me
I know that you're the one

It was midnight when I saw him
Standing with the look I've seen
I never forget the way that it touched me
Maybe this is was what I need

You say you don't love me
You say you don't want me
You tell me you don't wanna know
What's going on with me

It was midnight when I saw him
Standing with the look I've seen
I never forget the way that it touched me
Maybe this is what I need
It was midnight when I saw him
Standing with the look I've seen
I never forget the way that it touched me
Maybe this is what I need

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Texas Midnight Comments
  1. puddlemini

    Whose version of wayfaring is this?

  2. O'Brian Mcknight

    Someone please give me a list of very good science fiction TV shows to watch. I need as much as possible. Thank you

  3. Peter2017

    the same beautiful witch Figi is in Charmed as well so hot and I want her

  4. Peter2017

    that black witch Figi is so very very beautiful

  5. David Proulx

    White peoples are so crazy the put gay angel oh gosh. What Wong with us

  6. XanAxDdu

    very funny and nice for me very relaxing, though too much love relationship, anyway i hope in a new season to go deepet and resolve a main evil matter


    sorry, i mean deeper

  7. Mohd. Syahrold

    where is were wolf? and the gays?


    Trust me this crap

  9. RolyMoly

    I don’t think I can watch anymore nbc shows coz it’s just disappointing when they cancel them after like one season. Eg: Dracula it was amazing and they go and cancel it. Constantine again thy cancelled it. Shame

  10. Keone Jones

    This isn’t like supernatural it’s like Trueblood.

  11. davekell36

    its on nbc? what a waste.fuck network tv......

  12. Xoxo Dee

    Bitch! OMG why haven't I heard of this show until now on season 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lolita the Bunny

    What's the background song called?

  14. blackham7

    NBC are notorious for killing their Supernatural Dramas!


    i hate it, if no one of the actors looks like the description in the books.....

  16. Ian

    Need a really Good supernatural tv show right now after Vampire Diaries ended. Hope it's good.

  17. Stephen Mwangi

    Woooh best horror ever

  18. Hra Kltc

    Oscar my dear... (Any blindspot fan?)

  19. Lokesh paul

    Looks goooddddd

  20. Ayesha Rizwan

    He is a really good actor but he is still cesare borgia to me and he looked really good with long hair

    Laura Franke

    feeling the same about this, i rewatched the borgias like 3 times.. so good, recommend to all

  21. Music Box


  22. Rea Lazama

    I need a season 2, this was soooo good

  23. Stephanie M

    I’m reading the first book now, I don’t know if I should just read all 3 and then watch the show or start the show after the first book...

  24. Deryl Robinson

    Everytime Lemuel says "Apologies" It reminds me of his character Oenomaus in Spartacus.

  25. Jessamyn Rose

    I like the concept and I do love Francois Arnaud, but from what I see the script and acting seem kind of wooden, and the special effects with the wings coming out were just a big depressing.

  26. Trulys Wish

    I guess this show is good but the monsters are killed easy af

  27. Steph Willer

    This reminds me of that show The Gates from a few years back but not as PG.

  28. Mireesha Huff

    Lexi! ❤❤❤❤

  29. ah ha ha

    Oscar from Blindspot😍😍!!!

  30. ThisIslnteresting

    Ugh, don't get my hopes up and cancel it. It's been ages and we still haven't heard of a renewal. Come on!

  31. fame dot

    if NBC cancels this show like the grimm fkn bomb their building

  32. Cristina Cristina

    The second song's name is the calling the group name's the rigs. ^^

  33. ihavthring

    am watching this show because of the word "Texas"

  34. Raniery Buckhard

    Very good!
    It's series wonderful.

  35. WordLife2362

    Just finished watching this. Throughly enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised!

  36. F dL

    Bobo is so hot.


    then JUST WATCH Heroes Reborn ha ha ha... that actor is in that, too!!

    F dL

    0269433472 Watched that too, but only noticed him in Orphan Black where he's shirtless a lot lol.

  37. greengrassofhome

    The scene with the grandma was hilarious.

  38. Jana

    "Looks creepy!" ;) by that I mean cool as... midnight

  39. Justin Roberts

    Arielle Kebbel Lexi She is still a Vampire

  40. ahmad basil

    I saw the whole show, it's pure shit trust me don't waste your time

  41. Rob Kenway

    Yeah, True Blood still beats this into the ground every time imo.

  42. Jared Blocker


  43. Alex Aran

    I like this show..

  44. Jazmin Pinder

    Pandora's bf is here😁 sort of mix grimm & sleepy hollow/ supernatural. My kinda of taste😗😉😙😐 happy me😁😁😁

  45. Anoiny

    Cesare Borgia high as fuck, swallowing ghosts and shit... XD

  46. Twimbo

    About to start watching this series, hope it's like Supernatural, my guilty pleasure on TV.

  47. Deez Nuts

    Don't wanna get attatched to this show.... might get cancelled

  48. Ferrsai

    Eh, I was hoping for an old west setting.


    Looks good

  50. Daydreamer


  51. A Disfigurement Where My Head Is The Sun

    Wow. This looks terrible. >As did True Blood.
    It all appears so... mediocre, so cheap, so "teenie".

    You want a really good supernatural show? Watch Preacher! Takes its time, very slow temp, but AMAZING when it's supposed to be! By the second season it leaves me speechless almost every episode. Don't be fooled by the first season trailer.
    As a reference: crossing between Constantine (the movie, which was awesome!! One of the best superhero movies), Utopia (totally underrated, super weird series) and, uh, yes, a certain very texan atmosphere.

  52. Felipe Lima


  53. The Random Guy

    So we got a

    Bootleg Constantine
    A bootleg Blade
    A bootleg black widow
    A wannanbe excrosist
    A wannabe arc angel
    A Racist wannabe Biker
    And a wannabe warewolf
    Mixed with soap opera drama
    How THE FUCK does this add up?

    Still awesome thou it's like the cost reator went ham the supernatural theme

  54. Ariana Jove


  55. Mr. Stopper

    Bobo is hot as fuck 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Zane 2.0

    *at some points, i thought they gonna fart out some unicorns, that was too much for me*

  57. ApsolutnoStrucan PFK

    Is this something like Grimm?

  58. Zupremo

    just watched 3 episodes and i'm liking the cast and story so far but it needs a better directing because some scenes are just too bad.

  59. StarSkull_Cyborg

    holy crap this is so bad...how do they get away with making this?

  60. I love iraq because it's my country

    ‏cool series i m man and i Watch it from iraq 🤘😎

  61. Baskerville Bee

    bobo winthrup is a character from charlaine harris's shakespeare arkansas series

  62. Juan Sipho Habdad Botha

    "Copperplate Gothic is a great font!", no one said in the last 15 years!

  63. Lily H

    Hmm I'm going 2 stick with Supernatural :P not feeling this one

  64. Ann D'Eon

    WTF? Lemuel is white as snow with grey eyes and platinum hair. What is this version? One more book they fucked up and turned into TV show

  65. soylabonita

    i think that they could have casted better. it reminds me of Constantine. lots of potential but the c list acting kills it for me.

  66. Lea Marie

    Does Ariel Kebbell have a bucket list thing where she needs to be on every shit TV show ever made because that would explain alot🤔

  67. Night Hunter

    Is there a Nephilim in this?

  68. jose antonio fenollar gomez

    abd abd abd this is shit , no habo harris is over ,

  69. bdub2868

    good show

  70. Laura Rayne

    More vampires. I was hoping it was something else.

  71. Lara Denton

    Does anybody know the song at the end? I'm driving myself insane trying to find it

  72. David Ortega

    True Blood was on HBO and it was awesome the first 5 season and then it flopped butt i dont see this show having the same succes and mostly because its NBC

  73. Lori’s Hartland

    Omg a dark halloweentown! Whattttt? Yes! .... 🔮 I'll be watching

  74. Home Town Honey

    This would of been good if it would of been just him seeing dead people, helped solve crimes, & stopped there.. Instead everything has to go over the top crazy anymore.. Vampires, Angels, werewolves, etc

  75. Michael Hart

    Come on people quit comparing this to True Blood. I like it and it makes a damn good replacement to Grim. Its kinda like ghost whisperer meets supernatural.

    Cristina Andrasi

    I said the same thing. Lol


    YES!! Damn Good replacement to Grimm!!

  76. 6amemaniax

    still better than inHumans

  77. ArtificiallyFlavord

    Looks like a PG True Blood... Meh......

  78. ThatGuyWithAYoutubeAccount


  79. Zuuboi

    looks more preacher then preacher

  80. Lê Thanh Hải - K11 FUG HN

    what's that song at 0:34??

  81. grkpektis

    People who are complaining about it being on NBC instead of HBO obviously haven't read the books. The books have some cursing but overall they're pg-13 they're not that violent. Every story doesn't have to be rated R to be good

    Ani Maxx

    grkpektis That's not why they wanted it on HBO I think. It because every show on NBC never survives. This looks like a decent show that if given time can develop into something bigger. But because it's on NBC, it might not get that time before they cancelled the show altogether.


    HBO is a channel that values the quality of a show rather than the ad revenue it generates. Thats why people want it on there shows on HBO do very well.

  82. Jose Garcia

    What's that song at 2:00?

  83. Julie J

    Omg I can't wait. The books were fantastic. I just. Hope they don't Fuck this up like they did to True Blood!

  84. vicm24

    On what Site can i watch this?Not on netflix nor sockshare..Only two means I use to watch shows..series.. Midnight texas that is.

  85. DeadRaider

    Belongs on Netflix or HBO not regular TV

  86. BloodRavyne

    This is going to suck. It needs to be on HBO and rated TV MA


    I read the books glad they gave the citizens a bit more powers

  88. alexa

    lexi is that you?

  89. Cherry Temple

    Can't completely blame NBC, I think the individual who sold them the rights to the books and said - Sure, change everything from page one on, no one will notice, and I'm sure my fans won't care.

  90. The Øutcasts

    Love It.Im Totally Watching MNT In July And Who Knows.Maybe The Winchesters Dont Have A Chance This Time.*cough,cough*also supernatural might need to step up their game before midnight texas takes the crown

  91. Izzy belle

    I love the star of this from The Borgias! He's so gorgeous and a really talented actor

    Izzy belle

    Don't know if I love the look of the show but I'll five or a go for him.

  92. Ink Stain

    No vampire series without Lexi :)

  93. TheMetalWeasel

    Too bad it's NBC & not a cable channel. I can just see it now, they'll barely promote it, after 4 weeks they'll move it to a "special new time" (the Friday death slot) then just cancel it after a cliffhanger episode that the showrunners decided to make anyway knowing full well the likelihood that a show like this probably won't make it to season 2. Too bad Showtime didn't pick it up.

    laflood 1121

    TheMetalWeasel It's looks like a CW FXX or even HBO Cinemax Show. Not on NBC they don't support supernatural shows.I love supernatural shows.I am disappointed that it's on NBC. Also look out for The Mist series on Spike tv June 20.Peace!

  94. Kim sicat

    Now I know where Lexi went. (TVD) 😂😂😂

  95. Eros Veronica

    This seems cool but at the same time... Idk, but mostly cool.

  96. bad sushi

    People in the comment keep complaining its not gonna be sexy like true blood and stuff but I don't think it will be like true blood at all.

  97. France de la Paris

    is this still coming soon?

    bad sushi

    France de la Paris it's coming in July I think

  98. Miagi Fodder

    shocking font