Texas Hippie Coalition - No Shame Lyrics

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
I state my claim
I'll kill the name
I'll play the game
I'll take your name
Cause even if you know my name

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
Too tough to tame
I am the flame
Taste the fame
That's why I came
Cause even if you know my name

Lord of the hippies
King of the rednecks
Lord of the druggies
King of the rednecks

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
I state my claim
I'll kill the name
I'll play the game
I'll take your name
Cause even if you know my name

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
Too tough to tame
I am the flame
Taste the fame
That's why I came
Now little bitch scream my name

Lord of the hippies
King of the rednecks
Lord of the druggies
King of the rednecks

Shake that shit off

Shake that shit off right now boy

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
I state my claim
I'll kill the name
I'll play the game
I'll take your name
Cause even if you know my name

I said I pass the blame
I am the shame
Too tough to tame
I am the flame
Taste the fame
That's why I came
Now mother fucker say my name

Lord of the hippies
King of the rednecks
Lord of the druggies
King of the rednecks

Lord of the hippies
King of the rednecks
Lord of the druggies
King of the rednecks

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Texas Hippie Coalition No Shame Comments
  1. Marko Visić

    Singer is fantastic!

    Sladjana Popovic

    Pevač je baš zgodan! 😂 Prvi put čujem za njih, ali su ok! 🎶🌍🎶

    Marko Visić

    @Sladjana Popovic Evo prijo jos jedna u istom tonu, Drowning Pool-Killin´ Me. Upravo sam na tom spotu...

  2. Dale Griffim

    Big Daddy Rich is one cool SOB

  3. kingofmetal1961

    Randy Cooper is one bad ass muthafucking guitar player, too bad he had to leave the band due to a pinched nerve in his arm. The guy that took his place Cord Pool is a lightweight compared to Randy. Hey THC bring back The COO!

  4. atotheb

    all the people that talk about hes fat he gets more pussy then yall will ever get lol

  5. AxeLady66

    I miss this lineup!

  6. Atrain

    Just found these guys. Listening to some of these for the 1st time.
    Good stuff!!!

  7. John Matthews

    This is the first song I've heard by them that didn't sound like it was written by a 5 year old.

  8. Lee Bailey

    All the pantera comments... And yet no one says its basically the rif from train of consequence, megadeth.

  9. Phillip Pentzer

    This is Pantera if Dime was still alive !

  10. lord worm

    bands awesome ...however Texas sucks ...its the meth capital you walk outside and its like getting hit with a blow dryer ...there was a meth lab behind a small breakfast place in San Antonio that blew up the people there (for the part) are friendly and bill miller bbq killer food the iced tea is the best ever other than that ...place sucks

  11. George Bersch

    pure sound from texas.grande hug the rio grande do sul brazil!

  12. Cat

    I can feast on this. Love at first sound!

  13. Louis Harrmann

    fuck yeah THC is BADD ASS

  14. xhead 72

    lungs on this guy... holy fk

  15. Dean Harkness

    I think it’s safe to say Dime would approve.

    Dale Griffim

    The Gray Thrasher i wish this band would have been around in the 90s,they definitely would have toured with PANTERA

  16. Антинапамантий 88

    в России то же одобряют!

  17. terry cook

    if...Texas Hippie Coalition is  rockin! ' in your town...let 'em rock.... if you can do better, take the show . or fuck - off if you don't like them . if you think it sounds like PANTERA , what the fuck is your problem I mean , FUCK!!! most of these FUCKERS grew up around Darrell... if they can carry on what he put into metal... fucken let them !!! stop being, it's not the same ... w t f ...

  18. Kyle J.

    Fuckin Texas Made!!

  19. compvictor

    Megadeth - Train of consequences

  20. Michael Johnson

    These guys rock

  21. Gustavo Milbradt

    100% Nirvana

  22. arie sams

    ..Like one of the ZZ top guys ate the singer of Pantera..

  23. Brandon Yother

    Is it wierd i want to throw down ufc style with this big bad MF.....keep killing it THC!!!

  24. silvino bastos

    THC rocks!!
    Pantera Rocks forever!!

  25. peoplevsradio317

    Folks...it is ok to be influenced by awesomeness... They don't hide it. Dude plays a dime signature...it is ok!

  26. walt braden

    glad enjoyed i switchin up

  27. Keisha Doerner Woodbridge Langford

    nothing like a good bass player

  28. silas silva ferreira

    - Violento

  29. silas silva ferreira


  30. oddjohan

    Phil Anselmo.

  31. Chuck Wesner

    New. Generation. Metal

  32. ghostriderYKT

    very cool

  33. Fransisco Hernandez


  34. YO MAMA

    Eating snickers Jamming to THC 8/19/17

  35. Dennis Mohican

    Hell yea i thought Pantera when i first heard this band just now in 2017. :| Why's it taken me so long to find this? Bad Promotion? Or just my ignorance?? lol!

    Fucking makes me wanna headbang!!

    57 years

  36. chris grow

    These guys are definitely carying the torch for Pantera

  37. Lucas caralho

    metalheads are so fucking sexy.

  38. Mauri cio

    3:03 ho is she ?

  39. Kathy Jo


  40. k dawg

    they need to find a real vocalist. this dude is holding them back.

    Chelsea Poet

    Taste is a funny thing. His voice is my favourite thing about this band.

    k dawg

    i respect your opinion

    k dawg

    i love the music and not the vocals

  41. John Martens

    Sounds heavy.Something completely different.Not quite my style though Im a rocker.But like this band.

  42. Steve Hilaski

    makes me want to go steel my dad's vet and head to mexico.

  43. Kristopher mathis

    THC Sounds Best In My Old XJ!!! Ya KNOW!!!

  44. James Gilb

    reminds me of Phil Jackson lol

  45. Venom


  46. TOMMY sass jr.


  47. he'sCursed LovevoL

    Collins Lmfao jus KIDn😜😎

  48. he'sCursed LovevoL

    he sounds a lot like Phil

  49. Shona Morton

    Killer voice and the band kicks ass!

  50. GodIsReal

    good tune honey muffins

  51. Metro Contractor Services

    Inspirational for Militia members in Texas to hear music that says what we feel these days with all the Muslims attacking our country and Anarchists, Black lives matter, Black panthers etc. I have been waiting for a metal band with some balls to write about all the trash that needs to be TAKEN OUT!
    Thanks Guys!
    David Wright III
    BAIR Texas Militia

  52. Joseph Styles

    Im just a back woods guy

  53. Spearhead Studios

    definitely very Pantera-esk guitar tones- f-ing killer!

  54. Cecil Barker

    Dimebag lives!!!

  55. alex devine

    I love this fucking shit !!!!!!!!

  56. Robert Kleinbergen

    dude is rocking bls colors pretty good Sdmf

    Chris Brown

    Colors?? LMMFAO. blm aint a biker club guy.as much as zak n fanboys dream it to be.

  57. miisu

    A Pantera pastiche much?

  58. Zee Henry

    love it..keep jammin...

  59. G.E. Pierce Sr.

    Hippie Metal Outstanding!!!

  60. Ravi Shanker

    This dude totally ripped off Anselmo .. vocal wise!!

  61. Eric Pope

    obviously a strong Pantera influence but I hear a lot of zakk Wylde riffs and style also, fucking kick ass anyhow though

  62. Steve odonoghue

    goddamn fuckin tune!

  63. Roberto perez garcia

    en castilla esta coto matamoros y en texas esta el mata payasos

  64. Roberto perez garcia

    ahora si que los payasos se pueden despedir si les quedaba alguna experanza, de quel grand circus world resurja

  65. Darrel Christofferson

    these boys are bad ass!!!

  66. Mart K

    That lead guitarist needs to improvise more of his solo i mean they already got a good riffs structure and only lack a punch of a good ol solo.


    Mart9511 Killswitch Have you not listened to the solo on "Splinter"?.....

    Jay Kidd

    Mart9511 Killswitch how can you say what any individual needs when it comes to artist's talent ? Especially when they have hundreds of thousands followers and fans ?

    Salvador Mazal

    Number of followers doesn't equate to prolific lead virtuosity. Don't conflate the two.

  67. nostalga51jo


  68. Alfredo Nunez

    THC, big kick ass band, greatest EVER!

  69. erik wallin

    Man I like there sound!! The crunchy raunchy guitar and the heavy low end!! And dudes voice just tops it off KING OF THE DARLICKS!!

  70. Алекс Новиков


  71. Jdo Power

    Phil rind of the band sacred reich ???? Hahahah

  72. George Johnson

    Just drop the comparisons to Panterra FFS, this THC track is getting on for almost 10 years ago now!! Everyone has influences when they start out, they have to find their own feet. Just listen to the latest tracks on "Dark Side" and they will blow you away with how amazing this band has become in their own right.

  73. Altar LeAyn Sheppard


  74. Exodus Attack

    reminds me of train of consequences by megadeth. this kicks serious ass!!

  75. Rogério Ramos

    Gostei muito dessa banda, mas não achei nada em vinyl.

  76. William S. Dunlop

    best band out there.scotty d.zombie

  77. Larry Baumgardner

    So freaking what, they sound like pantera. Pantera practically invented a metal sub genre. Last time I checked things out music was to move you, NOT for dumbasses to try and drag down.  Its all just Dallas, North Texas, Red Dirt Metal,,,Kick back, Take ya shoes off, Smoke a bowl and enjoy

  78. Harley

    a real Texas Hippy ain't just nation wide, it's world wide

  79. Jonathan Van den Wyngaerde

    Please come to Graspop in Belgium next year or Alcatraz Metal Festival also in Belgium

  80. sofakingdrunk66

    Just stumbled across these guys just there..
    Like what i heard so far..


    Same here. I like the style and the guitars. Very aggressive... mhm.. I think I will listen to this stuff some more .. and then I will purchase the album.

  81. zackery long

    I went to a local festival in Shreveport a few years ago and these guys were there and I believe they stole the show blasting away the other 6 bands including Filter and Sevendust!

  82. Bo Bo Nomad


  83. Michael Sperry

    fresh. blood is always welcome to heavy metal. 💀✌

  84. Lake Rat

    Easily one of the most hardcore tunes to come out since 2009. Luv Ya THC!

  85. Nigel Webster

    They are still making albums, and still touring. In fact, they released their 5th studio record "Dark Side of Black" this year.


    +Nigel Webster Will see these dudes in Virginia Beach soon

  86. Ozonekiller

    This man drank a pint of Anselmo's blood.

  87. Steve Schierling

    what the fuck is wrong with a Pantera influence? carry a torch that few won't or can't carry. Fuckin hostile!

    Nathan Smart

    fucking right brother!

  88. ᴠ҉ᴀ҉ɴ҉ᴇ҉ɢ҉ʀ҉ᴏ҉ᴄ҉ʜ҉ ᴠ҉ᴇ҉ɴ҉ᴏ҉ᴍ҉ Δ

    Randy go to pantera.

  89. Christopher Merryman

    they are touring now,and will be at Rock on the Range in Columbus ohio

  90. Ark Survival Play

    You all better find a replacement singer. This guy is going to stroke out soon, or have a massive heart attack!

  91. - Metallica backing tracks -

    Definite Pantera influence -


    +- Metallica backing tracks - All bands out there were "influenced" by someone.

  92. flava flav

    these guys are bad ass,,,,,where are they now

    Jake Blues

    +flava flav Dead from a brisket overdose.


    +Greg Hicks Bieber is pretty....why don't you go to his vids.

    Nick Warner

    playing in Glen Flora WI this summer

  93. GhostDog65

    Where are these guys now???

    Andrew Mayer

    +GhostDog65 They occasionally play at the Machine Shop in Flint, MI, so they must still be around.

    Frank M

    Just saw them at Carolina Rebellion in May! They fucking kicked ass!!!

  94. Tomasz Mikolajski

    Flinn Digital Had more that profile remind of the sentencet , Major g. Admire Frost been the greatest . South East whloe USA

  95. Holly Hoffert

    love this band,they fuckin rock!!